The Meaning Of The Name Zhiger

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The Meaning Of The Name Zhiger
The Meaning Of The Name Zhiger

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The origin of the name Zhiger. The name Zhiger is Kazakh.

The name Zhiger is a Kazakh name. Translated from Persian and Kazakh, this name has several meanings. According to the first interpretation, the name Zhiger means "perseverance, perseverance", close in meaning to "striving and will." According to the second meaning, this name is translated as “brave, strong, mighty”. And according to the third interpretation, this Kazakh name includes the above meanings that are characteristic of youth, therefore this name was translated as “young generation”, more precisely “from youth”, “young” with the above qualities.

The owner of the name Zhiger is an original, creatively gifted person. He is naturally energetic and endowed with noticeable willpower. This man is not afraid of responsible decisions, he knows how to lead. In difficult situations, he does not need to be pushed. He boldly takes the initiative, not expecting someone to do it for him. Zhiger is distinguished from many other people by his firm convictions and ability to look at the subject from a new angle. This man is not devoid of inventive ability.

However, Zhiger is not perfect. The ability to invent and make decisions for yourself often leads to boastfulness and know-it-all. The owner of this name pays little attention to others, being very selfish and self-willed in his soul. He will achieve what he wants with stubbornness bordering on authoritarianism and aggression. Sometimes Zhiguer appears as a cynical and commanding person.

Zhiguer's actions are often impulsive, but the inner world of this man is hidden from prying eyes. Subtle spirituality and sensitivity live in his depths of soul. Outwardly, this appears a little, hiding behind a mask of practicality.

Zhiguer eagerly absorbs new knowledge. He delves into the very essence of any subject, showing considerable attention to detail. A man always has a need for self-expression, a desire to exchange ideas with other people. Often he chooses a career as a mediator, public relations specialist, or other specialty that requires sociability and discernment.

Birthday Zhiger

Zhiger does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Zhiger

  • Zhiger Arapov (Kazakh singer)
  • Zhiger Auypbaev (Kazakh singer)
  • Zhiger Suyiktime (Kazakh singer)

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