The Meaning Of The Name Isidore

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The Meaning Of The Name Isidore
The Meaning Of The Name Isidore

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Short form of the name Isidore. Izzy, Isya, Isa, Izec, Dora, Dora, Iso.

Synonyms for the name Isidore. Isidor, Sidor, Isidoro, Isidro, Isidoros.

The origin of the name Isidore. The name Isidore is Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Isidor comes from the Greek name Isidoros, meaning "the gift of Isis." This name, in turn, was formed from two words "Isis" (the name of the ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility Isis or Isis) and "doron" ("gift, gift"). In Russian, the form of this name is used - Sidor. From the name of Isidore, the female name Isidora is formed.

For the name Isidore, Catholic name days will be indicated. Orthodox name days can be seen near the name Sidor.

Description of the meaning of the name Isidor - see the name Sidor.

Name day Isidore

Isidore celebrates his name day on January 15, February 4, February 5, February 15, April 4, December 14.

Famous people named Isidore

  • Isidore of Seville ((VII century) saint, medieval scholar and encyclopedist, not so long ago was recognized by the Vatican as the patron saint of the Internet)
  • Isidore of Madrid (saint, considered the patron saint of the Spanish capital Madrid)
  • Isidore (ancient Egyptian priest, leader of the Bukol uprising)
  • Isidore of Alexandria ((5th century) Neoplatonist philosopher, representative of the Athenian school of Neoplatonism)
  • Isidor Rabi ((1898 - 1988) American physicist, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Physics (1944) "for the resonant method for measuring the magnetic properties of atomic nuclei")
  • Isidore "Jack" Niflo ((1881 - 1950) American wrestler, champion of the 1904 Summer Olympics)
  • Isidoro Peoli ((1930 - 2001) Cuban statesman and party leader, diplomat)
  • Isidor Stock ((1908 - 1980) Soviet playwright, actor; author of the plays The Divine Comedy (1969; TV show of the same name staged by the Puppet Theater, 1973), Leningradsky Prospect, Noah's Ark, Anchor Square, Explanation in hatred "," Gastello "," Winners of the night "and many others, scripts for films)
  • Isidor Annensky ((1906 - 1977) Soviet Russian film director and screenwriter, Honored Artist of Russia)
  • Isidoro La Lumia ((1823 - 1879) Italian historian, played a prominent role in the revolution of 1848 and in the final liberation of Sicily)
  • Isidor Lyubimov ((1882 - 1937) Russian revolutionary, Soviet statesman, Frunze's closest associate during the Revolution and Civil War, organizer of the cooperative movement (1926-1930), head of foreign trade (1930-1931), People's Commissar of Light Industry of the USSR (1932- 1937))
  • Isidor Zak ((1909 - 1998) Russian conductor, People's Artist of the USSR (1976), laureate of the Stalin Prize (1948))
  • Isidor Gunsberg ((1854 - 1930) chess player, contender for the world championship)
  • Isidor Weiss ((1774 - 1821) printmaker of Austrian origin, book illustrator; professor at Vilnius University)
  • Isidor Sharanievich ((1829 - 1901) Galician scientist, historian, archaeologist, leader of the Russian movement in Carpathian Rus)
  • Isidor Zadger ((1867 - 1942) Austrian physician and psychoanalyst. Zadger was one of the first doctors who were interested in a new theory - psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud. Zadger was mainly engaged in the study of problems of sexual perversion, narcissism, homosexuality and fetishism. In 1913 year he introduced the term sadomasochism. He conducted a number of pathobiographical studies of famous personalities.)
  • Isidor Kopernitsky ((1825 - 1891) Polish anthropologist. Brother of philologist Valerian Kopernitsky. Edited by Kopernitsky, 14 volumes of "Zbiór wiadomości do antropologii krajowej" (edition of the Krakow Academy of Sciences) were published. material, mainly wedding songs. "Anthropological and ethnographic description of the highlanders in the Carpathians" belongs to the Ukrainians.)
  • Isidor Strauss ((1845 - 1912) German-American entrepreneur, co-owner of the largest American department store chain Macy's. Isidore Strauss died with his wife Ida during the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.)
  • Isidor Gurevich ((1882 - 1931) Russian satirist, journalist, playwright)
  • Isidor Natanson ((1906 - 1964) Soviet mathematician. Author of the monographs "Theory of functions of a real variable" (1941, 4 reprints) and "Constructive theory of functions" (1949), popular science books "The simplest problems for maximum and minimum" (1950) and "Summation of the infinitesimal" (1953), the textbook "A short course in higher mathematics" (1963, many reprints).)
  • Isidor Dolidze ((born 1915) Soviet and Georgian statesman, public figure and scientist, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR)
  • Jean Iñas Isidore Granville ((1803 - 1847) real name - Gerard, French draftsman-illustrator)
  • Isidor Seiss ((1840 - 1905) German pianist and music teacher)
  • Isidor Kovarik ((1917 - 1944) ace pilot of the Slovak Air Force, won 28 air victories)
  • Isidore Saint-Hilaire ((1805 - 1861) French zoologist, son of the famous natural scientist Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire (1772-1844), foreign corresponding member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1856))
  • Isidor Lotto ((1840 - 1927) Polish violinist and music teacher)

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