The Meaning Of The Name Islam

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The Meaning Of The Name Islam
The Meaning Of The Name Islam

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The short form of the name Islam. Slam.

Synonyms for the name Islam. Islam, Islom, Islay, Islakay, Slam, Islambek, Islamgul, Islamey, Shagirislam, Nurislam.

The origin of the name Islam. The name Islam is Muslim.

The name Islam is a male name of Muslim origin. The name has three variants of translation from the Arabic language. The first option - the name Islam has an interpretation of "devotion", "loyalty to God" (similar in meaning to the name Din). Second, the name means “Muslim”. And the third version of the name Islam says - "healthy", "serviceable".

The use of the name Islam with the article is widespread among the Arabic-speaking population, such as Al-Islam. The name Islam is also a name-forming one, from which such names as Islambek, Islamgul, Islamay, Shagirislam, Nurislam and others appeared. Dialectal variants of the name Islam: Islay, Islakay, Slam.

Often in Islam one can find such qualities as courage and discretion. From early childhood, Islam strives to become a real leader and ringleader, giving a lot of trouble to adults. In different cases, of course, the character of Islam can manifest itself in different ways, but the courage in his actions is usually much more noticeable than the balanced decision. Islam effectively uses its strengths without even fully realizing them.

Islam can be reckless. Carried away by something, he forgets about everything in the world. At such moments, he can be arrogant. In life, Islam needs a close friend and mentor who will be able, if necessary, to direct the owner of this name in the right direction. Islam usually listens to such advice. Thanks to the presence of such a person in the life of Islam, success awaits, he will be able to realize himself and achieve excellent results. Otherwise, such a man will make many mistakes, and fate will not be so favorable to him.

Despite the external strength and invulnerability, Islam sensitively perceives criticism, is quite vulnerable. It happens that Islam needs support, and he is ready to gladly accept them from loved ones.

In family life, it is not easy with him. Despite kindness, gentleness and peacefulness, in a state of irritation, Islam becomes a domineering and capricious person. In some situations, he behaves like an egoist, while in others he is shy. However, this man always shows concern for his wife. I am ready to help close people in any situation.

Islam usually marries early. Islam is very economic, there is always complete order in his house. He is usually hospitable and loves to visit, and his friends often visit him. Islam loves children very much, he is a wonderful father.

The owner of the name Islam is a creative person. Always in a great mood. Often he shows his talents in art or sports. Islam can become a famous biologist. Sometimes Islam chooses a career as a singer, writer, athlete.

Name days of Islam

Islam does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Islam

  • Islam Karimov ((born 1938) Soviet and Uzbek statesman and politician, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan (1989-1991), Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Uzbek SSR (1990-1991), President of Uzbekistan (since 1990))
  • Islam Timurziev ((born 1983) Russian amateur boxer, master of sports of international class, winner of the junior championships of Russia and Europe (2001), champion of Russia (2004), winner of the World Cup (2005), champion of Europe (2006))
  • Islam-Beka Albiev ((born 1988) Russian Greco-Roman style wrestler, member of the Russian national team since 2005. Olympic champion in 2008, world champion in 2009, champion of Russia in 2005 and 2008.)
  • Islam Abdul oglu Abdullayev (Azerbaijani singer-khanende, mugam performer, Honored Artist of the Azerbaijan SSR (1949))
  • Islam Kanat ((born 1984) Chinese and Kazakh boxer, Kazakh by nationality, bronze medalist of the 2008 Olympic Games)
  • Islam Tsuroev ((born 1989) Russian footballer)
  • Islyam I Giray (Giray) ((died 1536) Khan of Crimea for five months in 1532. Son of Mehmed I Giray. The variants of spelling of the name found in the literature: Islam I Giray, Islam I Giray, Islam Giray I. In this capacity he communicated with the Moscow Grand Duke Vasily, and later with his son Ivan the Terrible, seeking a "commemoration" for himself and warning about the plans and actions of Sahib Geray.)
  • Islyam III Giray (Giray) ((1604 - 1654) Khan of the Crimea in 1644-1654. Son of Selyamet I Giray. He ruled the Crimea in the interval between the two reigns of Mehmed IV Giray. Writing options found in the literature: Islyam III Giray, Islyam III Giray, Islyam Girey III. The name of the khan is found in the versions Islyam and Islam. Islyam III tried to put forward to the first roles in the state the "service nobility" - people who achieved a high position as a reward for serving the khan, and not because of their noble birth. trying not to irritate the clan aristocracy.Islyam III was known as a generous ruler, since he spent all over the country building and renovating public buildings (fountains, water pipes, fortresses, etc.) with his personal funds.Ukrainian and Polish historiography Islyam III Herai is known for his participation in the anti-Polish war of the Ukrainian Cossacks led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky. According to the plans of Islam III, the support of the Cossacks was supposed to lead to the formation of a new Cossack state on the northern borders of the Crimean Khanate, which, unlike the hostile Poland and Muscovy, would become an ally of the Crimea.)
  • Islyam II Giray (Giray) ((died 1588) Khan of Crimea in 1584-1588. Son of Devlet I Giray. Variants of name spelling found in literature: Islyam II Giray, Islam II Giray, Islam Giray II. In his youth, Islyam Giray lived under Later he retired to the dervish monastery in Bursa, which is why he later received the nickname “khan of the dervishes.” His reign (1584-1588) was marked by a bloody struggle with the son of Mehmed II Giray, Saadet Giray, who, having found help from Nogai, managed to expel Islyam from Bakhchisarai and seized the khan's power, but then had to flee. Holding on to the throne exclusively with the help of the Turks, Islyam II Giray, in contrast to his predecessor, behaved extremely submissively and humiliatingly towards the Ottoman sultan, introducing the custom,according to which, at a public prayer, the name of the sultan was commemorated earlier than the name of the khan.)
  • Islam Rakhimzhanov (performer, author of music and lyrics. Winner (as author) of the Golden Gramophone Award for 2010 and 2011 (Anita Tsoi “Broken Love”). In 2005, Islam created the Che Francisco group. In 2006 the group, performing on the small stage, became the opening of the Nashestvie festival, and already in 2007 she performed on the main stage of the Emmaus festival. The group is not performing at the moment. Islam writes songs for popular Russian pop artists.)
  • Islam Toyliyev (1903 -?) Agricultural worker, cotton grower. He was twice awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. Subsequently, he was deprived of the second gold medal "Hammer and Sickle" by the Decree of December 10, 1952.)

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