The Meaning Of The Name Zaur

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The Meaning Of The Name Zaur
The Meaning Of The Name Zaur

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Synonyms for the name Zaur. Saur.

The origin of the name Zaur. The name Zaur is Muslim, Ossetian, Georgian.

The name Zaur has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Zaur is a Turkic name. The Turks occupied a large territory, including the modern territories of Ossetia, Georgia, China, Mongolia and many other states.

In the Georgian language, the name Zaur may have originated from “saurmag”, translated as “black hand”, “black-handed”, later only the first part remained, and “magician” was replaced by “bek”, “jean”. In a historical context, the name means "strong warrior". "Black" - from the color of the tattoo that was on the warrior's arm. Such a mark of distinction could be applied only by noble warriors, therefore, the name can also mean "Georgian king", "king of Georgians".

Later, with the loss of the historical context, the name Zaur began to be interpreted as "black-handed", which gave the name completely different shades. In a figurative sense, in colloquial speech it can be interpreted as "swarthy", "tanned" or "hardworking", "one who is not afraid of black work", i.e. hard, hard work, unskilled labor. In Abkhaz this name is interpreted as "warrior".

According to the second version, the name Zaur has Arabic roots, it means “brilliant” in various aspects. This is "sparkling", "shining" (like a star), and "famous", "famous" (one who is accompanied by success and luck), and "excellent, wonderful" (possessing exceptional qualities, talents). The name Zaur is widespread among Muslims. Sometimes the name Zaur is pronounced and recorded as the name of Saur, which has other versions of its origin.

From the male name Zaur, a female name was formed, which can sound differently among different peoples - Zaure, Zaurat, Zauresh.

A man named Zaur is always restrained and strict. He is physically developed, which automatically fixes him the image of a strong and strong-willed person. However, there is no aggression in Zaur, and he uses his strength exclusively for the purpose of helping the weaker.

Few people are as trustworthy as Zaur. He is guaranteed to fulfill all promises made to him and keeps his word. Although a man is respected, they unanimously admit that it is not easy to communicate with him. Zaur's character is very difficult. It happens that he can flare up and be rude from a trifle, but it is very difficult for a man to admit his wrongness, even if in his heart he understands that he shouldn’t have offended a person. Zaur, born in the winter months, has a particularly complex character. To this man's irascibility is added emotionality and impulsiveness. Such a Zaur is capable of unexpected actions under the influence of emotions. He can argue over trifles, react inadequately to jokes. "Winter" pays too much attention to what is happening around him and takes it too close to heart.

Zaur is able to achieve notable career heights, becoming a recognized authority in his field. Most often, a man chooses a job as a jeweler, artist, doctor or car service master. The fame for the quality of its services can spread very far, attracting clients from other cities. In his work, Zaur is helped by his activity and energy. It is impossible to find this man without work. However, obeying the impulses of his soul, Zaur can take rash and reckless actions. So it turns out that fate often throws him unpleasant "gifts". Usually, having reached certain professional heights, a man is faced with completely insurmountable difficulties. As a result, Zaur has to start all over again, but sooner or later the man achieves what he wants.

Zaur is sociable, easily makes new acquaintances. He easily recognizes insincerity in people, relying only on his intuition. A man does not tolerate deception and reacts very painfully when he learns that one of his relatives lied. However, the man is not vindictive, he quickly forgives such offenses.

Zaur makes all decisions only independently. It is almost impossible to influence him. Even the authority of senior and respected people can do little here. Despite the practicality of Zaur, unrealizable fantasies can be carried away, but he does not seek to embody them in reality.

Although the family in Zaur's understanding is a faithful wife and children, he is not a fan of household chores. Both housekeeping and raising children fall on the shoulders of this man's wife. However, Zaur is not indifferent to the holidays and gladly invites his friends to visit him.

Zaur's birthday

Zaur does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Zaur

  • Zaur (Zaza) Pachulia ((born 1984) Georgian basketball player, NBA club member, center)
  • Zaur Sadaev ((born 1989) Russian footballer, forward)
  • Zaur Tahir oglu Gashimov ((born 1981) Azerbaijani footballer, defender, was a player of the Azerbaijani national team)
  • Zaur Ardzinba ((born 1950) public and statesman of Abkhazia, was a presidential candidate in the Republic of Abkhazia in the 2009 elections)
  • Zaur Khapov ((born 1964) Soviet and Russian footballer, role - goalkeeper. Since 2005 he became a coach.)
  • Zaur Mamutov ((born 1980) Ukrainian footballer, defender)
  • Zaur Ramazanov ((born 1976) Azerbaijani footballer, won the Azerbaijan Cup for three years in a row, twice became the "Top scorer" of the Azerbaijan Championship "and" Best player of the season "in the Premier League)
  • Zaur Tagizade ((born 1979) Azerbaijani footballer, member of the national team of Azerbaijan. Twice became the champion of Azerbaijan. Currently - assistant coach.)
  • Zaur Asadov ((born 1982) Azerbaijani footballer, midfielder)
  • Zaur Kaloev ((1931-1997) Soviet footballer, member of the USSR Olympic team. Became the champion of the USSR in 1964.)
  • Zaur Rzayev ((1937-2010) Azerbaijani military leader)
  • Zaur Kuramagomedov ((born 1988) is a Russian Greco-Roman style wrestler, winner of various titles and awards: he twice became the champion of Russia, won bronze at the World, European and Olympic Games in 2012. He competes in the weight category up to 60 kg.)
  • Zaur Kabisov ((born 1936) Ossetian writer, journalist and publicist. He became the first author to write a science fiction novel in his native Ossetian language. Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of South Ossetia.)
  • Zaur Dzhibilov ((1986-2012) employee of the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Hero of the Russian Federation (2012). In memory of him, a monument was unveiled in Vladikavkaz.)
  • Zaur Bagirov ((born 1972) Azerbaijani sumo wrestler, became European champion in 2009)

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