The Meaning Of The Name Isaac

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The Meaning Of The Name Isaac
The Meaning Of The Name Isaac

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The short form of the name Isaac. Isa.

Synonyms for the name Isaac. Isaac, Isak, Isaac, Isaac.

The origin of the name Isaac. The name Isaac is Jewish, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Isaac is a Hebrew name meaning "he laughed." The name Isaac is the ecclesiastical form of the Hebrew name Isaac, which was given not only to clergymen, but also to worldly people. The name Isaac is not used outside the church environment. Analogs of this name are Isak, Isaac, Itzhak.

Among Christians, Isaac of Dalmatia is especially revered - a monk who was abbot of the Dalmatian monastery. Peter the First, who was born on the day of the commemoration of this saint, considered him to be his patron. And in memory of Isaac of Dalmatia, a church was laid in St. Petersburg, on the site of which St. Isaac's Cathedral was later built. Since then, Saint Isaac of Dalmatia has been considered the patron saint of St. Petersburg.

The dates for the Catholic name day of Isaac are April 21 and September 21. The rest of the dates indicated are the Orthodox name days of Isaac.

Description of the meaning of the name Isaac - see the name Isaac.

Isaac's birthday

Isaac celebrates his name day on February 27, April 11, April 21, May 4, May 17, June 12, June 30, August 16, September 4, September 21, October 4, October 11, October 24, December 3.

Famous people named Isaac

  • Isaac of Dalmatia ((died 383) saint, reverend, hegumen of the Dalmatian monastery)
  • Isaac ((died about 1553) in the world - Belobaev; elder, heretic of the 16th century, supporter of Matvey Bashkin)
  • Isaac (in the world - Boriskovich-Chernchitsky; Orthodox Bishop of the Kiev Metropolis as part of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, Bishop of Przemysl (1633 - 1636), Bishop of Lutsk and Ostrog (1621 - 1633))
  • Isaac (Greek, icon painter of the XIV century. In 1338, on the instructions of Vladyka Basil of Novgorod, "with a friend" wrote icons for the Church of the Entry into Jerusalem, built in 1337 at 9 weeks.)
  • Isaac of Pechersky ((died 1090) reverend, hermit of Kiev-Pechersky)
  • Isaac ((died 1415) Bishop of Chernigov and Bryansk. In some chronicles he is called an archbishop, and in most others he bears the title of bishop.)
  • Isaac of Nicomedia (the holy martyr, like Queen Alexandra, was converted by the courage of the great martyr George and died for the faith together with Apollos and Kodrat)
  • Isaac of Cyprus (holy bishop of Cyprus, deserved the gift of miracles with his life)
  • Isaac of Persia (holy bishop in Persia; in the 4th year of the persecution of King Sapor (343) stoned)
  • Isaac I of Optina (bishop, reverend)
  • Isaac Alfanov, Isaac Sokolnitsky, Isaac of Novgorod (reverend)
  • Isaac of Optina (in the world - Bobrikov; Hieromartyr, Archimandrite)

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