The Meaning Of The Name Ibrahim

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The Meaning Of The Name Ibrahim
The Meaning Of The Name Ibrahim

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Short form of the name Ibrahim. Ibragimushka, Abra.

Synonyms for the name Ibrahim. Ibrahim, Abraham, Ibraim, Ibrahim.

The origin of the name Ibrahim. The name Ibrahim is Tatar, Muslim.

The name Ibrahim has several versions of its origin. According to the most common version, the name Ibrahim is of Arabic or Turkic origin. This name is widespread among the Tatars and other peoples who historically profess Islam. Translated as "prophet". The name Ibrahim is the Russian-language version of the pronunciation of the biblical name Ibrahim. This name was borne by the ancestor of the Arabs, one of the five main prophets in Islam.

In European countries, the name Ibrahim is the Arabic form of the name Abraham. The name Abraham translated from the Hebrew language means "father of nations." The name Abraham was the ancestor of the Jewish people, and originally his name was Abram, which meant "father." God commanded him to change his name to Abraham (Abraham), and his meaning became "father of nations."

The name Abraham or Abram is a biblical name that is widely used in Russia among the Old Believers.

It is quite possible that the name Ibrahim (Ibrahim) was more convenient for the Arabs to pronounce than Abraham (Abraham), but in different cultures this name is assigned one single meaning - "ancestor". Only among different peoples is the ancestor of their people.

Compared to other children, Ibrahim is a very mobile and stubborn child. The boy is very fond of sweets, and his good appetite should be limited. As a child, Ibrahim is very serious. He loves to play with friends in the construction set, cars, robbers. Girls do not offend, but treats them with coolness. Ibrahim loves to ride a bike and swims well. The boy loves to read. He does not perceive the use of physical force as a punishment. He can get very angry and run away from home.

The character of the winter Ibrahims can manifest cruelty. They are proud and not easy to communicate with. They are characterized by such features as stubbornness and willfulness. Moreover, men with the name Ibrahim are usually very resourceful and intelligent. Throwing up interesting ideas for conversation, you can find a common language with them.

Prudence is inherent in the autumn owners of the name Ibrahim. They are often very indifferent to other people's problems. At the same time, they are serious, calculating and practical. Ibrahim is very concerned about the financial condition of his family. At work, he is not interested in the problems of colleagues, rarely helps them, and is selfish. In all other monetary relations, his justice and honesty are manifested.

Ibrahim, born in summer, is very erudite and intelligent. He finds a common language with everyone very easily. With the opposite sex, she behaves very gallantly and courteously. Thanks to these qualities, it attracts the attention of women. Ibrahim is a reliable and loyal friend. Despite his gentle nature, he is able to rebuff anyone. He is always ready to help. He relies only on himself. It is easy enough to get along with people, and just as easily can part with them.

Narcissism and selfishness - these are the features inherent in the spring Ibrahim. For self-expression, he needs constant communication and the attention of others. He is prone to depression and feelings of loneliness. To feel comfortable, he needs stability in all areas of life. At the same time, he himself is often not distinguished by constancy. Ibrahim's early marriage often results in divorce.

With family and friends, Ibrahim is in a warm relationship, takes a direct part in their lives, tries to help everyone and remembers the dates of all family celebrations.

Ibrahim's birthday

Ibrahim does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Ibrahim

  • Ibrahim (Abraham) (one of the five major prophets in Islam; according to the Quran, the prophet Ibrahim is a hanif, that is, "separated")
  • Ibrahim ibn al-Mahdi ((d. ​​839) representative of the Abbasid dynasty, son of Caliph Muhammad ibn Mansur al-Mahdi, brother of Harun ar-Rashid. He was known as a poet and musician.)
  • Ibrahim Khan ((d. ​​1479) Kazan Khan (1467-1479), younger brother and successor of Khan Khalil, son of Khan Mahmud)
  • Ibrahim (ambassador, bakshi in the Kazan Khanate at the beginning of the 16th century, carried out important diplomatic assignments)
  • Ibrahim I ((1615 - 1648) Ottoman Sultan, who ruled 1640-1648)
  • Sheikh Ibrahim I ibn Sultan Muhammad ibn Keykubad ((1382 - 1417) ruler of Shirvan, founder of the third dynasty of Shirvanshahs - Derbendi, saved the country from the invasion of Tamerlane)
  • Ibrahim-bek ((1889 - 1931) leader of the Basmach movement in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan)
  • Ibrahim Aleppsky ((died 1549) Muslim jurist. He adhered to the teachings of the Hanifites, left an extensive legal essay "Multakka-l-abhur" ("Meeting of the Seas"), commented by the scientist Sheikh-Zadeh, under the title: "Majmau-l-angar" ("Connecting rivers").)
  • Ibrahim-Adziy (Turkish ambassador to the Moscow state, who handed the letter of Sultan Amurat to Fyodor Ioannovich in 1585. The Sultan expressed gratitude for the desire to be in friendship with the Ottoman Empire, confirmed the freedom of trade of Russian merchants in the Sea of ​​Azov and demanded that Mahmed-Gireyev's son Murat and Azov Cossacks.)
  • Ibrahim Halebi (Ben-Mohammed-ben-Ibrahim; (1490 - 1570) Turkish lawyer of the Hanif persuasion. For his excellent knowledge of hadith (legends) received the nickname Moheddes. He held an important spiritual position in Constantinople (now - Istanbul). He wrote in Arabic a composition: The Life and Deeds of the Prophet Muhammad (1833) Much more important is Molteka l-ebhar (The Merging of the Seas), a code of Hanif law published in Constantinople in 1836; excerpted in Arabic and Latin, published by Rosenmüller in Analecta Arabica (1825), and in Arabic and German by H. Helmsderfer (1822).)
  • Ibragim-Bek Sarakaev ((1883 - 1934) one of the first Chechen writers and publicists, historian on the traditions and folklore of the Chechen people)
  • Ibrahim Kaipakkaya ((1949 - 1973) Turkish revolutionary, founder and leader of the Turkish Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) (TKP / ML) and the Turkish Workers 'and Peasants' Liberation Army (TIKKO))
  • Ibrahim Rugova ((1944 - 2006) President of the Republic of Kosovo in 2002-2006)
  • Ibrahim Pasha oglu Dadashev (Azerbaijani and Soviet freestyle wrestler, competing for the USSR in the weight category from 62 to 67 kg, USSR champion in 1949, 1951, 1952 and 1956, silver medalist in 1954 and 1955, bronze - 1950. Honored Master of Sports and Honored Trainer USSR. Trained many high-class masters, among them the world champion and bronze medalist of the 1964 Olympics Aydin Ibragimov.)
  • Ibrahim Gasanbekov ((1969 - 1999) Russian footballer, striker)
  • Abai (Ibragim) Kunanbayev ((1845 - 1904) Kazakh poet, philosopher, composer, educator, thinker, public figure, founder of Kazakh written literature and its first classic, culture reformer in the spirit of rapprochement with Russian and European culture on the basis of enlightened liberal Islam. His real name is Ibrahim (an analogue of the name of the Prophet Abraham), but the nickname Abai (Kazakh Abai "attentive", "cautious"), given by his grandmother Zera, stuck with him for life.)
  • Ibrahim ibn Yakub al Yisraeli al at-Tartushi ((c. 912 - 966) Arab traveler and author of travel notes. Jewish by origin, lived for a long time in Spanish Tortosa, was in close contact with the caliphs of the Arab court in Spain. In 965/966 he arrived as part of the embassy of the Caliph pursuing political and commercial goals to the court of Otto I in Magdeburg, he visited the Polabian Slavic lands (the court of Prince Nakon in the region of the cheers), then moved through the territory of the Lusatian Serbs to Prague, then to Poland (Krakow). After his return, Ibrahim compiled a description of his journey, which has come down to us in the revision of the Spanish geographer al-Bakri as part of his "Book of Kingdoms and Travels" (1068). The last edition was found in 1875 by Charles Schefer. The text of Ibrahim from this work was extracted by the Leyden Orientalist de Gueye (Netherlands. Michael Jan de Goeje),then in 1878 Victor Rosen and Arist Kunik published this text and a commentary on it.)
  • Ibragim Tsallagov ((born 1990) Russian footballer, midfielder of Krylia Sovetov Samara)
  • Ibragim Murzin ((1916 - 1946) participant of the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union (1945))
  • Ibrahim Afellay ((born 1986) Dutch footballer of Moroccan descent (Rif region), midfielder)
  • Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri ((born 1942) Iraqi politician, general secretary of the Iraqi regional leadership of the Arab Socialist Renaissance Party (Baath), acting chairman of the Iraqi Revolutionary Command Council (underground) After the execution of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, declared his supporters the legitimate president of Iraq, the chairman of the SRK, etc. (in fact, the successor to Saddam))
  • Ibrahim Nasir Rannabaderi Kilagefanu ((1926 - 2008) Maldivian politician, President of the Republic of Maldives (1968-1978))
  • Ibragim Magomedov ((born 1976) Russian mixed style fighter, competing in the category over 93 kg)
  • Ibragim Barymbekov ((1909 - 1978) Soviet cameraman, People's Artist of the Tajik SSR (1969), winner of the Stalin Prize of the third degree (1952))
  • Ibrahim Abboud ((1900-1983) President of the Sudan, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Sudanese Armed Forces, Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces (1958-1964))
  • Ibragim Berkutov ((1918 - 1943) Hero of the Soviet Union (November 13, 1943), junior lieutenant, engineer platoon commander)
  • Ibragim Aldatov (Ukrainian freestyle wrestler, world and Ukrainian champion; Honored Master of Sports in freestyle wrestling)
  • Ibrahim Boehme ((1944 - 1999) nee - Manfred Otto, East German dissident; born into a Jewish family, raised by adoptive parents, later adopted their surname and name Ibrahim)
  • Ibrahim Toraman (Turkish footballer, Besiktas defender)
  • Ibrahim Sandi ((born 1950) Ghanaian footballer)
  • Ibragim Zhunusov ((b. 1961) People's Artist of Kyrgyzstan, composer, professor, public figure of Kyrgyzstan. Winner of the interstate prize of the CIS countries "Stars of the Commonwealth".)

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