The Meaning Of The Name Ignatius

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The Meaning Of The Name Ignatius
The Meaning Of The Name Ignatius

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ignatius
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Short form of the name Ignatius. Iggy, Ignasito, Natz, Nazi, Nana, Igna, Igo, Nacek, Gato, Gatso.

Synonyms for the name Ignatius. Ignat, Ignas, Ignacio, Ignaz, Ignatius, Ignatius, Ignazio, Ignazio, Inacio, Ignacy, Ignatius.

The origin of the name Ignatius. The name Ignatius is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Ignatius may have come from the Latin word "ignis" meaning "fire." Some sources translate the name as "unborn." In its full version, the name Ignatius is now rarely used, more often its short form is used - Ignat.

Ignatius (Lithuania), Ignacio (Spain), Ignaz, Ignatius (Germany), Ignatius (Poland), Ignazio, Ignatius (Italy), Inacio (Portugal), Ignacy (England), Ignacius (Netherlands) have become analogues of the name Ignatius in various European countries.). The female version of the name Ignatius is Ignacy, Ignacy, Ignat, Ignatina.

Christians have several saints with this name. But among the Catholics, Saint Ignatius (Ignacio, Inigo) Loyola, who was the founder of the Jesuit order, is especially revered. Saint Ignatius Loyola is considered the patron saint of the Basque Country (Spain).

For the name Ignatius, Catholic name days will be indicated. Orthodox name days - see the name Ignat.

Description of the meaning of the name Ignatius - see the name Ignat.

Birthday Ignatius

Ignatius celebrates his name day on January 24, February 1, February 3, May 11, June 11, July 1, July 15, July 31, September 22, October 17, October 23, December 17, December 20.

Famous people named Ignatius

  • Patriarch Ignatius ((c. 797 - 877) Patriarch of Constantinople (847-858, 867-877) Holy Orthodox Church, revered as a saint.)
  • Ignatius ((about 1540 - 1620) church leader of Greek origin, de facto Patriarch of Moscow and the All Russian Kingdom under the Tsar "False Dmitry I")
  • Ignatius the God-bearer, Ignatius of Antioch ((died 107) apostolic husband, hieromartyr of the Ancient Church, third bishop of Antioch after the apostles Peter and Evodos, disciple of John the Theologian; at the Antioch see presumably since 68)
  • Saint Ignatius de Loyola ((c. 1491 - 1556) Catholic saint, founder of the Society of Jesus (Order of the Jesuits). At baptism he received the name Inigo. After conversion he took the name Ignatius (Spanish Ignacio), choosing for himself the heavenly patron Saint Ignatius of Antioch. served as the prototype for Don Quixote in the novel of the same name by Miguel de Cervantes.)
  • Ignatius ((died 1591) Orthodox saint, venerated as a saint)
  • Metropolitan Ignatius (Khazadinov) ((1715 - 1786) Greek Metropolitan)
  • Ignas Dedura ((born 1978) Lithuanian footballer, central defender. Player of the national team.)
  • Ignacio Zuloaga, also Zuloaga ((1870 - 1945) Spanish artist, extremely popular in the late 19th - early 20th centuries)
  • Ignacio Cervantes Cavanagh ((1847 - 19050 Cuban pianist and composer. Cervantes owns the opera "Damned" (Spanish Maledetto; 1895), zarzuela, chamber pieces, but mainly he composed small pieces for piano, including the most famous cycle "Cuban dancing.”Since 2000, Cuba has hosted the Ignacio Cervantes International Piano Competition.)
  • Ignacio Coronel, known as "Nacho" and "methamphetamine king" ((1954 - 2010) Mexican drug lord. Ignacio Coronel was one of the leaders of the Sinaloa drug cartel. Coronel was considered the right hand of Joaquin Guzman, nicknamed "El Chapo" ("El Chapo" - Shorty), the number one wanted drug lord, who oversaw the manufacture and supply of methamphetamines in the United States.)
  • Ignacio Gregorio Comfort de los Rios ((1812 - 1863) Mexican statesman, military and political leader, general)
  • Ignat Konovalov or Ignatas Konovalovas ((born 1985) Lithuanian road cyclist playing for Team Movistar)
  • Ignacio Milam Tang ((born 1940) Equatorial Guinea politician, prime minister since 2008)
  • Ignat Nekrasov ((1660 - 1737) Don Ataman, one of the active participants in the Bulavin uprising. Having concluded an agreement with the Crimean Khan, Nekrasov established a Cossack republic, the main statutory document of which was the "Testaments of Ignat" compiled by him. Patronized the Old Believers. At first, Nekrasov's residence in the Kuban was the village of Nekrasovskaya, and then he moved to the Taman Peninsula.)
  • Ignaz Philip Semmelweis (sometimes Semmelweis) ((1818 - 1865) Hungarian obstetrician, professor, one of the founders of antiseptics)
  • Ignaz Edler von Born, also known as Ignatius von Born (Austrian mineralogist and metallurgist. He became a leading German scientist in the 1770s, during the Enlightenment. His interests included mining, mineralogy, paleontology, chemistry, metallurgy and malacology.)
  • Ignaz Schuppanzig ((1776 - 1830) Austrian conductor and violinist)
  • Ignacy Moscicki (variants - Ignatius, Ignacy, Mostitsky, Moscitsky) ((1867 - 1946) Polish statesman, President of Poland (1926-1939) and chemical scientist, inventor, one of the founders of the chemical industry in Poland)
  • Ignazio Giunti ((1941 - 1971) Italian racing driver, participant of the Formula 1 World Championship)
  • His Eminence Cardinal Ignazio Busca ((1731 - 1803) Italian curial cardinal)