The Meaning Of The Name Jesus

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The Meaning Of The Name Jesus
The Meaning Of The Name Jesus

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Synonyms for the name Jesus. Yehoshua, Jesus, Joshua, Jizes, Yeshua, Jesus, Jesus, Josue, Jezu, Isa, Khyisa.

The origin of the name Jesus. The name Jesus is Hebrew, Catholic, Jewish.

The name Jesus is a biblical name; in addition to Jesus Christ, several characters from the Old Testament also bear it. It comes from the Hebrew name Yeshua and means "salvation", "God is salvation", "Jehovah will save". The name Jesus is pronounced in different ways: Yehoshua, Jesus, Joshua, Jizes, Yeshua, Jesus, Jesus, Josue, Jezu. In Spanish, there is also a feminine form of this name - Jesus. Among Muslims, when referring to Jesus, the name Isa is used, which can also sound like Khyisa.

The name Jesus and its various variations is not considered a popular name, and is most often found among the Hispanic population, in countries such as Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

Jesus is a radiant and powerful man with an imposing, authoritarian, and masculine disposition, although he is generally a warm, friendly, and generous man. He tends to take good care of his appearance, can use his verbal talent to his advantage. He is an open, sociable and inquisitive man, he is interested in everything and loves to share. He often hides his extreme sensitivity behind a rather harsh manner.

The owner of this name is honest, loyal, he hates pretense, flattery and deception. Jesus is able to be very generous and is always ready to help if it is in his power. He strives for power, and this endows him with formidable energy, determination and courage, although he lacks tolerance towards those who are less smart than he is. Which leads to his frequent experiences, affecting his inner balance. Of course, there is a risk: too much goodness or humility - and their opposites: megalomania, tyranny, abuse of power.

As a child, Jesus is a brave boy, already knows exactly what he wants. Power conflicts can arise from upbringing that is too weak or intrusive, but his parents can rest assured he is someone to trust.

Jesus uses power, values ​​property, materialist. He needs financial security for his well-being, not only for the comfort it brings, but also for the opportunity to share his wealth with friends and family to whom he is strongly attached.

In love, he is honest, frank and direct, but he will not tolerate betrayal. As long as you treat him with all directness and openness in your heart, he will always carry warmth and love in his heart towards you, because deep down, he is as affectionate and gentle as a kitten or a puppy. He really wants to be loved, but loved sincerely.

Jesus wants to be successful. Nevertheless, it will not be so easy and simple for him, it will not do without emotional or nervous tension. The professions that may interest him may be of a manual or artisanal nature (mechanic, technician, tailor, musician), technical or managerial orientation (engineer, mathematician, accountant, bank clerk, chemist), as well as in the field of sociology and human relations (advisor, teacher, marketer).

Name days of Jesus

Jesus does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Jesus

  • Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth (biblical character, redeemer of human sins, central figure of Christianity)
  • Yehoshua Rabinovich ((1911-1979) Israeli politician, repeatedly held ministerial posts)
  • Ronell Joshua Munce ((born 1992) American track and field athlete, winner of the 2012 Olympic silver in the 4x400 relay, became the 2013 world champion in the same discipline)
  • Joshua Carter Jackson ((born 1978) Canadian-American actor)
  • Joshua Bowman ((born 1988) English actor)
  • Joshua Farris ((born 1995) is an American single skater, silver medalist of the Four Continents Championship in 2015, bronze winner of the US Championship in the same year. Was the winner of the World Junior Championship in 2013.)
  • Sir Joshua Reynolds ((1723-1792) English portrait painter, was the first president of the Royal Academy of Arts)
  • Joshua Muravchik ((born 1947) American political scientist)
  • Joshua Francis Pym ((1869-1942) Irish physician, four Wimbledon (tennis) men's singles and men's doubles winner)
  • Joshua Slokum ((1844-1909) Canadian-American navigator, became the first circumnavigator to make this journey alone)
  • Joshua Kiprui Cheptegei ((born 1996) athlete from Uganda, specialization - long distance running, won the 2014 World Junior Championships at a distance of 10,000 meters)
  • Joshua Brillant ((born 1993) Australian footballer)
  • Joshua Wong Chi-Fun ((born 1996) Hong Kong student political activist)
  • Joshua Eli Gomez ((born 1975) American actor)
  • Joshua Bell ((born 1967) American violinist, Grammy winner, Avery Fisher award winner in 2007. Plays both academic music and music for films: "Red Violin", "Angels and Demons".)
  • Joshua Blake Kennedy ((born 1982) Australian footballer, Australian national team player)
  • Jesus Ballester ((born 1956) Spanish philosopher and political scientist)
  • Jesús Galindes Suarez ((1915-1963) Basque writer, fought in the Spanish Civil War)
  • Jesús Zarate Moreno ((1915-1967) Colombian diplomat, also writer. 4 volumes of his fairy tales have been published and his second novel, Prison, won the Spanish Literary Planet Prize after the author's death.)
  • Jesús de Monasterio y Agueros ((1836-1903) Spanish composer, violinist, later - teacher. He made a great contribution to the popularization of the music of German composers in Spain, actively developed the musical direction in his country. His students were many outstanding Spanish musicians.)
  • Jesús Arambarri-i-Garate ((1902-1960) Spanish composer and conductor, was of Basque origin, brought national Basque music into the big world)
  • Jesús “Kiki” Rojas ((born 1964) Venezuelan professional boxer)
  • Jesús Larrañaga Churruca ((1901-1942) Basque revolutionary)
  • Jesus Fernandez Collado ((born 1988) Spanish footballer, role - goalkeeper)
  • Jesús Bermudez ((1902-1945) Bolivian footballer, goalkeeper)
  • Jesus Castro ((1908-?) Mexican footballer)

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