The Meaning Of The Name Innokenty (Kesha)

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The Meaning Of The Name Innokenty (Kesha)
The Meaning Of The Name Innokenty (Kesha)

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The short form of the name Innokenty. Ina, Inya, Kesha, Inyusha, Kenya, Ken, Keha, Innokentiushka, Inek, Chencho.

Synonyms for the name Innokenty. Inocencio, Inocente, Ince, Inakent, Inocenz, Inocenz, Inocenciu.

The origin of the name Innokenty. The name Innokenty is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic.

What does the name Innokenty mean? The name Innokenty is of Latin origin. This masculine name means "innocent", and it appeared from the Latin word "innocens", which has different interpretations. So it is also "innocent", i.e. "The one who is not guilty", "the one who is not guilty", "innocent"; and "innocent" in the sense of "harmless", "not spiteful"; and "harmless", "one who does no harm"; and "honest", "flawless", "flawless". The name Innocent was used by many popes.

In Spanish and Portuguese, the spelling and pronunciation variants of the original Latin word have been preserved, but the general meaning of "innocent" has been preserved, and a nuance has been added - "ingenuous." In Poland, the female version of the name is also used - Innocenta, Innocentiya, but it is considered very rare. It is possible that the name Inessa is a transformation of the female name Innocent, modernized in the past, since it has a general meaning - "innocent".

Innocent is a rather peaceful and calm person, but at the same time he is easily aroused and vulnerable. He is a born romantic who believes that the most important thing in any person is intelligence. In childhood and youth, Kesha is sensitive to the excessive fragility, and sometimes the seeming femininity of his name. At the same time, he is practically not characterized by conflicts characteristic of these ages. The name, first of all, inclines Innocent to calmness. Therefore, he likes activities such as communicating with loved ones and reading books.

Innocent, who was born in the fall, is characterized mainly by such character traits as frivolity and isolation. In work, he is characterized by inconsistency, which, oddly enough, suits him perfectly. For the winter Innocent, first of all, irritability and irascibility are characteristic, which, among other things, are compensated for by a rather quick quickeningness. In general, he is a very kind person who loves children and animals. Although outwardly he usually has a rather formidable appearance.

Innokenty finds excellent use of his character traits in professions related to the arts. He is hardworking, but he often lacks the strength of character to build a career. And this is only due to excessive vulnerability and temper. Therefore, for success, Kesha needs to learn how to combine his intelligence with the ability to defend his point of view.

Innokentii usually marry once and, as they would like, forever. In family life, he values ​​trust, love and mutual understanding. Inya is a very caring, sensitive and loyal husband. Very often his wife does not work, since this man always provides for the family himself. Innokenty is quite jealous, although he knows how to control his emotions. His wife's infidelity becomes a real blow to him. But, even being disappointed in his beloved woman, he behaves politely and tactfully, parting with her without unnecessary reproaches and stormy scenes.

Innocent's isolation in childhood, passes with him into adulthood. He tries to avoid close acquaintances, communicates little with people. This man is always on his own. At work, he often behaves differently than in his free life. With colleagues he is polite and correct, but at the same time restrained and detached. Innokenty never asks for help from people, preferring to solve his problems on his own.

Innocent's birthday

Innokenty celebrates his name day on February 22, April 1, April 13, May 7, July 19, October 6, December 9.

Famous people named Innokenty

  • Metropolitan Innokenty (in the world Ivan Evseevich Popov-Veniaminov; Bishop of the Orthodox Russian Church; Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomna, saint, apostle of America and Siberia. Became the first Orthodox bishop of Kamchatka, Yakutia, Amur Region and North America, associate of the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia, Count N. N. Muravyov-Amursky in the development of the Far East and the education of its indigenous peoples (1797-1879))
  • Innocent I (saint, Pope (died 417))
  • Innokenty Annensky (poet of the Silver Age, playwright, translator (1855-1909))
  • Innokenty Gerasimov ((1905-1985) geographer and soil scientist, academician)
  • Innokenty Smoktunovsky ((1925-1994) Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, People's Artist of the USSR (1974), Hero of Socialist Labor (1990))
  • Innokenty Melchakov ((1907 -?) Artist of Russia)
  • Innokenty Kuznetsov-Krasnoyarsk ((1851 - 1916) Siberian gold miner, philanthropist, archaeologist, ethnographer, historian)
  • Innokenty Omulevsky (real name - Fedorov; Russian prose writer and poet)
  • Innokenty Bezpalov ((1877 - 1959) Russian Soviet architect and sculptor)
  • Innokenty Smolin (Russian officer, prominent leader of the white movement in Siberia and the Far East)
  • Innokenty Balanovsky ((1885 - 1937?) Soviet astronomer. Worked in the field of astrophotography and astrophotometry, discovered many new telescopic variable stars. In 1922, in photographs of 1919, he discovered a supernova in the Virgo A galaxy (M87) with an apparent magnitude of 11, 5m)
  • Archbishop Innokenty (in the world Ivan Alekseevich Borisov; (1800 - 1857) Bishop of the Orthodox Russian Church; since 1848 Archbishop of Kherson and Tauride. Famous preacher)
  • Innokenty Popov ((1923 - 1991) prominent Russian musicologist)
  • Innokenty (Ekkenday) Safyanov ((1873 - 1953) revolutionary, participant in the civil war in Siberia, founder of independent Tuva, Soviet economic leader)
  • Innokenty Ivanov (Russian journalist and TV presenter)

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