The Meaning Of The Name Eremey (Erema)

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The Meaning Of The Name Eremey (Erema)
The Meaning Of The Name Eremey (Erema)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Eremey (Erema)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Eremey (Erema)
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The short form of the name Eremey. Eremeyka, Erema, Eremushka, Erya, Ema.

Synonyms for the name Eremey. Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Jerome, Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Yarema, Jeremy, Jeremias.

The origin of the name Eremey. The name Eremey is Russian, Orthodox.

The name Eremey is the Russian version of the name Jeremiah or Jerome. In Great Britain, the boy will be named Jeremy, in France - Jeremy, in Romania - Eremia, in Belarus and Poland - Yarema, in Finland - Eremias.

Description of the meaning of the name - see the name Jeremy.

Name day Eremey

Eremey celebrates his name day on January 27, March 1, April 19, May 14, October 11, October 18, November 21.

Famous people named Eremey

  • Eremey Parnov ((1935 - 2009) Russian writer, publicist, screenwriter)
  • Jeremiah (Eremey) Glebovich ((died 1238) Vladimir voivode)
  • Eremey (Jeremiah) Konstantinovich ((died 1372) prince of Dorogobuzh)
  • Eremey Savoini ((1776 - 1836) Russian commander of the era of the Napoleonic wars, general of infantry)
  • Eremey Tsukerman ((born 1952) Russian violinist)
  • Eremey Aypin ((born 1948) Member of the Union of Writers of the USSR. Candidate of Political Science. State Counselor of the Russian Federation III class. Author of more than 20 fiction and publicistic works.)
  • Eremey Gaev ((1877 -?) Foreman of the cast iron workshop of the V. V. Kuibyshev plant (Nizhny Tagil), Hero of Labor)

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