The Meaning Of The Name Kazbek

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The Meaning Of The Name Kazbek
The Meaning Of The Name Kazbek

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Short form of the name Kazbek. Kazi.

Synonyms for the name Kazbek. Kazi.

The origin of the name Kazbek. The name Kazbek is Tatar, Ossetian, Kazakh.

The name Kazbek has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Kazbek is formed from a combination of the words "kazi" ("kazy"), which means "judge", "fair", and "bek" - "mighty", "strong", "strong", "unapproachable", "Lord". In the past, the title bey (bey) was given to the sultans who had power over people, most often the head of the clan became them.

According to the second version, the name Kazbek came from the name of the village - Kazbegi, which was in the possession of Prince Kazibek (early 19th century) and was located at the foot of a high mountain. The name of this aul was subsequently given to this mountain peak, and it was the Russians who called the mountain Kazbek.

The Ossetians call Mount Kazbek Urskhokh (Urshkhokh), which literally means "white mountain". Another name for Chyrystiy tsupp is “the peak of Christ”. The Georgian name Mkinvartsveri is translated as "mountain with an ice peak". The Chechen name for this mountain, Bashlam, is “melting mountain”.

The name "Kazbek" has meanings - "top", "mountain", "volcano". All this is reflected in the meaning and interpretation of the name Kazbek. The Tatars, starting from the 30s of the twentieth century, came into use with the male name Kazbek. This name is also used by the Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Dagestanis.

The main feature of Kazbek is self-confidence. From the very childhood, this character trait determines the behavior of Kazbek. At school, Kazbek acts as a real leader and ringleader, giving a lot of trouble to adults. Kazbek is a very understanding boy, he grasps everything on the fly, always finds a way out of the most difficult situation. All his antics have some component, he wants to find out something and will not play pranks just for the pleasure of annoying his parents and causing them inconvenience. Kazbek respects and honors his parents. He always treats them attentively, tries to heed their advice, but still seeks to make the necessary decisions on his own.

Kazbek can be reasonable and bold. In Kazbek, these qualities coexist perfectly, not interfering with each other at all. Of course, in different situations, Kazbek's character manifests itself in different ways, although it is prudence that often determines his behavior. As a rule, Kazbek skillfully uses his strengths in everyday life. But in Kazbek, negative traits can also appear, he can seem to be a very deceitful, two-faced and evasive type. Sometimes his disorderliness, unsystematicity and impulsiveness knock the earth out from under his feet very much, he loses control over himself. Kazbek is rarely quiet at such moments. Kazbek can be vindictive. As a rule, these character traits significantly complicate life for Kazbek.

Kazbek is independent and, as a rule, does not need the support of others. He makes decisions easily and always knows what to do. Kazbek is usually versatile and loves to communicate. Often he becomes the soul of the company, it is easy for him to maintain a conversation and converse with strangers. It is very important for Kazbek to exchange experiences, impressions, but he is close only with friends.

Kazbek is not devoid of talent, he is a rather cheerful and open person. He has a penchant for science, arts, he loves to play sports. And it is very important for Kazbek to have his own hobby. It can be any activity: from numismatics to regular visits to the theater. In a word, everything that serves as an outlet for a person.

Kazbek often marries early. He does not always value fidelity in marriage, although he cannot be called unfaithful either. Kazbek is very economic, there is always complete order in his house. He is most often hospitable and loves to visit, he can visit friends for a long time. Kazbek loves children very much, and children often love him in return.

Kazbek most often chooses professions where you need to communicate. These are mainly writers, journalists, scientists, politicians, merchants. Kazbek can become an outstanding biologist, composer or chemist. With an effort, Kazbek can become a painter or explorer, although these professions are not the most popular among the owners of this name.

Kazbek's birthday

Kazbek does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Kazbek

  • Kazbek Valiev ((born 1952) is a famous climber, the first Kazakh - the conqueror of Everest (1982), "Snow Leopard" (1984), Master of Sports of the USSR of international class (1982), Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1982), Honored Coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan in mountaineering. Awarded the Orders "Friendship of Peoples" (1982) and "Kurmet" (2002), the medal "For Labor Valor" (1989), the Jubilee Medal of the King of Nepal "50 Years of the Conquest of Everest" (2003). In 2000, he was awarded the Commemorative Medal "To the Veteran War in Afghanistan 1979-1989 "for the fulfillment of the special assignment of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces in December 1979 to Afghanistan.)
  • Kazbek Dedegkaev ((born 1944) Honored coach of Russia in freestyle wrestling (1992), master of sports of the USSR)
  • Kazbek Dzantiev ((1952 - 2011) Lieutenant General, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania in 1996 - 2004)
  • Kazbek Karsanov ((1910 - 1997) Soviet military leader, Major General of artillery. Hero of the Soviet Union)
  • Kazbek Sultanov ((born 1946) Head of the Department of Literatures of the Peoples of the Russian Federation and the CIS at the Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Professor, Doctor of Philology, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the International Adyg (Circassian) Academy of Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Republic of Dagestan, Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Dagestan, member of the Writers' Union of Russia. Author of six books and more than two hundred publications in the Russian and foreign press.)
  • Kazbek Taysaev ((born 1967) Russian statesman and politician. Deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.)
  • Kazbek Tuayev ((born 1940) Soviet footballer, Azerbaijani coach. Right forward. Master of Sports (1963).)
  • Kazbek Margishvili ((born 1928) Soviet footballer, forward)
  • Kazbek Geteriev ((born 1985) Russian and Kazakh footballer, midfielder of Vladikavkaz "Alania" and the national team of Kazakhstan)
  • Kazbek Tsiku ((born 1935) deputy of the State Duma of the first and second convocations)
  • Kazbek Tashuev, aka Amir Abdul-Jabbar ((1978 - 2011) one of the leaders of the religious-extremist and terrorist underground in Kabardino-Balkaria, terrorist)

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