Meaning Of The Name Sigmund

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Meaning Of The Name Sigmund
Meaning Of The Name Sigmund

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Short form of the name Sigmund. Zigy, Zeke, Ziki, Zikoushek, Zikmundek, Gizmon, Giga, Gigot, Zhigutsa.

Synonyms for the name Sigmund. Sigismund, Sigmun, Sigmund, Sijismon, Simund, Sekhismundo, Sigismondo, Sigmundur, Zygmond, Zygmund.

The origin of the name Sigmund. The name Sigmund is German, Catholic.

The name Sigmund is of Germanic origin. This name is formed from two semantic parts "sigu" ("victory") and "mund" ("protection", "patron", "protector", "hand"), therefore the name is translated as "one who protects with victory", "Victorious patron".

The pronunciation of this name through the letter "z" is typical for the German, Czech and Polish peoples, through the letter "z" - for the Hungarians, and among other Europeans, pronunciation through the letter "s" is more common. For the name Sigmund, analogues will be Sigismund, Sigmund, Sigmund, Sizhismon, Simund, Sekhismundo, Sigismondo, Sigmundur, Zygmond, Zygmund.

The name Sigismund was borne by Czech and Polish kings. This name is not found in Orthodox saints.

From an early age, Sigmund absorbs everything that happens around him like a sponge. The boy has a keen sense of reality. In combination with increased emotionality, this often makes him unbalanced and quick-tempered. It is useless to try to influence the boy from a position of strength. It will not cause anything but resistance. But you can negotiate with Sigmund. Especially when you consider that, despite the stubbornness, before you is a kind and trusting child.

Sigmund's credulity can even be called excessive. In order for a boy to grow up tough and strong, parents should try not to disturb his peace of mind while encouraging the boy to be in sports. Siegmund has a good voice and ear. Seriously studying at a music school, he has every chance of becoming a professional singer.

Having matured, Sigmund does not lose his childish kindness and responsiveness. Excessive gullibility is gradually replaced by caution and the ability to understand people. He has a sense of humor, but he cannot stand ridicule. The man is quick-tempered and is able to start from a half turn. However, it is unlikely that he will go to the conflict first, although if necessary, he will come out with honor from any situation.

If Sigmund has set a goal for himself, then you can be sure: he will achieve it. For this man, there are no insurmountable obstacles. At the same time, Sigmund does not overestimate his capabilities, he soberly evaluates all the resources at his disposal, and, having achieved what he wants, will not brag.

Sigmund knows how to value his friends. He is honest and not boastful. A man will not promise what he cannot fulfill, since he soberly evaluates his capabilities. For friends, he is disinterested, he will not demand gratitude for his services. Himself is always obligatory and fulfilling. Sigmund will not break this word of his own free will.

Sigmund holds a responsible post not because of his career aspirations, but only because of his personal qualities. First of all, we are talking about honesty and disinterestedness, which make a valuable worker out of a man. He is an excellent leader who is able to find a common language with the team, especially if it is dominated by women.

With the opposite sex, Sigmund enjoys considerable success. This is a temperamental man, from whom vitality emanates. However, personal life is not very successful. By the age of Sigmund, there is usually more than one marriage and several children from different wives. To rush from one woman to another, he is pushed by amorousness, the ability to easily get carried away. Only over the years does a man gain experience, the ability to understand people and not trust everyone he meets.

Dealing with Sigmund can be difficult. Born in spring, the man is too stubborn and principled. Following his convictions, Sigmund often misses a chance on the way to his goal. Perseverance and exactingness to his neighbors makes him not a very pleasant person.

Sigmund, born in winter, tries to adhere to strict rules. If he becomes attached to someone, then this is for a long time. As a wife, he will choose an affectionate woman, and only with his beloved does he fully reveal his potential. Sigmund is very attached to children, regardless of whether they are his children or the children of his wife from a previous marriage.

Sigmund's birthday

Sigmund celebrates his name day on May 1, September 17.

Famous people named Sigmund

  • Zygmund (Zeylik) Mogulsko, also known as Zelik, or Zelig, and Zygmunt Mogulsko ((1858-1914) real name and surname - Zeylik Mogilevsky; Jewish actor, comedian role, considered one of the founders of the Jewish theater, as well as one of the most famous actors of this theater. The first professional Jewish actor. The theater he created has toured all over the world.)
  • Sigmund Pisarsky ((1902-1943) blessed of the Roman Catholic Church, martyr)
  • Sigmund Freud (Freud) ((1856-1939) full name - Sigismund Shlomo Freud; Austrian psychologist, psychiatrist and neurologist. Innovator of his time, founder of psychoanalysis, which influenced various scientific fields (medicine, psychology, sociology, literature, art, etc.). All his scientific works were published in 24 volumes. During his lifetime, his scientific method was criticized by many prominent scientists and writers, but interest in his discoveries has not faded to this day.)
  • Sigismund I Luxembourg ((1368-1437) last emperor from the house of Luxembourg)
  • Sigmund (Usher-Zeylik) Feinman, Zygmunt Feinman ((1862-1909) Jewish actor, playwright, played in the Jewish theater, most of the repertoire of which was written by him. He was considered one of the most famous actors of that time.)
  • Sigmund Skuinsh ((born 1926) Latvian journalist, translator, most translated prose writer from Latvia)
  • Sigmund Ruscher ((1909-1945) German criminal doctor, staged inhuman medical experiments in the Nazi camp of Dachau)
  • Napoleon Stanislaw Adam Felix Sigmund (Zygmunt, Sigismund) Krasinski (Krasiński) ((1812-1859) Polish count, poet and playwright, considered one of the greatest Polish poets of the Romantic era. Wrote such works as the drama "The Undivine Comedy" (1835), drama "Iridion" (1833-1836), the historical novel "Agai Khan" (1834), the vision poem "Before Dawn" (1843) and "Psalms of the Future" (1845-1848).)
  • Dagobert Sigismund von Wurmser ((1724-1797) Austrian military leader, participant in the Seven Years' War)
  • Sigmund Levy ((1822-1884) real name - Lebert; German pianist, author of music textbooks, teacher and musicologist. Founder of the Stuttgart School of Music.)
  • Sigmund Jen, Sigmund Werner Paul Jen ((born 1937) the only pilot-cosmonaut of the GDR, holder of the titles Hero of the GDR, Hero of the Soviet Union, awarded orders and medals)
  • Sigismund Zaremba ((1861-1915) Russian composer, pianist, musical and public figure)
  • Sigismund Payne-Best ((1885-1978) English intelligence officer, employee of the secret service "Mi-6" during the Second World War. Participant in the preparation of the assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler.)
  • Sigismund I the Old ((1467-1548) Lithuanian Grand Duke from 1506, also Polish king from the same year)
  • Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson ((born 1975) Icelandic politician, prime minister)
  • Zsigmond Moritz ((1879-1942) Hungarian writer)
  • Zsigmond Kishfaludi-Strobl ((1884-1975) Hungarian sculptor, his works "The Genius of the World" and the monument to Lajos Kossuth became symbols of the Hungarian capital - Budapest)
  • Zsigmond Bathory, Sigismund Bathory ((1572-1613) Prince of Transylvania)
  • Zsigmond Vilmos ((born 1930) Hungarian, also American cinematographer since 1963, has directed more than 80 films)
  • Zsigmond Kemeny ((1814-1875) Hungarian Baron, also writer and publicist)

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