The Meaning Of The Name Ilyas

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The Meaning Of The Name Ilyas
The Meaning Of The Name Ilyas

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The short form of the name Ilyas. Ilya, Ilya, Lias, Il, Il.

Synonyms for the name Ilyas. Ilya, Elyas, Elias, Ilias, Eliash, Elyas, Ilyaz.

The origin of the name Ilyas. The name Ilyas is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Ilyas is a Muslim male name, which is analogous to the name Ilya, which means "The Lord is my God", also interpreted as "a believer." This name can become part of a two-part name (Ilyasbek, Ilyazkhan). The paired female name is Ilyasa.

The name Ilyas has Christian variants that are found in these countries along with the Muslim name: Germany, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden - Elias, Greece - Ilias, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic - Elias, Finland - Elyas. In most European countries, the name sounds closer to "Ilya" - Ilia, Eli, Ilia.

The owner of the name Ilyas looks more like an introvert than an extrovert: the first impression he makes is a soft, calm and restrained person. And in fact, Ilyas is not particularly expressive in communication and has excellent self-control.

This is a strong, reliable, determined man who will take responsibility. Ilyas is a hardworking perfectionist, very conscientious, he takes his professional life seriously. He is able to do things for himself, has great organizational skills and is much easier to cope with creation than execution.

Efficiency, energy and resourcefulness are the main credos that Ilyas adheres to. He is ambitious and will, albeit slowly, but very confidently develop in life, thanks to his commitment, discipline and perseverance. This man does not immediately reach the task, but as a long-distance runner knows that a journey of a hundred miles begins with one step.

Ilyas is an honest and conscientious person. He is capable of great patience when it comes to important things in life, especially in the professional field, but he can be harsh and intolerant when it comes to small or everyday things.

As a child, Ilyas tries to save his parents from problems, shows himself to be extremely disciplined at school. He maintains friendly relations with many, but he has few real friends. An inflexible character can make him judge hastily, which gives him a lot of inconvenience in life.

In love, this is a particularly demanding man, in his passion he will not be able to accept weakness, because he needs to admire and respect his partner, and for this reason it can be very difficult for him to find his other half. Not too many women live up to his ideal of perfection. Nevertheless, Ilyas will most likely find a wife for himself, more often in adulthood, because children are important to him, and the owner of this name will be a good father and an attentive husband.

The family environment can influence his future career choices. Ilyas prefers areas where he could provide real help - medicine, jurisprudence, social sphere. These can be positions in any industry - manager, administrator, organizer. Sport is one of the parts of his life where Ilyas can realize his inner potential if he does not find something to do in other areas.

Ilyas's birthday

Ilyas does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Ilyas

  • Ilyas Umakhanov ((born 1957) Russian politician)
  • Ilyas Urazov ((1922-1945) Hero of the Soviet Union, rifle platoon commander, lieutenant)
  • Ilyas Khairekishev ((born 1990) Kazakh hockey player (bandy), goalkeeper of the Kazakhstan national team)
  • Ilyas Akhmetshin ((born 1986) Russian skier, twice received the title of Master of Sports (the first time in 2011 in polyathlon, the second time in 2012 in cross-country skiing))
  • Ilyas Aidarov ((born 1956) is a Russian artist, holder of the title of People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan. His paintings were exhibited in space on board the International Space Station, which allowed the artist to get into the Guinness Book of Records (Russian branch). Author of a large number of illustrations in many publishing houses and periodicals. His work is in many museum collections.)
  • Ilyas Magomadov ((born 1989) Russian wrestler (Greco-Roman wrestling), multiple winner and medalist of Russian championships, also a participant in many international tournaments)
  • Ilyas Dzhansugurov ((1894-1938) Kazakh Soviet poet, he is considered a classic of Kazakh literature)
  • Ilyas Bekbulatov ((born 1990) Russian wrestler (freestyle wrestling))
  • Ilyas Valeev ((born 1949) is a Russian teacher, was also a vice-rector and director of the school. For his merits in teaching, he was awarded the KD Ushinsky medal, winner of other awards and prizes. Author of more than 300 educational, methodological and scientific works.)
  • Ilyas Bechelov ((born 1951) Russian political and statesman)

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