The Meaning Of The Name Kim

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The Meaning Of The Name Kim
The Meaning Of The Name Kim

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Kim
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Short form of the name Kim. Akimka, Akimushka, Kim, Yakimka.

Synonyms for the name Kim. Akim, Yakim, Ekim, Joachim, Joachim, Joachim.

The origin of the name Kim. The name Kim is Jewish, Orthodox, Catholic.

There are several versions of the origin of the name Kim. According to one of them, the name Kim translated from Celtic means "chief". According to the second version, Kim is a Soviet name, formed as an abbreviation for "Communist Youth International".

It is believed that people with the name Kim living in Western countries have nothing to do with communism, and that this name is a form of the biblical name Joachim, meaning "God appointed." It is quite possible that in the USSR the old name was given a new interpretation, pro-communist. The name Kim is especially popular in Southeast Asia, such as Korea and Vietnam.

As a child, Kim is distinguished by such qualities as poise, calmness and lightness. Therefore, in life he does not have excessive emotionality and passion. His lightness makes him a fairly active person. He makes all his decisions and actions in life swiftly and quickly, preferring not to think about them for a long time.

Kim's feelings and emotions are usually immediately visible to those around him. He is too gullible to people, and therefore it happens, often deceived. He does not forgive deception. Kim can even be called slightly vindictive, since he can keep all his grievances for years. Along with this, he can be safely called a man of his word. If he has promised something to someone, he will certainly fulfill the promise. Kim can display such a quality as overconfidence.

Even in his youth, Kim is characterized by determination, but upon achieving his goals, he calms down, preferring not to take new heights. Due to his mobility and restlessness, Kim desperately lacks assertiveness and concentration, which often negatively affects the construction of a career. Sometimes, relying too much on his luck, he does not take any action, preferring to observe the coincidence of circumstances as if from the outside. But from time to time, Kim takes on the implementation of any career plans that have overwhelmed him, while showing good firmness and perseverance.

Despite his restlessness, only positive emotions are formed in the team about Kim. No one will be really angry with him. True, when Kim leaves one or another team, few people remember him as a valuable employee. For Kim, sociability with people is very characteristic. It is very easy to induce him to any joint business, but at the same time, you must be prepared in advance for the fact that he will leave your joint venture in the very middle.

Kim's lightness is reflected in his family life. Sociability and self-confidence allow him to quickly achieve victories in love. But, unfortunately, these qualities are not so good for permanent and long-term relationships in marriage. Kim is not consistent, so he often marries more than once. But even being married, he often does not refuse new acquaintances.

Kim's birthday

Kim celebrates name day on February 16, February 23, August 29, September 22.

Famous people named Kim

  • Kim Weinstein (father of Garry Kasparov)
  • Kim (one of the characters of the Soviet film "Aty-Baty, Soldiers were Walking", only female)
  • Kim (Mels' brother in The Hipsters)
  • Kim (captain from K. Bulychev's story "The Mystery of the Third Planet")
  • Kim Philby (one of the leaders of British intelligence, an agent of Soviet intelligence, this is the pseudonym of the famous intelligence officer, who was actually called Harold Adrian Russell)
  • Kim Jong Il ((1941-2011) head of the DPRK)
  • Kim Il Sung (founder and first head of North Korea)
  • Kim Bazarsadaev (Buryat singer, People's Artist of the USSR (born 1937))
  • Kim Zoloev (Russian geologist (born 1929))
  • Kim Balayan (Armenian political and statesman, lawyer)
  • Kim Malakhovsky (Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, worked in the Australian Department of the Institute of Oriental Studies; visited the countries of Australia and Oceania many times)
  • Kim Chelström (Swedish footballer, midfielder)
  • Kim Young Kang (South Korean professional boxer, flyweight, WBA world champion)
  • Kim Junsu (Korean singer-songwriter, member of Dong Bang Shin Ki)
  • Kim (Kimol) Breitburg (rock musician, leader of the Dialogue music group, member of the Moscow English Club, author of over 500 songs)

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