The Meaning Of The Name Zakhar

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The Meaning Of The Name Zakhar
The Meaning Of The Name Zakhar

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The short form of the name Zakhar. Zakharka, Zek, Tsakhes, Zaka, Zakis, Zarko, Zare, Zara, Zak.

Synonyms for the name Zakhar. Zacharias, Zacharias, Zekeri, Tsacharias, Dzakkaria, Zakaria, Zakariy, Zakir.

The origin of the name Zakhar. The name Zakhar is Russian, Jewish, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Zakhar is a form of the name Zacharias, Zacharias. The name Zacharias comes from the Hebrew name Zechariah (Zechariahu), which means “the Lord remembered” (“Yahweh remembered”), “remembered by the Lord”, “remembered by the Lord,” “remembering the Lord”. In modern times, the name Zakhar has become the more common form, and not his full name. Among Muslims, the identical male names Zakir and Zakaria are used, and the female will sound like Zakira.

Zakhar is a good-natured, compliant, attentive and caring man in relation to loved ones. He is very sentimental and loves to watch love movies. Zakhar does not know what self-interest is, he is responsive and ready to help at any time. Zakhar's character lacks firmness and perseverance, which is why others often use his kindness. Zakhar loves nature, if he has the opportunity to buy land, he will definitely use it and start growing fruit trees. Zakhar will have a calm and even life, without any particular upheavals.

Even in childhood, Zakhar spends time at the designer, he is very interested in technology. That is why Zakhar often chooses the job of a driver, the humanitarian professions practically do not occupy him. Zakhar's character determines his position at work - he will be a modest and sympathetic employee. To achieve success in his professional activity, Zakhar will have to learn to be firm in relations with colleagues, as well as to use a sense of humor more often. Then Zakhar will be able to build a career in an area where patience and an analytical mind are needed.

Women are very attracted to Zakhar thanks to his sympathy and responsiveness. The spouse of Zakhara often becomes a woman abandoned by someone who has received the necessary consolation and sympathy in a relationship with Zakhara. This man gets married, as a rule, in later years, often his chosen one already has a child. Unfortunately, Zakhar's good nature and gentleness, as a rule, lead to the fact that the spouse occupies a dominant position in the family. In this case, it is necessary that Zakhara's wife be tactful in dealing with her husband, otherwise she can injure this sensitive man. Zakhar loves to do housework; on a weekend he can be seen cleaning the house. He will never cheat on his wife.

Zakhar most often has male children. Working around the house, he attracts children to this, believing that it is work that brings up a person best. The study of Zakhar's children will be under his constant supervision, he always goes to parent meetings.

Zakhar is a sociable person who gladly invites his friends and just casual acquaintances to visit. Zakhar maintains good relations with neighbors. It is extremely difficult to anger this man, and if this happens, soon the anger will be replaced by calmness and even awkwardness. A true friend of Zakhar will be the one who not only receives help, but can provide it himself at any time.

Zakhara's birthday

Zakhar celebrates name day on January 22, February 2, February 21, February 24, March 6, April 6, April 12, May 22, May 26, June 4, June 10, September 10, September 18, September 22, November 3, November 4, November 5, November 15, November 30, December 18.

Famous people named Zakhar

  • Zechariah (biblical prophet)
  • Zechariah (King of Israel)
  • Zechariah (father of John the Baptist)
  • Zechariah Chrysopolitan ((d. ​​1155) eggzeget of the western church of the 12th century)
  • Zechariah Scholastic ((d. ​​560) ancient Christian writer)
  • Zakhariya Sarkavag ((1626 - 1699) Armenian historian)
  • Zechariah (Pope, as Pope (741 - 752))
  • Zakhary (Novgorod mayor, boyar)
  • Zakhary Kostrominich ((died 1401) Pskov mayor, who did a lot to strengthen Pskov)
  • Zachari Ritor ((470 - c. 553) Monophysite church historian, possibly completely identical with the person of Zachariah Scholastic (Zechariah Mitylensky))
  • Zechariah Scholastic, Zechariah Mitylensky ((about 465 - after 536) Christian (Monophysite) leader, theologian, historian of the 6th century)
  • Zakhar Leontievsky ((1799 - 1874) Russian sinologist, translator)
  • Zakhar Sorokin ((1917 - 1978) Soviet pilot, hero of the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union; flew and fought without both feet)
  • Zakhar Dorofeev ((1890 - 1952) Moksha and Russian poet, teacher, translator, researcher of folklore, historian, ethnographer, public figure, one of the founders of modern Moksha literature; author of the primer "Valda Yan" ("The Bright Path"))
  • Zakhar Ronzhin (Russian actor)
  • Zakhar Burinsky ((1784 - 1808) Russian poet and translator)
  • Zakhar Shibeko ((born 1948) Belarusian historian)
  • Zakhar Pashutin (Russian basketball player, defender, 5-time champion of Russia (2003-2007), two-time champion of the Euroleague (2006, 2008), European champion 2007; Honored Master of Sports of Russia)
  • Zakhar Prilepin (real name - Evgeny Prilepin; Russian writer, philologist, journalist)
  • Zakhar May (musician, ex-leader of the "Shiva" group, participant of the music festivals "Invasion", "Wings" and "Open Windows")
  • Zakhar Subbotin (ship modeler; Master of Sports of Russia of International class, 3-time world record holder, multiple world champion, multiple European champion, multiple champion of Russia)
  • Zakhar Bron (Russian and German violinist and music teacher, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1985), People's Artist of Russia (2001), Chevalier of the Order of Merit to the Federal Republic of Germany)
  • Zakhar Arkas ((1793 - 1866) Russian naval officer, historian and archaeologist, Lieutenant General of the Navy of the Russian Empire (1860))
  • Zachariah Boutros (born 1934) is a Coptic priest from Egypt who actively preaches Christianity in the Middle East, criticizes the Koran and other Islamic books, preaches on television, and is therefore an undesirable figure in his homeland and other Islamic countries. his head is awarded a prize of 5 (according to other sources, up to 25) million US dollars. His books have been published several times in Russia.)
  • Zachary (Zachariah) Taylor ((1784 - 1850) 12th American president, major military leader; second US president who did not hold any other government post before entering the White House (the first was the founder of the state, George Washington). Taylor was also the last president - southerner, elected before Woodrow Wilson in 1912)
  • Zechariah Ursin ((1534 - 1583) German reformer)
  • Zachariya Stancu ((1902 - 1974) Romanian writer and poet)
  • Zacharia Sitchin ((1920 - 2010) writer, supporter and popularizer of the theory of paleocontacts and the alien origin of man)

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