The Meaning Of The Name Conrad (Connie)

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The Meaning Of The Name Conrad (Connie)
The Meaning Of The Name Conrad (Connie)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Conrad (Connie)
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Short form of the name Conrad. Kurt, Kurti, Kunz, Connie, Kuno, Corradino, Dino, Dinetto, Kon, Horse, Radek, Kurre.

Synonyms for the name Conrad. Corrado, Kulrad, Kurt, Conrado.

The origin of the name Conrad. The name Konrad is German, Catholic.

The name Konrad has Germanic roots, formed from the addition of the words "kuon" (brave, brave) and "rad" (advice), therefore the name is translated as "brave advisor", "honest advisor". The name Konrad has one of the forms - Kurt, which is given some other meaning. So in French the name Curt means "courtier, servant", it is also considered an abbreviated form of the name Curtis, which literally means "courteous".

Konrad has a complex, controversial nature. This person can be an introverted couch potato or a constant participant in bohemian hangouts with an open mind and feminine character traits. Konrad has a weak will, which is why he can retreat from the work he has begun at the first failure. Konrad is well versed in people due to his developed intuition and discernment. This person combines an analytical mindset and a violent imagination, increased excitability and speed of reaction. Konrad loves to turn inside out and tell stories about himself. This is an impressionable person, capable of both quickly catching fire and quickly cooling down. Konrad is often attached to questionable people.

Thanks to his rich imagination, Konrad can achieve success in creativity. He will make a great actor or musician. However, this weak-willed fidget can build a huge castle on the sand, and then abandon the idea. He must learn to control himself and not lose his head when difficulties arise.

In the family, Konrad loves to pretend to be sick, so that loved ones pay attention to him. This person needs a family only in times of failure. His family relationships are as ambiguous as his character. In difficult times, Konrad seeks support from loved ones, and gets it. When the "black streak" ends, Konrad can completely forget about those around him and rush off for new achievements. This person depends on the mood and environment. Konrad quickly gets tired and needs rest. However, he can often act out the discomfort in order to make others feel sorry for him.

In relations with those around him, Konrad shows himself to be a very sociable person. In childhood, he is called adorable, he often grows up as a favorite of his mother. The adult Konrad makes many friends. He just loves to show off and show off to his buddies. The owner of this name has a developed intuition and is well versed in people. As a rule, Konrad is closed, this is a typical introvert, he likes to stay at home, but there is also the opposite extreme - this person lives only in secular parties and has a bunch of friends.

Conrad's birthday

Konrad celebrates his name day on February 19, April 19, April 21, June 1, November 26, December 12.

Famous people named Konrad

  • Konrad von Hochstaden ((1198/1205 - 1261) Archbishop of Cologne (1238 - 1261))
  • Konrad Pop (German poet of the XII century, author of the oldest song in German about Roland)
  • Konrad Duden ((1829 - 1911) German philologist, compiler of the famous spelling dictionary of the German language)
  • Konrad of Marburg ((died 1233) German crusade preacher and inquisitor)
  • Konrad Nevolski (Polish film director and screenwriter)
  • Konrad of Lichtenau ((died 1240) medieval Germanic chronicler)
  • Konrad Adenauer ((1876 - 1967) the first Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (1949 - 1963), retired at 87 years old, is one of the oldest heads of government in recent history)
  • Konrad Lorenz ((1903 - 1989) an outstanding Austrian scientist, one of the founders of ethology - the science of animal behavior, Nobel Prize laureate in Physiology or Medicine (1973, together with Karl von Frisch and Nicholas Tinbergen))
  • Conrad "Conny" Plank (1940 - 1987) one of the most important and influential music producers and sound engineers of the late 20th century, owner of the legendary "Conny Plank Studio" in Cologne. Thanks to his work, some areas of progressive music, avant-garde and electronic music took shape. contributed greatly to the formation of kraut rock.)
  • Konrad Zuse ((1910 - 1995) German engineer, pioneer of computer engineering, best known as the creator of the first truly working programmable computer (1941) and the first high-level programming language (1945))
  • Konrad Schenck (minnesinger of the second half of the 13th century, nobleman from Thurgau; served and accompanied Rudolf of Habsburg on campaigns. 102 stanzas of his poems praising love in the stereotypical manner of poets-knights have survived.)
  • Konrad von Zamen (baptized - Kodrat (according to other sources, Kondrat), Russian emigrant, religious leader of the Russian diaspora (1874 - 1959))
  • Konrad Bloch ((1912 - 2000) German-American biochemist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1964 (together with Feodor Linen) "for discoveries concerning the mechanisms and regulation of cholesterol and fatty acid metabolism")
  • Konrad Quenzel ((1676 - 1732) Swedish astronomer)
  • Konrad Kvensel ((1767 - 1806) Swedish entomologist, professor of natural history at the Stockholm Museum; grandson of the Swedish astronomer Konrad Kvensel)
  • Conrad Marc-Relly ((1913 - 2000) née Corrado Mararelli, American abstract painter, representative of the early movement in Abstract Expressionism)
  • Konrad von Fussesbrunnen (German poet of the heyday of medieval poetry, who lived at the beginning of the XIII century. He wrote a poem about the childhood of Jesus based on the apocryphal Gospel of Matthew.)
  • Konrad Peitinger, Konrad Peutinger ((1465 - 1547) German humanist, historiographer)
  • Konrad Steeli ((1866 - 1931) Swiss shooter, three-time 1900 Summer Olympics champion and 41-time world champion)
  • Konrad Nedzwedski (Polish speed skater, participant in the 2006 Olympics)
  • Konrad Mazowiecki ((1187 - 1247) representative of the Piast dynasty, one of the Polish princes of the period of feudal fragmentation)
  • Corrado Gini ((1884 - 1965) Italian statistician, sociologist, demographer and economist; developed the famous "Gini coefficient" - an algebraic interpretation of the Lorenz curve)
  • Corrado Rollero ((1969 - 2000) Italian pianist)
  • Corrado Fabi (Italian race car driver, participant of the Formula 1 World Championship. Winner of the 1982 Formula 2 European Championship. Younger brother of the former Formula 1 and CART series racer Theo Fabi.)
  • Anastasius IV ((no later than 1073 - 1154) in the world - Corrado della Subarra; Pope from 1153 to 1154)
  • Corrado Romano ((1920 - 2003) Italian violinist and music teacher)
  • Kurt Sachs ((1881 - 1959) German musicologist and ballet expert)
  • Kurt Waldheim, ((1918 - 2007) Austrian diplomat and politician, 4th UN Secretary General (1972 - 1981), President of Austria (1986 - 1992))
  • Kurt Cobain ((1967 - 1994) vocalist and guitarist of the famous American band "Nirvana", as well as its leader and songwriter)
  • Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. ((1922 - 2007) American writer, satirist, and artist; honored to be named "New York State Writer" 2001 - 2003)

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