The Meaning Of The Name Ilgiz

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The Meaning Of The Name Ilgiz
The Meaning Of The Name Ilgiz

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Short form of the name Ilgiz. Il, Ilja, Ilga.

Synonyms for the name Ilgiz. Ilgis, Ilgiz, Ilgis, Elgiz, Elgis, Elgis, Ilgizar, Elgizar, Ilgizar.

The origin of the name Ilgiz. The name Ilgiz is Tatar, Muslim.

The name Ilgiz is of Turkic origin, it is a two-part male name. The first part “il” means “country”, “world”, and “giz” means “to go”, therefore the name is translated as “walking around the world”, “traveler”, “wandering around his country”. This name can also be written as Ilgis, and through the letter "e" - Elgiz. Widespread among the Tatars.

Ilgiz is a sincere and frank man. His good nature and desire to help people make him a good companion, who is always expected in any company. This is a good companion who knows how to empathize. He is very inquisitive, Ilgiz has great potential, but his shyness does not allow the owner of this name to fully reveal his talents.

In order to gain courage, to gain self-confidence, Ilgiz is ready to change the situation; it is not difficult for him to leave for another city and start all over again. His common sense will always tell him the right steps, so over time he becomes an authority, people will come to him for advice.

The owner of this name is a good family man, he prefers that his wife dominate the house. But he will be a caring husband and a wonderful father. For Ilgiz, a reliable marriage is very important, so he is ready to make many concessions in order to maintain comfort and family happiness.

Ilgiz is ready to fully devote himself to the chosen business. It may not always be his job, he can make his choice in favor of the family. Professions that require the ability to lead and make responsible decisions are not suitable for Ilgiz, it is difficult for him to show firmness and will. The owner of this name is suitable for professions where he could show his ability to listen and think analytically - diplomat, doctor, teacher, politician.

Ilgiz's birthday

Ilgiz does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Ilgiz

  • Ilgiz Fazulzyanov ((born 1968) Tatar jeweler, fabric artist (silk painting), founded his own jewelry company, repeated participant in international exhibitions)
  • Ilgiz Nuriev ((born 1984) Russian, and now Kazakh hockey player, role - forward)
  • Ilgiz Sharipov ((born 1960) Russian politician)
  • Ilgiz Mazitov ((1936-2009) Soviet oilman, headed the first professional drafts club in Russia)
  • Ilgiz Makhmutov (Russian boxer, silver winner at the Russian Championship 2005 in the weight category up to 49 kg)
  • Ilgiz Valinurov (Russian recruiting specialist, one of the best headhunters in Russia)
  • Ilgiz Zainiev ((born 1987) Tatar contemporary playwright)
  • Ilgiz Kashafutdinov ((1936-2006) Soviet and Russian writer, wrote under the name Ilya Kashafutdinov. Published in newspapers, was a correspondent and professional photographer.)

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