The Meaning Of The Name Heraclius

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The Meaning Of The Name Heraclius
The Meaning Of The Name Heraclius

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The short form of the name Heraclius. Iraklya, Raklya, Ira.

Synonyms for the name Heraclius. Iraklis, Hercule, Hercules, Iraklis, Hercules, Hercules, Irakle, Eraklio.

The origin of the name Heraclius. The name Irakli is Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Heraclius is of Greek origin. Consists of two semantic parts: the first is pronounced as "hera, Ira, hera" - Hera (goddess), and the second "cleos" - "glory." Therefore, the name means "glory of Hera". The name Heraclius is also pronounced like Heracles, Iraklis. In Orthodoxy, a derivative name was used - Iraklides, the date of the name day of Iraklides - June 28.

Diminutive-affectionate reference Ira is used for many names, but most often for women - Irina, Iraida, Irma.

This name is mentioned in both Orthodox and Catholic calendar. For the name Heraclius, the Orthodox name days will be indicated, the dates of the Catholic name days for Heraclius - see the name Hercule.

The owner of the name Irakli is a rather cautious man in communication, he needs to feel very comfortable in society. From his appearance, it is difficult to guess that he is actually extremely sensitive, because he has difficulty expressing his own emotions. He does not feel so confident that he is not visited by anxiety and anxiety, he is more a skeptic or even a pessimist.

The not particularly intuitive Irakli prefers to rely on reasonable reasoning based on material evidence and logical inference, this is an intellectual type of people who believe that success is the result of personal effort and discipline, and not pure chance. He has his own principles and his own moral code. He often lacks flexibility and can be quite stubborn. Irakli is attentive to details, approaches everything with clarity, keeping a cool head.

This man hates superficiality, pretentiousness and frivolity, while he himself strives for stability and security - especially with regard to his finances, so Irakli often prefers to save rather than spend. He lacks imagination, prefers quiet and relaxing outdoor recreation, does not like crowds and loud noise.

As a child, this boy is quite vulnerable, because he can easily be worried about any reason, while he does not seek to share his own problems with anyone. Therefore, his parents should make sure that their son feels safe and encourage him more often. Do not rush him, his pace of life is somewhat slower than adults would like, this boy is more closed, less sociable. He prefers to play alone in his room, where he feels safe, than to play football in the yard. But he does not avoid the company of friends, he likes games in a chamber setting more.

Irakli values ​​calmness, peace and quiet, the comfort and safety of his home. They strive to achieve excellence in everything, which sometimes leads him to an obsession with order and a slightly manic fussiness. He is also highly sensitive to beauty and aesthetics.

Heraclius can hardly be called a romantic, but he is ready to make a huge effort to maintain inner harmony and find that rare pearl of his life. This does not always guarantee him success, so he is not immune to some disappointments. However, if this happens in his life, then Irakli will show his best side, because he is a good, gentle, kind and considerate man.

The owner of this name can start a family business, trade and restaurant business will be on his shoulder. He can also make a career in the artistic or aesthetic fields - architecture, jewelry, antiques, fashion. Classes related to law, medicine, nature (animals) or natural sciences will also be available to him. And, finally, those related to accounting, management, banking or civil service - there Irakli can also find his calling.

Name days of Irakli

Irakli celebrates his name day on March 22, May 31, June 10, June 28, July 27, November 4, November 6.

Famous people named Heraclius

  • Heraclius I ((575-641) Byzantine emperor, ruled for over 30 years and became the founder of the Heraclius dynasty, which ruled for over 100 years)
  • Irakli I, Nazarali Khan ((1637 / 1642-1709) Georgian king, was more involved in the internal state structure than foreign policy)
  • Irakli II, Erekle meore ((1720-1798) Georgian king from the Kakhetian branch of Bagration. The goal of his policy was to strengthen Georgia, liberation from the rule of the Turks, the creation of a single state. He formed the Kartli-Kakhetian kingdom, established a permanent army in the state, promoted rapprochement with the Armenians and Russians. Under him, schools and seminaries appeared in Telavi and Tbilisi.)
  • Irakly Andronikov (Andronnikov) ((1908-1990) Soviet writer and literary critic. He received the title of People's Artist in 1982, winner of the Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR. He imitated voices well, was a master of fiction and a TV presenter.)
  • Irakli Pirtskhalava, better known as Irakli ((born 1977) Russian singer, three times winner of the Golden Gramophone award)
  • Irakli Logua ((born 1991) Russian footballer)
  • Irakli Geperidze ((born 1987) Russian footballer)
  • Irakli Okruashvili ((born 1973) Georgian political and military leader)
  • Irakli Meskhia ((born 1993) Ukrainian footballer)
  • Irakli Gamrekeli ((1894-1943) Georgian artist, worked at the Shota Rustaveli Theater, theaters in Moscow, Baku, Kiev, the Georgian film studio "Arsen". Honored Art Worker of the Georgian SSR.)
  • Irakli Gelenava ((born 1970) Soviet footballer, in 1987 became world junior champion)

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