The Meaning Of The Name Camille

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The Meaning Of The Name Camille
The Meaning Of The Name Camille

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Camille

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Camille

Short form of the name Camille. Kami, Milo, Lilo, Ka, Kalya, Kamilek, Kamek, Mil.

Synonyms for the name Camille. Camilo, Camilu, Camil, Camillo, Camillus, Camill, Kamal, Kemal, Kamal, Kamal, Kamal.

The origin of the name Camille. The name Kamil is Tatar, Muslim, Catholic, Kazakh.

The name Camille currently has two versions of the origin of the name. According to the first version, the name Camille comes from the Roman cognomen (personal or generic nickname) Camillus, which, in turn, comes from "camillus", meaning "a youth dedicated to the service of the gods." Cognomen Camillus in ancient Rome was used in the genus Furia.

In European countries, the name Camille has several spelling and pronunciation options. So in Italy Camil will be called Camillo, in Spain - Camilo, in Portugal - Camila, in Romania, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands - Camil. The female paired name is Camilla. Also in some European countries, Camille is a female name, one of the options for addressing Camille.

According to the second version, the name Kamil is of Arabic origin. The name Kamil is a softer version of the sound of the Arabic name Kamil (Kamal, Kamal, Kamal, Kamal), which translates as “perfect”, “perfect in all respects, the best”. In this sense, the name Kamil is widespread among Muslims, Tatars, Kazakhs and other descendants of the Turks. The paired female name is Camila.

For the name Camille, Catholic name days will be indicated.

As a child, Camille is stubborn, often doing it out of spite, reacting this way to punishment. Camille grows up as a loose and a little inattentive boy, always in a hurry somewhere.

"Winter" Camille is a cocky, does not tolerate when someone hurts him. At the same time, he is kind and accommodating, he will not fight over trifles. Camille, born in winter, has a strong character. "Spring" Camille is distinguished by selfishness and vanity. He seeks to establish his power over loved ones, is very careful, devotes a lot of time to his appearance.

Camille is a philosopher by nature. Camille, born in the summer months, painfully experiences setbacks and defeats. He has a good memory and an analytical mind. The inner voice rarely deceives Camille.

In business, Camille is disciplined and organized. Although he may be lazy, Camille is nevertheless executive and responsible. He is characterized by such traits as seriousness, enterprise and practicality. Camille will achieve good success by becoming an entrepreneur.

In communication "winter" Camille is laconic and serious. Camille, born in summer, is more emotional and observant. But in a noisy company he also feels lonely and uncomfortable. However, it is not typical for him to withdraw into himself. From the outside, Camille seems to be a prosperous person, he chooses friends for himself intellectually developed and sociable.

Kamil's birthday

Camille celebrates her name day on February 15, July 14, July 18.

Famous people named Camille

  • Kamil Gizycki ((1893 - 1967) Polish writer and traveler)
  • Camille Huysmans ((1871 - 1968) Belgian politician)
  • Kamil Stoch (famous Polish ski jumper, participant of two Olympic Games)
  • Kamil Kosowski (Polish footballer, midfielder of the Cypriot club Apollo and the Polish national team)
  • Camille Zayatt (Guinean footballer)
  • Camille Cerf ((1862 - 1936) French journalist and chronicle cinematographer)
  • Kamil Yarmatov, Komil Yormatov ((1903 - 1978) Soviet actor, film director, screenwriter, People's Artist of the USSR (1959), Hero of Socialist Labor (1973), Stalin Prize Laureate, second degree (1948))
  • Kamil Tukaev (Russian theater and film actor, Honored Artist of Russia)
  • Kamil Valiev ((1931 - 2010) Soviet and Russian physicist, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Scientific Director of the Physics and Technology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Kamil Jacek Glick, Kamil Gluck (Polish footballer, center-back)
  • Camille-Christophe Geronot ((1799 - 1891) French mathematician who studied the problems of geometry and Diophantine analysis. He was a professor at the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris); author of a number of textbooks on descriptive and analytical geometry and trigonometry. Was the founder and publisher (since 1842, together with O. Terkem until his death in 1862) of the journal Nouvelles Annales de Math é matiques, which was published until 1927. Geronot's Lemniscate curve, which he studied, is named after him.)
  • Kamil Agalarov (Russian footballer)
  • Kamil Yashen ((1909 - 1997) real name - Nugmanov; Uzbek writer, poet and playwright, People's Writer of Uzbekistan (1969), Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan (1969), Hero of Socialist Labor (1974))
  • Charles-Camille Saint-Saens ((1835 - 1921) French composer, organist, conductor, music critic and writer)
  • Kamil Iskhakov (politician of Russia)
  • Camille Decoppe ((1862 - 1925) Swiss politician, president)
  • Camille Bombuis (obsolete Bombuise) ((1883 - 1970) French artist, a major representative of naive art)
  • Camille Nicolas Flammarion ((1842 - 1925) French astronomer, renowned popularizer of astronomy)
  • Camille Schotan ((1885 - 1963) French politician (in the 1920s and 1930s one of the leaders of the radicals), lawyer, in 1930 and 1933-1934 Prime Minister of France)
  • Kamil Faseev ((1919 - 2005) Soviet party and statesman, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Tatar ASSR (1959-1960), First Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR (1959-1963))
  • Camille Paul Alexandre Chevillard ((1859 - 1923) French composer and conductor; Chevillard's legacy includes piano, chamber, symphonic works)
  • Kamil Dzhamalutdinov (Russian amateur boxer, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, medalist of the 2000 Olympic Games and 1999 World Championship. In 2002, the Kamil Dzhamalutdinov Sports Palace was opened in Kirov.)
  • Kamil Valeev ((1934 - 2000) Russian Bashkir scientist, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor. He opened the specialization "Solid State Physics and Magnetism".)
  • Kamil Gubaidullin (Soviet and Russian graphic artist, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2002) and Bashkortostan (1997))
  • Camille Joseph Etienne Rockplan ((1800 - 1850) French painter, student of Baron Gros and A. de Pujol)
  • Kamil Mingazov (Soviet and Turkmen footballer, coach)
  • Jacob Abraham Camille Pissarro ((1830 - 1903) French painter, one of the first and most consistent representatives of impressionism)
  • Camille Briand ((1907 - 1977) French poet, painter, sculptor)
  • Camille d'Autin de la Baume, Duke de Tallard ((1652 - 1728) French military and political leader, Marshal of France, elevated to the rank of duke for his merits)
  • Camille Cerf ((1862 - 1936) French journalist and chronicle cinematographer)
  • Marie Enmont Camille (Camille) Jordan ((1838 - 1922) French mathematician, known for his fundamental work in group theory and his Course in Analysis. Asteroid 25593 Camille Jordan and the Camille Jordan Institute are named after him.)
  • Kamill Frauchi ((1923 - 1997) violinist, guitarist, one of the outstanding Soviet music teachers)
  • Count Camillo Benso di Cavour ((1810 - 1861) Italian statesman, prime minister of the Kingdom of Sardinia, who played an exceptional role in the unification of Italy under the rule of the Sardinian monarch; the first prime minister of Italy (1861))
  • Camillo de Nardis ((1857 - 1951) Italian composer and music teacher)
  • Camillo Boccacchino ((1501 - 1546) Italian Mannerist painter)
  • Camillo Oblak ((1895 - 1954) Italian cellist)
  • Camillo Karl Schneider ((1876 - 1951) Austrian botanist, gardener and landscape architect)
  • Camillo Everardi ((1825 - 1899) real name - Camille Francois Evrard; singer (baritone) and teacher)
  • Camillo Mastrochinque (Italian film director and screenwriter)
  • Chino Moreno ((born 1973) real name - Camillo Wong Moreno; American musician, vocalist and guitarist of the bands "Deftones", "Team Sleep and Crosses" (band) Chino got his nickname for the appearance he inherited from his mother (sp. chino - "Chinese"))
  • Padre Camilo Torres Restrepo ((1929 - 1966) Colombian Roman Catholic priest, one of the founders of Liberation Theology and a member of the Colombian Army for National Liberation (ELN). During his life he tried to reconcile revolutionary Marxism and Catholicism.)
  • Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriaran ((1932 - 1959) Cuban revolutionary)
  • Camilo Ernesto Mejia (Former senior sergeant of the US National Guard of Nicaraguan descent, now an anti-war activist and writer)
  • Camilo José Cela ((1916 - 2002) an outstanding Spanish writer and publicist, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Literature (1989), member of the Royal Spanish Academy of Sciences (1957), laureate of the Cervantes Prize (1995). He dedicated many of his works to representatives of the generation of 1898. Namely all modern Spanish literature feeds from there.)

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