The Meaning Of The Name Zinovy

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The Meaning Of The Name Zinovy
The Meaning Of The Name Zinovy

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The short form of the name Zinovy. Zina, Zina, Zinaha, Zinasha, Zinukha, Zinusha, Zinulya, Zinusya, Xena, Zenya, Zyama.

Synonyms for the name Zinovy. Zenobiu, Senobio, Zenobios, Zenobios, Zenobio, Dzenobi, Zenobi, Zenobi, Zenobios, Zenobios.

The origin of the name Zinovy. The name Zinovy ​​is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Zinovy ​​is derived from the Greek name Zenobios (Zinovios), derived from a combination of the concepts - Zeus and "bios" ("life"). The name Zinovy ​​is translated as "Zeus's power". From the male name Zinovy, the female name Zinovy ​​was formed. Diminutive Zina is also a feminine name.

The name Zinovy ​​is present in both Orthodox and Catholic calendar. Among the Catholics, Saint Zenobius (Zenobio), Bishop of Florence, who is considered the patron saint of Florence (Italy), is especially revered.

Zinovy ​​grows up as a calm, patient and kind child. He is docile and does not cause problems for parents. Zinovia is distinguished by her love for animals. The boy does well at school. Zinovy ​​grows up as a purposeful and conscientious person, although in the morning he likes to lie in bed longer.

Zinovy ​​is very responsible for his promises and will never promise what he cannot do. It is not easy for colleagues with this man. Winter Zinovy ​​is stubborn and likes to argue. Spring Zinovy ​​can be slow at work. However, at the same time, he remains neat and accurate and does not tolerate being rushed. Most likely, he will choose the profession of a doctor or engineer, artist or architect. Painting is often a hobby for this man, and chess is more characteristic of those born in spring.

Zinovia reaches out to children and often starts various games with him. But a man gets married late. This comes from his indecision. In love affairs, Zinovy ​​becomes timid and insecure.

In the family of Zinovy, the wife is in charge. A man yields to his wife in everything, diligently avoids quarrels. He is a good family man and a father. More often, Zinovy ​​has boys who, growing up, become attached more to their father than to their mother.

Zinovy ​​has many loyal friends. However, a man born in winter loves to argue, is stubborn, and, as a result, it is difficult to communicate with him. Zinovy ​​is suspicious and vulnerable. It costs nothing to offend him.

Zinovy's birthday

Zinovy ​​celebrates his name day on January 23, February 20, May 25, September 30, October 29, October 30, November 12, December 24.

Famous people named Zinovy

  • Zinovy ​​Chernilovsky ((1914 - 1995) Soviet and Russian historian, professor)
  • Zinovy ​​Kolobanov ((1910 - 1994) Soviet tank ace, in the Great Patriotic War - senior lieutenant, commander of a company of heavy tanks, in the post-war period - lieutenant colonel in reserve. 20 August 1941 (according to all known archival documents of wartime; according to the post-war, erroneous publications - August 19, 1941) during the Kingisepp-Luga defensive operation, the crew of his KV-1 tank in one battle near the strategic transport hub Voiskovitsy-Krasnogvardeysk (now Gatchina) knocked out 22 enemy tanks in the convoy from an ambush, and in total by the company Z. Kolobanov, which consisted of five heavy KV-1 tanks, together with the cadets of the border school and the militia of Leningrad, 43 German tanks from the 1st, 6th and 8th tank divisions were knocked out on the same day,who changed their positions on August 20, 1941 during the offensive on Leningrad.)
  • Zinovy ​​Tyomkin ((1865 - 1942) Jewish public figure, one of the leaders of revisionist Zionism. Father of the composer Dmitry Tyomkin.)
  • Zinoviy Tsirik ((1924 - 2011) luminary of drafts art. Soviet Ukrainian athlete, drafts composer, trainer, judge and journalist. Grandmaster of the USSR (Russian drafts) and international master (international drafts), master of sports of the USSR in drafts composition. Six-time champion of the USSR in Russian drafts 1951, 1955, 1958-1960, 1964 (championship record). Honored trainer of the Ukrainian SSR. Judge of the all-Union category in drafts. Sports journalist. Fought on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War. Zinovy ​​Isaakovich Tsirik on January 31, 1999 was awarded the honorary title of full member (Academician) Academy of Chess and Drafts Art (St. Petersburg, Russia).)
  • Zinovy ​​Sominsky ((born 1917) Soviet architect)
  • Zinovy ​​(Zalman) Joiner ((born 1924) Moldavian Soviet musicologist, music critic and publicist. Honored Art Worker of the Moldavian SSR (1982).)
  • Zinovy ​​Shersher ((born 1947) pseudonym - Zinovy ​​Tumanov; Soviet and American singer, composer, artist, producer)
  • Zinovy ​​Yuriev ((born 1925) real name and surname - Zyama Greenman; Soviet and Russian writer and journalist)
  • Zinovy ​​Pak ((born 1939) Russian scientist and statesman, Minister of the Defense Industry of the Russian Federation (1996-1997), General Director of the Russian Ammunition Agency (1999-2003))
  • Zinovy ​​Gerdt ((1916 - 1996) real name - Zalman Khrapinovich; (Soviet and Russian theater and film actor. People's Artist of the USSR (1990), Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1959), People's Artist of the RSFSR (1969). Winner: Prize "Kinotavr "In the nomination" Prize of the Presidential Council for a Creative Career "(1996), Order for Merit to the Fatherland, III degree (1996), Order of the Red Star. Honorary Citizen of the city of Sebezh.)
  • Zinovy ​​Lvovsky ((1881 - 1943) writer and translator of Russian origin. He was educated as a process engineer; he was engaged in translations into Russian from English, French, German, Norwegian, mainly the works of Jack London and O. Henry. In the second half of 1926 years he emigrated to France, where he translated into French from German and English, for example, Upton Sinclair.)
  • Zinovy ​​Dunaevsky ((1908 - 1981) Soviet composer. Brother of IO Dunaevsky. The author of songs and pop music, devoted most of his creative life to Donbass. The author of the famous "Miner's Waltz". Collaborated with the Donetsk poet S.R. Tsvang. art worker of the Ukrainian SSR (1954).)
  • Zinovy ​​Beletsky ((1901 - 1969) an authoritative Soviet philosopher. Professor of philosophy (1929), founder of the Beletskian scientific school on social philosophy (prominent representatives: A.I. Verbin, V.Zh. Kelle, S.M. Herman, M.Ya Kovalzon, D.I.Koshelevsky, E.A.Kurazhkovskaya and others).)
  • Zinovy ​​Korogodsky ((1926 - 2004) Russian theater director, professor, People's Artist of the RSFSR)
  • Zinovy ​​Rosenfeld ((1904 - 1990) leading Soviet architect and teacher. Honored Builder of the RSFSR (1978). Winner of two Stalin Prizes of the third degree (1950, 1951). Specialist in the field of housing architecture.)
  • Zinovy ​​(Zalman) Vilensky ((1899 - 1984) Soviet sculptor. People's Artist of the USSR (1980). Laureate of the Stalin Prize, second degree (1948).)
  • Zinovy ​​Valshonok ((born 1934) Russian poet. Member of the Union of Writers of the USSR (1969), the Union of Writers of Moscow.)
  • Zinovy ​​Grzhebin ((1877 - 1929) Russian cartoonist and graphic artist, publisher)
  • Zinovy ​​Vogel (Soviet art critic)
  • Zinovy ​​Drapkin ((1900 - 1977) Russian film director, screenwriter and actor)
  • Zinovy ​​Vysokovsky ((1932 - 2009) Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, pop artist. People's Artist of the Russian Federation.)
  • Zinovy ​​Peshkov ((1884 - 1966) birth name - Zinovy ​​(Zalman, some sources mention Yeshua-Zalman) Sverdlov; general of the French army, holder of fifty government awards, elder brother of YM Sverdlov and godson of Maxim Gorky. Owned seven foreign languages, including Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese.)
  • Zinovy ​​Rozhestvensky ((1848 - 1909) Russian naval commander, vice admiral (1904), adjutant general (1904))
  • Zinovy ​​Birnov ((1911 - 1967) Soviet chess composer. Master of Sports of the USSR in chess composition. The first study was made in 1927, in total there were about 150 studies and several dozen problems. Etudes by Birnov repeatedly took high places in competitions. Favorite themes: checkmate and positional draw. The best sketches of Birnov contain an exciting fight, beautiful and witty on both sides. In 1956 he released a collection of "At Leisure", containing puzzles, crosswords, chess problems, entertaining questions, descriptions of board and sports games. Main profession: construction technician, graduated from the Moscow Construction College in 1931. Awarded a certificate of honor for services in the post-war reconstruction of Volgograd (then - Stalingrad). In memory of his compatriot in Volgograd regular chess memorials are held ZM Birnov.)
  • Zinoviy (Zalman) Kopissky ((1916 - 1996) Belarusian Soviet historian. Doctor of Historical Sciences (1968).)
  • Zinovy ​​Slonimsky ((1810 - 1904) actually - Chaim-Zelik Slonimsky; Jewish scientist, inventor)
  • Zinovy ​​Zinik ((born 1945) real name - Zinovy ​​Efimovich Gluzberg; Russian writer and critic at the Russian service of the BBC)
  • Zinovy ​​Kalik ((1908 - 1994) Russian screenwriter and film director, editor, film director)
  • Zinovy ​​Otensky ((died 1568) theologian, Orthodox polemicist of the 16th century. Monk of the Otensky Novgorod monastery, exiled there around 1526 from Moscow; known as the author of the polemical essay: "The truth is testimony to those who asked about the new doctrine" (Kazan, 1863) and two meritorious words in honor of the Novgorod saints Jonah and Nikita.”He is also credited with" a verbose epistle to those who inquired about the news of piety against the wickedness of the Slant and others like him "(M., 1880).
  • Zinovy ​​Dosser ((1882 - 1938) revolutionary, Bolshevik, Soviet statesman)

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