The Meaning Of The Name Zeno

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The Meaning Of The Name Zeno
The Meaning Of The Name Zeno

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Zeno
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Short form of the name Zeno. Zenya, Xena, Zeno, Zen, Zenek, Zeno, Zenush.

Synonyms for the name Zeno. Zeno, Zeno, Zeno, Tseno, Zenone, Zen.

Origin of the name Zeno. The name Zeno is Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Zeno is derived from the Greek "Zeus", in the genitive case which sounded like "Zenos" - "belonging to Zeus", "Zeus", "divine". In Greece, this name can also sound like Zinon, in Italy - Zeno, in Hungary - Zeno, in Germany - Tzeno. The name Zeno is most often used in Poland, the Czech Republic and Greece. From the male name Zeno, the female name Zeno was formed, which is quite rare.

The name Zeno is mentioned in both Orthodox and Catholic calendars. The dates of the Catholic name days are April 12, June 23, July 9, September 3, December 22, the rest of the dates indicated are the Orthodox name days of Zeno (Zeno).

Zeno is more of an introvert. He is closed, he is constantly engaged in self-digging. A man has increased requirements for himself and from this he is constantly not happy with the result. Such an attitude towards himself gives him an incentive for continuous self-improvement, but at the same time it makes him restless. Zeno is more demanding of himself, and with other people he shows himself to be a patient and peaceful person.

He has a striving for harmony, and he can close his eyes for a long time, fearing to upset his inner balance. However, when a man's patience comes to an end, it is better for him not to get caught. Zeno is not inclined to make hasty conclusions, preferring to double-check it several times.

In normal circumstances Zeno is balanced and invariably fair. He is extremely rarely in an aggressive mood, but at the same time he contains a great mental and physical strength, which he begins to develop for himself in childhood. Zeno is also prone to daydreaming. He can easily develop his creative and musical abilities, and under a certain set of circumstances - reach significant heights in this. Success for Zeno is a matter of chance. If he surrounds himself with the right people, he will be able to rise to a very high standard of living.

Zeno is emotional. It is not difficult for him to meet anyone. Especially easily he makes contacts with individuals of the opposite sex. Young girls are attracted by the charm and talkativeness of a man.

In a relationship, Zeno is gentle, but can express somewhat non-standard desires. With age, his experience of seduction accumulates, making him an irresistible man. However, Zeno is waiting for his love, which he will give all his emotional reserve. His spiritual nobility is enough to forgive his beloved and betrayal and resentment. He will do everything to keep her near him.

However, if he himself falls out of love, then no force will stop him before the final break. Such determination often leads to the fact that Zeno marries and divorces several times in his life. Even children appearing in a family cannot keep near one woman. Only the one who will become unique for this man and at the same time possess the gift of persuasion can count on a more or less long-term marriage with Zeno.

Zeno's birthday

Zeno celebrates name day on January 10, February 12, March 16, April 12, April 18, April 23, April 25, May 1, May 11, June 23, June 25, July 2, July 5, July 9, August 24, September 3, September 4, September 10, September 16, September 19, September 24, September 30, October 4, December 22.

Famous people named Zeno

  • Zeno of Elea ((c. 490 BC-c. 430 BC) ancient Greek philosopher, scientific discussions about the fundamental concepts of philosophy, which were caused by his paradoxical reasoning, are still ongoing.)
  • Zeno of Kitis, Zeno the Stoic ((c. 334-c. 262 BC) ancient Greek philosopher, became the founder of the Stoic school)
  • Zeno of Sidon ((II century BC) ancient Greek Epucurian)
  • Zeno of Tarsus ((II century BC) ancient Greek Stoic, wrote few books, but left many students)
  • Zeno the Isaurian, Zenon ((about 435-491) Byzantine emperor, was in power for 16 years)
  • Zinon the Postnik, Zinon the Hardworking ((XIV century) of the holy Russian Orthodox Church, monk of the Kiev-Pechersk monastery, schema-monk)
  • Zeno of Verona, Zeno of Verona ((died 370/371) Latin theologian and writer, revered as a saint in the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, was Bishop of Verona)
  • Svatosh Zenon Frantsevich ((1886-1949) Russian and Soviet scientist-zoologist, became one of the founders of the Barguzinsky reserve, the very first reserve in Russia. The name of the scientist who devoted his life to nature conservation is the ship "Zenon Svatosh", which makes voyages along Lake Baikal.)
  • Zenon Ugrin ((born 1960) former Soviet footballer, role - forward)
  • Zenon Noriega Aguero ((1900-1957) Peruvian political and military leader)
  • Zenon Poznyak ((born 1944) Belarusian politician and public figure, also archaeologist and art critic)
  • Zenon Borevich ((1922-1995) Soviet mathematician, specialist in algebra and number theory. He is the author of the textbook "Determinants and Matrices" and the monograph "Number Theory", which have been reprinted for many years, and also translated into several foreign languages. more than 100 works.)
  • Zenon Kuzela ((1882-1952) Ukrainian historian, participant of ethnographic expeditions to the Carpathians, linguist and bibliographer)
  • His Eminence Cardinal Zenon Grochowski ((born 1939) Polish Cardinal)
  • Zenon Kosidovsky ((1898-1978) Polish writer, was the author of popular science books on the history of ancient civilizations and cultures, in particular atheistic literature. In the USSR, his books on "biblical themes" - "Biblical Legends" (1963) and " Legends of the Evangelists "(1977) - related to this genre.)
  • Zenon Plošai ((1924-2003) Polish violinist and music teacher, his student is very famous - Barbara Gurzhynska)
  • Zeno Colo ((1920-1993) famous Italian alpine skier, became Olympic champion in 1952 in downhill, also became world champion twice. He specialized in slalom and giant slalom.)
  • Zeno Marius Bunda ((born 1977) former Romanian footballer, midfielder)