The Meaning Of The Name Gerard

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The Meaning Of The Name Gerard
The Meaning Of The Name Gerard

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Short form of the name Gerard. Gera, Jéger, Gerardinho, Gerd, Gert, Gero, Kai, Dino, Dinetto, Gerush, Gerusch, Gerus, Gerardek.

Synonyms for the name Gerard. Gerard, Gerhard, Gerard, Gerardo, Gerardo, Gerardo, Gerhard, Gerardus, Gerhardus.

The origin of the name Gerard. The name Gerard is Catholic.

The name Gerard has an ancient Germanic origin, it is the French version of the name Gerard (Gerhard), which is formed from two semantic parts "ger" ("spear") and "hart, hard" ("strong, persistent, courageous"). The name Gerard is translated as "a brave spearman."

Analogs of the name Gerard are the names Gerard, Gerhard, Gerard, Gerardo, Gerardo, Gerardo, Gerhard, Gerardus, Gerhardus. Dino's affectionate appeal has now become an independent name. On behalf of Gerard, the female paired names of Gerardine (Gerardin), Gerard (Gerard) are formed, and on behalf of Gerard - Gerard (Gerard), Gerardin (Gerardin), Gerhard, Gerhardin, and their diminutive form Dean is also an independent name.

The name Gerard is not mentioned in the Orthodox calendar; Catholic name days will be indicated for this name.

Gerard's masculinity is immediately apparent. This man breathes strength, attracting the sympathy of other people. Gerard is a realist by nature. He has a practical mindset, stands firm on the ground and has a lot to achieve his dreams. Despite all the obstacles, Gerard, perhaps slowly but surely moves forward. In this he is helped by his strong will and ability to activate hidden forces at the right time.

Gerard's weak point is his sensitivity and emotionality. This is not always visible. Usually a man is serious, uncompromising. But behind the harsh statements, there is a genuine sensitivity and tenderness. Gerard is a man of duty you can always rely on. He is straightforward and honest, even too much. The scrupulousness and severity of this man sometimes complicates his life, but still remain his life credo.

Being very strict with himself, Gerard demands the same from others, and you cannot call him tolerant. The inconsistency, clumsiness, or injustice of others causes real anger in a man. Gerard himself is used to doing things under the influence of inspiration. His life is intense, eventful and eventful. However, prolonged tension is likely to cause an emotional outburst in a man, up to and including hysteria.

As a child, Gerard is unusually committed to his family. This is an obedient boy who tries to please everyone. Responsibility is developed in Gerard from an early age, and parents calmly rely on him.

Gerard has an analytical mind, a highly developed intuition and an excellent memory. Thanks to this, in his school and student years, he studies well, showing attention to detail. In older age, a man tends to try to calculate the development of events too far, which does not always have a positive effect on the result. On the other hand, this character trait finds a way out in such qualities as punctuality, cleanliness and selflessness.

Gerard expects pleasure from life, but at the same time strives for peace and harmony. A man wants to achieve perfection in everything, he is sensitive to beauty, aesthetics and comfort. Gerard often chooses medicine or finance as his professional field. He is equally attracted to a career in real estate or cooking.

Gerard's birthday

Gerard celebrates his name day on April 1, April 23, May 6, May 13, May 24, June 13, September 24, October 3, October 16, October 30.

Famous people named Gerard

  • Gerard of Cremona ((1114 - 1187) medieval scientist, Italian by origin. Translated 71 books from Arabic into Latin, among them the works of Archimedes, Theodosius, Diocles, Sabit ibn Korra, Hippocrates, Galen, Aristotle, Euclid. Popularized Western astrology. Europe.)
  • Gerard Xavier Marcel Depardieu ((born 1948) French actor, winner of various awards in the nomination "Best Actor": Golden Globe (1990), Cesar (1980, 1990), also nominated for an Oscar (1990) He is a holder of the Legion of Honor and the Order of Merit, restaurateur, winemaker. One of the most popular actors not only in France, but also in other countries.)
  • Gerard Philippe ((1922 - 1959) great French theater and film actor, winner of the Cesar Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography (1990, posthumously))
  • Gerard Piqué Bernabeu ((born 1987) Spanish footballer, player of the Spanish national team. World champion in the Spanish national team in 2010.)
  • Gerard de Nerval (((1808 - 1855) pseudonym; real name - Gerard Labruny; French romantic poet)
  • Gerard Biena Mukuncu ((born 1977) Congolese footballer, defender)
  • Gerard Pullicino ((born 1958) French producer and director of television films and programs, composer)
  • Gerard Chivardi ((born 1950) French politician)
  • Gerard Ury ((1919 - 2006) real name - Max-Gerard Guri Tannenbaum; French film director-comedian (in various genres), worked with such comedians of French cinema as Louis de Funes, Pierre Richard, Bourville, and others)
  • Gerard Kravchik ((born 1953) French film director)
  • Gerard Buquet ((born 1954) French tubist, music teacher, conductor and composer)
  • Papus ((1865 - 1916) real name - Gerard Anaclet Vincent Encausse; famous French occultist of the 19-20 centuries, magician and physician. He founded the Martinist Order, was a member of the "Kabbalistic Order of the Rose + Cross". He is the author of the Tarot card system, the author of 25 books on magic and over four hundred articles on occult topics.)
  • Gerard Ecking ((1879 - 1942) French cellist)
  • Gerard Daniel Westendorp ((1813 - 1868) Belgian mycologist)
  • Gerard Delbecq ((1903 - 1977) Belgian footballer, midfielder, participated in the 1930 World Cup)
  • Gerard Brasch ((1927 - 2006) French screenwriter, worked with Roman Polanski from 1965 to 1992, also collaborated with Jean-Jacques Annaud, Michelangelo Antonioni, Marco Ferreri, Andrei Konchalovsky and others. Winner of the BAFTA Award in 1987 for Best Adapted Screenplay.)
  • Gerhard (Gerard) I of Alsatian ((about 1015/1020 - 1070) Count of Metz and Chatenois from 1047, Duke of Upper Lorraine from 1048, second son of Count of Metz Gerhard (Gerard) IV and Gisella, founder of the Lorraine (Alsatian) house, who ruled in Lorraine until 1736 (intermittently))
  • Girard I, Gerard I, Gerardo I ((died 1113) Count of Roussillon (1102-1113), son of Gislabert II)

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