The Meaning Of The Name Elisha

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The Meaning Of The Name Elisha
The Meaning Of The Name Elisha

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Short form of the name Elisha. Elesya, Eliseyka, Elya, Lesya, Liseyka, Eliseito, Cheyo, Seseu, Liseu, Seyo, Seiko.

Synonyms for the name Elisha. Elisha, Elisha, Elisias, Eliseo, Eliseu, Elisey, Ulysses, Ulysses, Ulysses, Ulysses, Wallis, Wallis, Wallises.

The origin of the name Elisha. The name Elisha is Russian, Jewish, Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish, Greek.

The name Elisha has two versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Elisha comes from the Hebrew name Elisha, which means “God is salvation”, “God saves”. This name was borne by one of the prophets in the Old Testament, a disciple of the prophet Elijah. In Islam, the prophet Elisha is also known as al-Yasa (Al-Yasa).

According to the second version, the name Elisha is one of the pronunciation variants of the name Odysseus. The name Odysseus comes from the Greek name Odusseus and in translation means "angry", "wrathful". In the Latin version, the name sounds like Ulysses. This name was borne by the king of the island of Ithaca, one of the leaders of the Achaeans in the Trojan War, mentioned in Greek mythology. Also, this name sounds like Ulyses, Ulysses, Ulysses, there are options with the addition of "o" - Wallis, Wallis.

Diminutive Lesya is also an independent name and an affectionate appeal to other names, for example, Alexey, Olesya, Leonid, Oleg, Larisa.

Among Catholics, Elisha's name day is celebrated on June 14. The rest of the dates indicated are the Orthodox name days of Elisha.

Elisha is a good inventor and has a rich imagination. He often suggests introducing new rules for well-known children's games. Elisha is distinguished by his musicality. Since he has a subtle psychology, he will benefit from violin classes at a music school. During his school years, Elisha does not stand out much among other students. However, Elisha does not give a clear preference to anyone, treats everyone with calm politeness and friendliness. Elisha is athletic, enjoys tennis or football, is able to stand up for himself and protect his friend. The boy is intelligent and comprehensively developed, spoils his excessive stubbornness.

In his youth, Elisha reads a lot. He is interested in any book he sees. However, from what he read, Elisha remembers only what he may need in the future, and decisively rejects the rest. Hot temper is added to stubbornness as he grows, but Elisha is smart enough to hide both. Elisha knows how to control himself well. This man does not tend to lie, he has an innate sense of justice.

"November" Elisha is an irritable person, he trusts very few people. "September" and "October" Elisha is more restrained. He is leisurely and does not tolerate fuss. Overestimating his capabilities, "autumn" Elisha knows how to admit his mistakes and tries to correct them. In Elisha, born in summer, the main character trait is his kindness and willingness to help loved ones. It is Elisha's willingness to sacrifice their own interests that others often use.

Elisha is characterized by an analytical mindset, he has abilities in both the exact and the humanities. Elisha will not be able to engage in a monotonous occupation that does not require mental stress and initiative. His favorite work captivates him headlong. He would rather change his specialty than be engaged in a business that is not interesting to him. But, having changed, Elisha will easily get involved in the work, instantly grasp the essence of the matter. "Spring" Elisey shows talent in the field of arts. He draws and plays music well. He will make a good musician or artist, and perhaps he will choose an acting or literary career.

Elisha tries not to advertise his feelings and experiences, preferring to experience them alone with himself. Elisha's personal life is hidden from others. In women, a man with this name causes a stunning success. Elisha is not dissolved, although he may have several novels at the same time. This is Elisha's way of finding the one who will be his friend for years to come. Having found such a woman, Elisha becomes a faithful, attentive and loving husband. Elisha, born in November, is vulnerable and nervous. He prefers to deal with experienced partners, he behaves cautiously with women. It will take many years before he decides to get married.

"Autumn" Elisha is jealous. This is a very temperamental man. In relationships, he is unpredictable, then he surrounds his chosen one with attention, then he disappears for a long time. Having married, Elisha becomes a voluntary recluse, devotes himself to his wife.

Elisha has been growing up as a sociable boy since childhood. He gets along well with peers, quickly becomes a leader in all games, but does not seek to dictate his will. Elisha is cheerful, has a subtle sense of humor. His cheerful nature attracts peers to him. In communication, Elisha is distinguished by kindness and responsiveness, he is always ready to help his friends. And Elisha has many friends, and he values ​​all of them very much. The man named by this name is a devoted and loyal friend.

Born in the fall, Elisha is not a fan of noisy companies, he prefers the company of close friends. "Winter" Elisha is more open to others, He, on the contrary, loves large companies. Always in the spotlight, Elisha shows himself to be a talented storyteller, parodies his acquaintances, which causes everyone to laugh. Elisha, born in the spring, as well as the "autumn" one, is closed and laconic. He speaks little and concisely, does not repeat the same thing several times. Society prefers solitude, spending time with a book or fishing.

Elisha's birthday

Elisha celebrates his name day on June 14, June 27, July 3, August 20, November 5.

Famous people named Elisha

  • Elisey Bobrov ((1778 - 1830) actor of the drama troupe of the Imperial Theaters)
  • Elisey Pletenetsky ((died 1624) archimandrite of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, founder of the Lavra printing house)
  • Elise Reclus ((1830 - 1905) French geographer, historian, anarchist)
  • Eliseo Salazar, Eliseu Salazar Valenzuela ((born 1954) Chilean racing driver, participant of the Formula 1 and sports car championships, as well as the CART and IRL racing series. The only driver from Chile to take part in the World Championship " Formula 1 ".)
  • Eliseu Pereira dos Santos ((born 1983) Portuguese footballer)
  • Elisey Isenberg (Danish ambassador. In 1572 he came to Ivan the Terrible with a letter from the Danish king Frederick, in which he assured the tsar of unchanging friendship, complained that the Russians were taking away lands and fishing grounds from the Norwegians, asked for a "dangerous letter" for the ambassadors of Emperor Maximilian who were traveling to Moscow. Ivan replied to this letter on July 27 of the same year. Caspar, the messenger of Magnus, also came with Isenbregg.)
  • Elisey Sinitsyn (high-ranking officer of the NKVD and KGB of the USSR, organizer of intelligence networks in Poland and Finland)
  • Eliseus Bomelius, in Russian sources - Elisha Bomelius ((circa 1530 - 1579) an adventurer from Westphalia at the court of Ivan the Terrible, professionally engaged in astrology and magic. In the annals he is referred to as "the evil sorcerer Bomelia." Officially listed as a life doctor. Sometimes he performed duties executioner.)
  • Elisey Kolbasin ((1827 - 1890) Russian writer, critic, literary historian)
  • Eliseo Kedas, Ilisio Kedas, nicknamed Carioca (former Brazilian footballer)
  • Eliseo Subiela ((born 1944) Argentinean film director, screenwriter, producer)
  • Eliseo Diego ((1920 - 1994) Cuban poet, novelist, translator, author of books for children)
  • Eliasha Kent Kane ((1820 - 1857) American polar explorer, physician. Member of two sea expeditions in search of John Franklin. Expedition 1853-55 under the leadership of Kane discovered the Kane Sea, Kennedy Strait, Humboldt Glacier and Washington Land (northwestern Greenland)).)

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