The Meaning Of The Name Ilnur

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The Meaning Of The Name Ilnur
The Meaning Of The Name Ilnur

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Synonyms for the name Ilnur. Ilnur, Elnur, Elnur.

The origin of the name Ilnur. The name Ilnur is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Ilnur has a Turkic origin, it is a two-part name. The first part of the name "il" means "homeland", the second part "nur" - "light". Therefore, the interpretations of the name are quite diverse: "light of the Motherland", "native light", "light of the Fatherland", "light of the state", also translated as "ray".

According to another version of the origin, the name Ilnur is a variant of the spelling and pronunciation of the name Elnur, which was phonetically transformed from the Kazakh name Elnur. Where part of the name "el" means "people", "country", as well as smaller forms of social organization of people - "tribe", "union", "aul". Then the translation may be somewhat different - "the light of the people", "the radiance of the country." The name itself can also be written as Ilnur and Elnur. The paired female name is Ilnura.

The name Ilnur is very popular among the Tatars, and is also used among Kazakhs and Azerbaijanis.

The owner of the name Ilnur is a very independent man, he will not tolerate being commanded, and it does not matter who you are for him - a parent, friend or spouse. He has charisma, in his direction of thought he is a leader, makes all decisions only himself, he does not like to listen to advice from others and diligently avoids them. He is demanding, but not excessively, all the requirements that he puts forward to others, first of all, he makes to himself.

He has a tenacious mind, good organizing abilities, he is reasonable and logical in his actions. He does not refuse friends to help, in an argument he relies on logic, and not on emotional relationships. He knows how to carry people along. He does not forgive insults, but he never takes revenge.

In family life, Ilnur will be the head of the family, all fundamental decisions will be made only by him. But he loves his spouse and children very much, therefore, as an exception, he will allow them to make any small decisions on their own. But asking for the consequences will be very serious.

This is an extraordinary person, and not everyone can find a common language with him. He prefers to act, it is very difficult for him to wait for the right moment. His overconfidence can lead to stupid risks.

Ilnur will choose a profession where he will be his own master, where his ability to obey will be minimized. He can be an administrator, judge, lawyer, he is also not devoid of a creative streak, so he can become an actor, journalist.

Ilnur's birthday

Ilnur does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Ilnur

  • Ilnur Zakarin ((born 1989) Russian road cyclist, won the European Junior Championship in 2007 and won in Russia in 2013)
  • Ilnur Manugtkin ((born 1986) Kazakh footballer)
  • Ilnur Minnullin (Tatar heraldist, took part in the development of many Russian emblems)
  • Ilnur Alshin ((born 1993) Russian footballer)
  • Ilnur Murtazin (Russian belt wrestler, gold medalist of the 2013 World Summer Universiade)

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