The Meaning Of The Name Jerome (Jerome)

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The Meaning Of The Name Jerome (Jerome)
The Meaning Of The Name Jerome (Jerome)

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The short form of the name Jerome (Jerome). Yeronya, Nima, Jerry, Jerry, Jay, Chomo, Zhezhe, Yeron, Ron.

Synonyms for the name Jerome (Jerome). Yeron, Yeronim, Jerome, Jerome, Jerome, Jeronimo, Jeronimo.

The origin of the name Jerome (Jerome). The name Jerome (Jerome) is Russian, English, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Jerome in translation from the Greek Jerome means "holy name". The name Jerome is used among monks, and among the laity, the name Yeremey began to be used. The name Jerome is a cognate name for Jeremiah (Jeremy).

In Russian, they use the spelling Eronim. The Orthodox name days of Jerome are June 28.

Description of the meaning of the name - see the name Jeremy.

Name days of Jerome (Jerome)

Jerome (Jerome) celebrates his name day on January 28, February 8, May 9, June 28, July 9, July 20, September 3, September 28, September 30, November 1, December 4.

Famous people named Jerome (Jerome)

  • Jerome (Jerome, Girolamo) Bonaparte ((1784 - 1860) King of Westphalia, younger brother of Napoleon I Bonaparte)
  • Jerome ((XII century) monk of the Kiev-Pechersk monastery, recluse, saint of the Russian Church, venerated in the face of saints)
  • Jerome Klapka Jerome ((1859 - 1927) English humorist writer, a regular contributor to the satirical magazine "Punch", edited the magazines "Lazy" and "Today" from 1892-1897. Better known as the author of the story "Three in a boat, not counting a dog ")
  • Jerome Conn ((1907 - 1994) American endocrinologist, famous for describing Conn's syndrome)
  • Jerome Isaac Friedman ((born 1930) American physicist, professor, Nobel Prize winner in physics in 1990 for fundamental research confirming the existence of quarks (“for pioneering studies of deep inelastic scattering of electrons by protons and bound neutrons, essential for the development of a quark model in particle physics "))
  • Jerome David Salinger ((1919 - 2010) American writer, best known as the author of The Catcher in the Rye)
  • Jerome Stroinovsky ((1752 - 1815) full name - Jerome Benedict Strshemeny-Stroynovsky; Polish jurist, economist, statesman and religious leader; rector of the Vilna Main School and the first rector of the imperial Vilna University; brother of the economist Valerian Stroynovsky)
  • Sophronius Eusebius Jerome ((342 - 419/420) church writer, ascetic, creator of the canonical Latin text of the Bible. Revered both in the Orthodox and Catholic traditions as a saint and one of the teachers of the Church.)
  • Jeroen Antonison van Aken ((circa 1450-1516) better known as Hieronymus Bosch; Dutch artist, one of the greatest masters of the Northern Renaissance, is considered one of the most mysterious painters in the history of Western art. In Bosch's hometown of 's-Hertogenbosch, the center of creativity of Bosch was opened, in which contains copies of his works.)
  • Bishop Jerome ((1732 - 1783) surname in the world - Farmakovsky or Formakovsky; Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop of Vladimir and Murom, rector of the Kazan seminary)
  • Jeronimas Kacinskas ((1907 - 2005) Lithuanian-American composer and organist)
  • Jerome Kaisiewicz ((1812 - 1873) Polish religious writer, Catholic priest, founder of the male monastic Catholic organization "Congregation for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ")
  • Hieronymus Krause ((1845 - 1909) full name - Karl Hieronymus Dietrich Krause; Russian physician, botanist, researcher of natural resources, medical tradition, prominent public figure)
  • Hegumen Jerome ((died 1792) in the world surname - Ershov; Hegumen of the Ugreshsky Nikolaevsky Monastery, Prefect of the Moscow Theological Academy)
  • Jerome Pretorius ((1560 - 1629) German composer and organist)
  • Hieronymus Payer ((1787 - 1845) Austrian composer, conductor, pianist and harmonium performer)
  • Jerome Rose ((born 1938) American pianist)
  • Jerome Iginla (full name - Jerome Arthur-Lee Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla; professional Canadian hockey player, right-handed striker of the NHL Calgary Flames team. At the beginning of the 2003-2004 season, Iginla was named captain of the "Lights", thus becoming the black captain in NHL history. As a member of the Canadian national team, Jerome competed three times in the Olympics - in 2002, 2006 and 2010, winning the Olympics in Salt Lake City and Vancouver.)
  • Jerome Fontamillas (guitarist, keyboards and vocalist of the alternative rock band "Switchfoot")
  • Geronimo ((1829 - 1909) Chirikaua's name is Guyahle, meaning "He who yawns"; military leader of the Chirikaua Apaches, who for 25 years led the fight against the US invasion of the land of his tribe. In 1886 he was forced to surrender to the American army.)
  • Geronimo Falletti ((1518 - 1564) Italian poet and historian)
  • Jeronimo Velasco Gonzalez ((1885 - 1963) Colombian composer)
  • Jeronimo Palas ((1594 - 1670) chronicler of the Jesuit order, author of a manuscript about a trip to Peru)
  • Jeronimo Carrera ((born 1922) leader of the Venezuelan communist movement)
  • Jeronimo Saavedra Acevedo ((born 1936) Spanish politician)
  • Jerónimo Luis Saccardi ((1949 - 2002) Argentine footballer, midfielder)
  • Jerónimo de Aguillar, sometimes spelled Aguilar ((1489 - 1531) Spanish clergyman, participant of the Conquista, translator of Hernán Cortez)
  • Eronimas Milius (Lithuanian singer)

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