The Meaning Of The Name Imran

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The Meaning Of The Name Imran
The Meaning Of The Name Imran

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Synonyms for the name Imran. Amran, Umran, Emran, Omran, Amram.

The origin of the name Imran. The name Imran is Muslim.

The name Imran is a Muslim name. Formed from the word "amr" meaning "life". There is also a version that the name Imran is associated with the biblical character Amram (father of Aaron, Moses and Miriam), who is also referred to in the Quran as Amran (Imran). Therefore, in various transcriptions this name may sound somewhat different - Amran, Umran, Emran, Omran, Amram.

The owner of the name Imran seems calm, relaxed, when, in fact, a storm of emotions can simply boil inside him. He is secretive, thoughtful, often looking for solitude, peace and quiet, but he is open to other people, strives for unity, cooperation and participation in public affairs. For Imran, other people are needed in order to feel the stimulus in himself, this man knows that unity is the main strength.

This man does not give in to emotions, he is an adherent of reason and analysis, so Imran strives to be specific, objective and rational. His critical mind is well developed, but he also has a developed intuition that can inspire him and give him rich imagination.

As a child, Imran prefers not to stand out among his peers, but already in his youth he is seized by the desire to have a certain dominance over others. It can be a unique talent or skill, he wants to stand out, leave his mark on the world. Therefore, the owners of this name can become exceptional artists, famous politicians, public figures.

However, not everything is so simple, since their nervous balance can be very unstable, and if Imran feels that he is not able to achieve his goals, then this man is ready to give up ambitions and go into the shadows. Therefore, Imran always takes an active part in various group events, tries to develop in himself most of his artistic talents, otherwise he will simply lose his brilliant potential.

Imran has an incredibly rich inner life, he may be inclined to contemplation, may show interest in strange and beautiful music and art. When it comes to love, he is a gentle and affectionate man who tries to hide his sensitive nature behind a somewhat sarcastic attitude. He is capable of wide gestures, looking for his soul mate with whom he could share both in a spiritual and sensual aspect. At the same time, he is a demanding man, who believes that he pays enough of his attention to his wife.

When it comes to choosing a career, Imran only relies on his own opinion. He can be attracted by medicine, psychology, public relations, journalism, as well as creative professions. Imran can pursue a career in politics, in the technical field (electronics, information technology) or in professions related to research activities. Also, his keen intuition, combined with his analytical mindset, can make Imran an inventor.

Name days of Imran

Imran does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Imran

  • Imran Ashum oglu Kasumov ((1918-1981) Azerbaijani writer, wrote scripts for films)
  • Imran Shamkhanov ((born 1991) French footballer)
  • Imran Gulmamedov ((1913-1975) honored builder, Soviet citizen, transport worker of the Azerbaijan SSR. Electrification of railways is his main and main work for his country. Winner of many medals and awards.)
  • Imran Ayaz Javadov ((born 1994) Russian sambo wrestler, champion of Russia and the world in combat sambo in 2013 and 2014)
  • Imran Borchashvili ((born 1994) Austrian judoka, champion of Austria)
  • Imran Bunyaku ((born 1992) Kosovar footballer)
  • Imran Akperov ((born 1958) Soviet and Russian economist, teacher and rector, public and political figure in the field of education)
  • Imran Usmanov ((born 1953) Chechen singer, composer and poet, holder of the title of Honored Artist of the Chechen Republic, head of the "Illy" ("Song") ensemble)
  • Imran Nazar Hossein ((born 1942) Islamic philosopher, specialist in international affairs, lectures on Islam. Author of not only the best-selling book Jerusalem in the Qur'an - an Islamic view of the fate of Jerusalem, translated into many languages, but also others books.)
  • Emran bin Bahar ((born 1961) Brunei diplomat, Ambassador of Brunei to Russia)

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