The Meaning Of The Name Zurab

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The Meaning Of The Name Zurab
The Meaning Of The Name Zurab

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Synonyms for the name Zurab. Zuhrab, Zohrab, Suhrab, Sohrab, Suhrob.

The origin of the name Zurab. The name Zurab is Armenian, Ossetian, Georgian.

The name Zurab is of Arabic origin, this name is the Georgian form of the name Zuhrab, which came from the Arabic name for the planet Venus - Zohra. Later, Zohra was transformed into the male name Zuhrab, also with the pronunciation of Zohrab, and in modern times it began to sound like Zurab. Although the full name is used, it is still less common.

The name Zurab is common in countries such as Georgia, Armenia and many others. In Russia, it is used little, and if it is found, it is mainly in the Caucasus. Therefore, depending on the country, the translation of the name Zurab will be different. So among the Georgians this name means "red precious stone", "ruby", but among the Armenians - "divine", "fragrant".

There is a version that the name Zurab is the modern form of the ancient Persian name Sukhrob, which can also sound like Suhrab. Parts of the name translated from Persian mean "fire" and "water", so different interpretations of this name are possible. There are interpretations of "fiery water", "water, like fire", "ruby". In its original form among Muslims, the name Suhrob (Suhrab) is used in modern times mainly among Uzbeks and Tajiks.

The name Sukhrab was borne by the son of the legendary hero Rustam in the world famous Persian-Tajik folk epic "Shahnama". It was the bracelet with a ruby ​​that was supposed to help Rustam identify his son in Suhrab. This happened, but only after the death of Sukhrab.

Everything that happens around Zurab is sure to be imprinted in his soul, leaving a noticeable mark. Bad events especially sink into the soul of this man, and from this it seems to him that his whole life consists of a series of failures.

In childhood, Zurab treats everything easier. He is balanced and serious, parents can only be proud of their son. A boy's self-doubt appears as he grows up. At this time, Zurab may well achieve a lot, since he is hardworking and able to solve the most extraordinary tasks. This man has the ability to think outside the box and approach business from an unexpected side. Moreover, he is honest and fair.

Zurab is not an easy-going person. Because he is insecure, he is suspicious of others as well. A man does not know how to be diplomatic, because of eternal doubts, he frowns all the time, talks reluctantly and inappropriately. Therefore, Zurab has very few friends. Perhaps, from his school years, when Zurab has not yet withdrawn into himself, he will have one or two faithful friends. But a man will carry this friendship through his whole life.

Despite all that has been said, Zurab is by no means an opponent of communication, although loneliness is also to his liking. He longs to have friends, but he is hindered by his pessimism and the habit of hiding his feelings for fear of mental trauma.

It will not be easy for Zurab's wife. Indeed, this man often chooses a strong woman as his wife, but he is not always ready to yield to her. The truth does not come to scandals, since Zurab would rather close in himself than loudly declare his position. However, the atmosphere in the home often turns cold due to disagreements between spouses. Nevertheless, his wife supports Zurab in all his endeavors.

Zurab can work in various fields, he can do everything: from plumbing to accounting. Often he chooses a job as a builder or auto mechanic. He is good at work related to money and logistics.

Zurab's birthday

Zurab does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Zurab

  • Zurab Vadachkoria ((born 1961), a famous Georgian illusionist, is considered the founder of the modern culture of illusionism in Georgia. Tours in different countries, visited India, Nepal. In addition to classical illusion tricks, he showed the audience the disappearance of a five-ton truck, repeated Harry Houdini's deadly trick with disappearance from a safe, immersed in a stormy river, where he was chained and shackled. Some of his famous tricks are escape from a Chinese water prison and escape from an electric capsule. Awarded the Order of Honor. Author of books describing and exposing tricks.)
  • Zurab Magkaev, the names of Elikhanov, Egorov, Azozov are also mentioned ((late 17th - last quarter of the 18th centuries) Ossetian diplomat, statesman and public figure of Ossetia in the 18th century, was the head of the first Ossetian embassy in St. Petersburg. The political leader of Ossetia, who headed the solution of national problems.)
  • Zurab Tsereteli ((born 1934) Soviet and Russian sculptor and painter. Winner of the title of Hero of Socialist Labor and People's Artist of the USSR. His works are in various countries, including Russia, Spain, USA, Georgia, Japan, France, Brazil, Great Britain and others. Winner of two State Prizes of the USSR and the State Prize of Russia. Some of his most famous works are the Monument to Peter I, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the monuments "Friendship Forever" (Moscow, Russia), "Good conquers Evil" (New York, USA), bronze sculpture "Birth of a New Man" (Paris, France) and sculptural composition "Birth of a New Man" (Seville, Spain) Zurab Tsereteli is also the author of decorative panels, mosaics and stained-glass windows, made in a monumental style. He founded the Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow …Winner of numerous awards, both domestic and foreign.)
  • Zurab Avalishvili ((1876-1944) Georgian historian, an outstanding diplomat and lawyer. He made a significant contribution to the creation of the Constitution of Georgia, was able to achieve recognition by Germany of the sovereignty of the Georgian Democratic Republic.)

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