The Meaning Of The Name Iskander

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The Meaning Of The Name Iskander
The Meaning Of The Name Iskander

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Synonyms for the name Iskander. Iskender, Iskandar, Alexander, Askandar.

The origin of the name Iskander. The name Iskander is Muslim.

The name Iskander is the Arabic version of the name Alexander, which sounds similar to the name Alexander (al-Iskander). Among Muslims, Alexander the Great was called Iskander Zulkarnayn, and the city, built in the central part of Iraq and named after this great commander, was named El Iskandria.

The name Iskander can also have different spellings and pronunciation - Iskandar, Iskender.

Iskander grows up as an inquisitive and calm boy. He likes meeting new people. At the same time, it can be difficult to find an approach to it in communication.

The owner of this name, born in winter, is very active and restless. He is completely inattentive. Iskander always strives to be a leader in the team. By all his actions he shows his own independence. Such a man has an analytical mind. He is well versed in the exact sciences. In a fit of emotions, she does not know how to contain rage. Iskander lives in life according to the established rules and regulations. Due to the constant feeling of the need to defend his innocence, he enters into disputes. In relation to others, he is always demanding and strict.

"Spring" Iskander is a completely insecure person. He has a fairly narrow circle of friends. Such a person does not like to be the center of attention. He tries to observe all events from the sidelines. He enjoys spending time on the phone. Iskander's work is distinguished by perseverance and perseverance. He shows commitment and responsibility in everything.

Gullibility is the main feature of the "summer" Iskander. At its core, he is compliant, unsophisticated and quickly manipulated from the outside. In female society, he shows embarrassment and indecision. The wife of such a person becomes his complete opposite. As a life companion, he chooses an independent and decisive person.

"Autumn" Iskander is sociable and calculating. He easily finds common topics of conversation. The owner of this name is a comprehensively developed and inquisitive person. In family life, he completely trusts and relies on his spouse.

Iskander's birthday

Iskander does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Iskander

  • Anthony Alexander Ilyinsky, also known as Mehmet Iskender Pasha ((1814 - 1861) Polish, then Turkish military leader. He was a fighter for the independence of Poland and took part in uprisings against the Austrian-Prussian alliance. In 1844 he converted to Islam, after which he occupied high military posts in the Ottoman Empire, at the court of Abdul-Majid I. In 1855, during the Crimean War, he received the title of Pasha.)
  • Alexander Herzen ((1812 - 1870) Russian publicist, writer, philosopher. The first article, signed with the pseudonym Iskander, was published in Telescope in 1836 ("Hoffman"). Iskander is the main pseudonym of AI Herzen.)
  • Iskander Khan ((1512 - 1583) the ninth ruler from the Sheibanid dynasty in the Bukhara Khanate. Official ruler in 1561 - 1583.)
  • Iskander Khamraev ((1934 - 2009) Soviet and Russian film director and screenwriter, Honored Artist of Russia (1998). Among his films, the most famous are: "The Coming Century", "Red Arrow" (co-authored with I. Sheshuk), "Salt of the Earth "," Murder at the monastery ponds ".)
  • Iskander Gilyazov ((born 1958) is a Tatar public figure and scientist, in the 2000s and early 2010s he was dean of the faculty of Tatar philology and history and head of the department of history of the Tatar people of Kazan University, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, author of a book about "Legion Idel-Ural", a member of the editorial board of the "Ab imperio" magazine, a member of the dissertation council for the defense of candidate dissertations at the Sh.Marjani Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan.)
  • Iskandar (Iskander) Makhmudov ((born 1963) is a Russian entrepreneur, founder and president of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC). According to Forbes, for 2011 he has a fortune of $ 9.9 billion, which allows him to occupy 12th place in the list of the richest businessmen in Russia and the 88th line in the world ranking.)
  • Iskander Mirza (Governor General of Pakistan (1955-1956). First President of Pakistan from 1956 to 1958.)
  • Iskander Zulkarnain, Alexander the Great, Alexander III the Great ((356 - 323 BC) Macedonian king from 336 BC from the Argead dynasty, a military leader, creator of a world power that collapsed after his death. In Western historiography, more known as Alexander the Great, among the Muslim peoples as Iskander Zulkarnain. Even in antiquity, Alexander gained the glory of one of the greatest military leaders in history. Ascending the throne at the age of 20 after the death of his father, the Macedonian king Philip II, Alexander secured the northern borders of Macedonia and completed his submission Greece by the defeat of the rebellious city of Thebes.In the spring of 334 BC Alexander began the legendary campaign to the East and in seven years completely conquered the Persian Empire.Then he began to conquer India, but at the insistence of soldiers tired of a long march, retreated.The cities founded by Alexander, which in our time are the largest in several countries, and the colonization of new territories by the Greeks in Asia contributed to the spread of Greek culture in the East. Nearly 33 years of age, Alexander died in Babylon from a serious illness. Immediately, his empire was divided by the Macedonian generals (diadochi) among themselves, and for several decades a series of wars of the diadochi began.)
  • Mahmoud Iskander al-Hajj ibni Ismail al-Khalidi ((1932 - 2010) Malaysian politician, Supreme Ruler of Malaysia (1984-1989). Field Marshal of the Malaysian Army, Admiral of the Fleet and Marshal of the Air Force.)
  • Iskander Munshi, Iskander-bek Turkeman "Munshi" ((1560/1561 - 1633/1634) Persian historian, the largest representative of the court historiography of the Safavids, under the Shahs Muhammad Khudabend and Abbas I. Author of a large work on the history of the Safavid state "The History of the World Decorator Abbas" Descended from the Azerbaijani Turkic tribe - Turkeman.In his youth, having received a good education for those times, entered the service in the Guards Cavalry Corps of the Safavid Shah Muhammad Khudabende.Later served under the command of the vizier Hatim-bek, thanks to whose patronage, he received open access to the archives of the Shah's court His work was highly appreciated during his lifetime, thanks to which he was commissioned to write his sequel.)
  • Iskander Dautov ((1923 - 1943) machine gunner of the 4th squadron of the 58th Guards Cavalry Regiment of the 16th Guards Chernigov Cavalry Division, private guard, Hero of the Soviet Union. Awarded the Order of Lenin.)
  • Iskender Majid oglu Hamidov ((born 1948) Azerbaijani statesman and politician, Minister of Internal Affairs in the government of Abulfaz Elchibey (1992-1993), Chairman of the National Democratic Party, police lieutenant general.)
  • Alexander (Iskander) Talkovsky ((1894 - 1942) Soviet military leader, division commander. In many sources, including official, mentioned with the Russified form of the name: Alexander Alexandrovich. Son of the general of the tsarist army Iskander Osmanovich Talkovsky, from the Lithuanian Tatars, hereditary nobles of the Vilnius province.)
  • Iskander Undasynov ((born 1929) Soviet historian. Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor (1985). Currently - Chief Researcher at the Institute of Comparative Political Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Was one of the first who summed up the study of the history of the second front in the USSR. fifty scientific and popular scientific works on the history of Europe, World War II, the international labor movement, including six monographs. Works were also published in English, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Turkish and Japanese.)
  • Iskandar Khatloni ((1954 - 2000) Tajik journalist, poet, translator, human rights activist, public figure)
  • Iskender Javad oglu Javadov ((born 1956) former Soviet footballer, Master of Sports of the USSR (1983))
  • Iskender Ryskulov ((1941 - 2002) Kyrgyz Soviet theater director, People's Artist of Kyrgyzstan)

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