The Meaning Of The Name Igor

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The Meaning Of The Name Igor
The Meaning Of The Name Igor

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The short form of the name is Igor. Igoryok, Garik, Igoryasha, Igoryukha, Igoryusha, Gorya, Gora, Igosha, Gosh, Gog, Gotya, Igulya, Gulya, Igusya, Goose, Ira, Igorka, Igorka.

Synonyms for the name Igor. Igor, Ingar, Ingvar.

The origin of the name Igor. The name Igor is Russian, Slavic, Orthodox.

The name Igor has several versions of its origin. According to the most common version, the name Igor of Scandinavian origin comes from the male name Ingvar, meaning "warrior of the god Inga", "guardian of the thunderer god", "warlike". The name was brought to Russia by the Vikings, and it existed in two similar forms: Igor and Ingvar. Later, only the name Igor remained.

According to another version, less common, the name Igor comes from the Old Slavonic "game", meaning "game, fun, fun." There is also a version that the name was formed from the word "yoke", but it is unlikely. The diminutive-affectionate expressions of Gog and Gosh are also used for the names Georgy and Yegor.

The character and fate of Igor. As a child, Igor tries to find himself a company in which he would constantly play. He is not in a position to change this company, because he wants to be a leader, but he does not possess the necessary qualities for this. Igor can perfectly understand problems, he never panics, he is balanced, but makes high demands on others.

On the positive side, Igor is characterized by such character traits as energy, activity, optimism. But his pride and self-esteem do not allow him to communicate on the same level with people. It seems to Igor that they should be a little better than they are now in order to have a chance to become his friends.

Igor has the ability to become a successful person and make a good career. He needs a guide that shows the general direction, but does not offer an exact route to follow. The best compass for him can be his mother. It is she who has that reserve of patience and the right approach to Igor to help him succeed.

With age, Igor will do everything on his own, but he will still voice any decision made to his compass. Just to make sure he took the right path.

In family life, Igor will strive to lead. A quiet wife is not his choice. He constantly needs to feel at least the slightest spirit of rivalry, but such as not to outplay him.

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Igor's birthday

Igor celebrates his name day on June 18, October 2.

Famous people named Igor

  • Igor, Ingvar ((about 788 - 945) Grand Duke of Kievan Rus, according to the chronicle - the son of Rurik, the first Russian prince, known from synchronous Byzantine and Western European sources)
  • Igor Svyatoslavich ((1151-1202) Prince of Novgorod-Seversky, Prince of Chernigov, from the Olgovich family, son of Svyatoslav Olgovich; the main character of "The Lay of Igor's Regiment")
  • Igor Stravinsky (Russian composer, conductor and pianist, one of the largest representatives of the world musical culture of the 20th century)
  • Igor Bril (jazz pianist)
  • Igor Severyanin (Russian poet of the "Silver Age")
  • Igor Kio (circus artist-illusionist)
  • Igor Kurchatov (Soviet physicist, "father" of the Soviet atomic bomb; founder and first director of the Institute of Atomic Energy from 1943 to 1960, chief scientific leader of the atomic problem in the USSR, one of the founders of the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1943))
  • Igor Talkov (singer, songwriter, film actor)
  • Igor Kvasha (theater and film actor, TV presenter, People's Artist of the RSFSR)
  • Igor Sorin (poet, musician, artist)
  • Igor Grabar ((1871-1960) Russian and Soviet artist, outstanding art critic, educator, museum worker)
  • Igor Sikorsky ((1889-1972) Russian and American aircraft designer, scientist, inventor, philosopher; creator of the first in the world: the four-engine Russian Knight aircraft, transatlantic seaplane, serial helicopter (USA, 1940))
  • Igor "Garik" Sukachev (Russian musician, poet, composer, actor, director, leader of the groups "Brigade S" (1986-1994) and "The Untouchables")
  • Igor Bezrodny (outstanding violinist, conductor, teacher)
  • Igor Krutoy (composer, singer, producer)
  • Igor Gusev (Russian graphic artist)
  • Igor Malkov (Soviet speed skater, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1984))
  • Igor Oistrakh ((born 1931) Soviet and Russian violinist, conductor, taught at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels (Belgium) for more than ten years. Winner of the title of People's Artist of the USSR in 1989, as well as numerous music awards and awards.)

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