The Meaning Of The Name Zufar

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The Meaning Of The Name Zufar
The Meaning Of The Name Zufar

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The origin of the name Zufar. The name Zufar is Tatar, Muslim.

The name Zufar has Arabic roots, it means "winner", there is also a translation as "seeking the fulfillment of desires." The name Zufar will be synonymous with the Christian names Victor, Nikita and Vincent, as well as those close in meaning to the name Nikolai. This name is common among Muslims in many countries of the world.

The character of Zufar is very ambiguous, although there is still more positive in him than negative. This man has energy and determination over the edge. He confidently goes to the goal and rarely loses.

As a child, Zufar surprises those around him with his seriousness and stubbornness. At the same time, he invariably treats his parents with respect and is always ready to help. Throughout his life, Zufar will carry a strong affection for his mother, becoming for her the most reliable support.

The adult Zufar is as diligent and hardworking as in childhood. He is characterized by a sober outlook on life. A man understands that not everything is easy in our life and that to achieve what we have conceived, we need to work hard and for a long time. Zufar is quite ready to do this, especially since an outstanding strategist is hiding inside him. A man has a peculiar thinking and ability to analyze, and the presence of organizational skills only complements his excellent business qualities. Although it is sometimes very difficult to communicate with Zufar, he easily finds a common language with like-minded people.

Zufar does not tolerate vanity and shuns noisy companies. If he happened to be there, then the man manifests himself as a great skeptic, inclined to criticize absolutely everything. However, he knows how to do it reasonably.

Zufar takes responsibility for the family early. In the future, a man will introduce his spouse into the family circle without moving from his parents. The ideal of family life for a man is a strong and large family. Therefore, he certainly wants a lot of children. The man respects his spouse, tries to help her. Especially when it comes to caring for children.

Of all the professional fields, Zufar enjoys entrepreneurship the most. There is a commercial streak in a man that will make him a successful businessman. He can also work productively as a lawyer or accountant.

Zufar's birthday

Zufar does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Zufar

  • Zufar ibn al-Khuzail ((728-775) famous eminent Muslim jurist)
  • Zufar Timerbulatov ((born 1951) Bashkir politician, was twice the Minister of Press of Bashkortostan, also a former correspondent journalist and newspaper editor)
  • Zufar Khairutdinov ((born 1959) Tatar and Russian singer and composer, wrote more than 500 Tatar songs. Holder of the title of People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan.)
  • Zufar Gareev ((born 1965) Russian writer and journalist)
  • Zufar Imanov ((1945-2001) Soviet turner-grinder, was an innovator in production. In 1984 he was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor, also awarded orders and medals.)

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