The Meaning Of The Name Ismail

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The Meaning Of The Name Ismail
The Meaning Of The Name Ismail

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The short form of the name Ismail. Izmailka, Malia.

Synonyms for the name Ismail. Ishmael, Ismael, Ishmiel, Ishmo.

The origin of the name Ismail. The name Ismail is Jewish, Orthodox, Muslim, Catholic, Jewish.

The name Ismail is a biblical name. It comes from the Hebrew name Yishmael, which translates as "may God hear." Izmail is the Russian pronunciation of the name Ismail, which is widespread in the world, both in the European and Asian parts. In the Old Testament, Ismail is the son of Abraham from the slave girl Hagar, it was he who became the ancestor of the Bedouin tribes. In Islam, Ismail (Ismail) is considered the ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad.

Dates of Orthodox name days of Ismail: June 30, September 23, November 17.

Since childhood, Ismail has been distinguished by resourcefulness and stubbornness. He often deceives his parents, which can drive them to despair. Fantasy and fiction are mixed in the boy's head, and he begins to believe in his own inventions. He has a hundred answers and excuses for any question.

But over time, this character trait in him disappears, but fantasy, well-developed intuition and the ability to predict the outcome of the situation remain. Having matured, Ismail becomes a hardworking, shy, kind and obligatory person. It is almost impossible to recognize the former Ismail in him. A sense of justice begins to prevail in a man, which often leads to conflict situations with his superiors.

He is honest, unselfish, and generous. It is easy to part with money. Ismail is responsible and has a high sense of duty. Career in his life does not come first. All of Ismail's talents often go unfulfilled. A joint business with friends will bring success to the owner of this name.

Ismail's family life is not easy. He usually marries more than once. The first marriage, in which a son is born to Ismail, most often does not last long. It all depends on the ability to build relationships with the mother-in-law.

Ismail's birthday

Ismail celebrates his name day on June 17, June 30, September 23, November 17.

Famous people named Ismail

  • Ismail I, Shah Ismail Safavi, Shah Ismail Khatai ((1487 - 1524) shahinshah of Iranian Azerbaijan (roughly corresponds in territory to three modern Iranian provinces: Ardebil, East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan), is the founder of the Safavid dynasty)
  • Ismail, Maulya Ismail ((about 1646 - 1727) Sultan of Morocco from the Philalid (Alawite) dynasty)
  • Ismail ((died 1563) Nogai biy, ally of Tsar Ivan IV)
  • Ismail the Persian, Ismail of Chalcedon (holy martyr, from Persia, suffered in 362 under the emperor Julian in Chalcedon)
  • Ismail (Basilevsky) (martyr, priest)
  • Ismail (Kudryavtsev) (hieromartyr, priest)
  • Ismail Sabri ((1854 - 1923) Egyptian poet)
  • Moulay Abu-ul Nasir Ismail as-Samine ibn Rashid ((1645 - 1727) the second ruler of Morocco of the Alawite dynasty. Like others in the Ismail dynasty, he claimed to be called a descendant of Muhammad, as a direct descendant of Hassan ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad. Ismail is also known as the "Warrior King" in his home country.)
  • Abu Ibrahim Ismail ibn Ahmad Samani ((849 - 907) emir from the Samanid dynasty, founder of the state in Central Asia)
  • Ahmed Jovdet Ismail oglu Hajiyev ((1917 - 2002) Azerbaijani Soviet composer, rector of the Azerbaijan State Conservatory (1957-1969), People's Artist of the Azerbaijan SSR (1960))
  • Ismail Khan, also Mohammad Ismail Khan, dari ((born 1946) Afghan military, political and statesman of the Republic of Afghanistan. The largest military leader and authoritative field commander of the mujahideen in western Afghanistan during the Afghan war 1979-1989, received the nickname " Lev of Herat ".)
  • Ismail Khalinbekov ((born 1985) Russian footballer, defender)
  • Ismail Kadare ((born 1936) spelling variant - Ismail Kadare; the largest Albanian prose writer and poet, who gained worldwide fame and translated into the main world languages)
  • Izmail Kaplanov ((1938 - 2011) real name - Kaplan Isaak Lvovich; Soviet and Belarusian composer, performer, author of popular songs and instrumental pop music, Honored Artist of Belarus)
  • Shah Ismail Safavi ((1487 - 1524) shahinshah of Azerbaijan and Persia, founder of the Safavid dynasty, classic of Azerbaijani literature and poetry)
  • Ismail bey Kutkashensky ((1806 - 1861) Russian military leader, Azerbaijani writer, Major General of the Russian Imperial Army, the first Azerbaijani holder of the Order of St. George)
  • Izmail Pasha ((1813 - 1865) real name - Georgy Kmet; Turkish commander-in-chief of Hungarian origin)
  • Izmail Zatsarenny ((1850 - 1887) Russian naval officer, captain of the 2nd rank)
  • Izmail Sreznevsky ((1812 - 1880) Russian Slavic philologist, ethnographer, paleographer)
  • Ismail Yusupov ((1914 - 2005) Soviet party leader)
  • Ismagil Tasimov (a major Bashkir ore industrialist, who stood at the origins of the creation of the national mining school, the founder of the St. Petersburg State Mining Institute named after G.V. Plekhanov)
  • Ismail Bekmukhamedov ((XVIII century) traveler. With four companions (Abdrakhman, Nadur, Yakub and a servant) in 1751 undertook a journey to open trade routes to India.His route passed from Orenburg through Urgench - Bukhara - Andkhoy - Herat - Kandahar - Basra - Surat - Hyderabad - Benares - Delhi - Mecca - Medina - Damascus - Jerusalem - Istanbul. Along the way, all of Bekmukhamedov's satellites died. He himself left the Notes.)
  • Ismail Gasprinsky ((1851 - 1914) Crimean Tatar intellectual, educator, publisher and politician, who gained fame and recognition among the entire Muslim population of the Russian Empire; one of the founders of Pan-Turkism)
  • Ismail Efendi, Ismail al-Shinazi, Ismail Shinazsky (famous scientist of the 18th century, author of many scientific works in Arabic. Ismail Efendi opened an astronomical school in the village of Shinaz (Dagestan, Russia) at the beginning of the 18th century, the ruins of which have survived to this day. the occupation of the scientist and his students was the improvement of astronomical instruments. Ismail is considered the first creator of the astrolabe in Dagestan. He compiled a description and guidance for using this device in practice. He left behind many comments and glossaries on various fields of science.)
  • Ismail Aissati ((born 1988) Moroccan footballer, attacking midfielder of Ajax Amsterdam)
  • Dagestanly ((1907 - 1980) real name - Ismail Yusif oglu Hajiyev; Azerbaijani Soviet theater and film actor, People's Artist of the USSR (1974))
  • Ismail Ediev ((born 1988) Russian footballer)
  • Ivaylo Marinov ((born 1960) also known as Ismail Mustafov, Ismail Huseynov and Ivaylo Hristov; Bulgarian amateur boxer, Olympic champion in 1988, world champion in 1982, 4-time European champion, winner of the so-called "grand slam" amateur boxing)
  • Ismail Khan Ehsan Khan oglu Nakhichevan ((1819 - 1909) Russian military leader, general from the cavalry)
  • Ismael Sosa ((born 1987) footballer, striker)
  • Ismael Ursais Aranda ((born 1971) former Spanish footballer, striker)
  • Ismael Ignacio Fuentes Castro (Chilean footballer, defender of the Mexican club Jaguares Chiapas and the Chilean national team)
  • Ismael Gomez Falcon (Spanish footballer, goalkeeper)
  • Ismael Buyot ((1605 - 1694) French astronomer-Copernican. He signed his works with the Latinized surname Bulliald. He was the first to formulate the law of universal gravitation as "the law of inverse squares" (the force of attraction is inversely proportional to the square of the distance). Isaac Newton in the III book "Mathematical beginnings of natural philosophy "is based on measurements of the magnitudes of planetary orbits, determined from the observations of Kepler and Buyot. In a letter to Edmund Halley, he mentioned Buyo as one of his predecessors in the discovery of the inverse square law.)
  • Ismael-Armand Chavez ((born 1969) Argentine professional boxer, competing in the light welterweight division)

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