The Meaning Of The Name Evsey

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The Meaning Of The Name Evsey
The Meaning Of The Name Evsey

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Evsey
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The short form of the name Evsey. Esya, Seva, Evseika, Evsya, Evsyuta.

Synonyms for the name Evsey. Eusebius, Avsey, Ovsey, Evsy, Ivsey, Eusebio, Eusebio, Ezeb.

The origin of the name Yevsey. The name Yevsey is Orthodox, Greek.

The name Yevsey is of Greek origin, derived from "eusebios", which means "pious". The ecclesiastical version of this name is Eusebius. The female form of the name is Eusebius. The name Yevsey is not considered a widespread name, and in the twentieth century it practically fell out of use, does not even belong to rare names and is not mentioned in statistics either by V. A. Nikonov, or by A. V. Superanskaya and A. V. Suslova.

The name Yevsey had several colloquial forms, the most common are Avsey and Ovsey. The diminutive-affectionate appeal of Esya also applies to Eustathius. And Seva's affectionate appeal to both some male names (Vsevolod, Sevastian, Sever, Severin, etc.) and female names (Eusebius, Severin, Theosevia, Sevastyana, etc.)

The name Eusebius is mentioned in the Orthodox calendar. Several early Christian saints bore this name. Eusebius' Catholic name days will be listed for Eusebio's name.

Yevsey has a restrained character, he easily manages to maintain a mask of equanimity, when in reality he is very worried. To many people, Yevsey seems very modest, but in particular, he prefers to be shy and not trust people right away. However, having gotten to know each other better, the owner of this name becomes friendly and sociable. Yevsey lacks self-confidence, but he can learn it.

Yevsey has a strong character, he likes direct and frank relationships. He is able to mobilize all his strength to achieve the goal, uses his rationalism and logical approach. Sometimes his interests can be very materialistic and selfish. Yevsey is an excellent organizer, he likes to lead and manage.

Little Yevsey should be helped to find friends, teach him to make contact and be more sociable, sociable, teach him to share and surround with his love, and not be humble at the same time. As a child, the boy is often shy, although he really wants to play a leading role. If he cannot find himself in communication, then he will direct all efforts to study.

In love, Yevsey is selfish, wants to be dominant, wants to be loved and admired, prefers to show himself as the undisputed master. This is not an emotional, not sentimental person, it is easier to talk about his successes in life than about his feelings.

Yevsey loves accuracy, he is even to some extent a pedant. This is a responsible, obliging and hardworking man. And he prefers to choose professions that require accuracy and necessarily communication (salesman, actor, singer, teacher).

Yevsey's birthday

Yevsey celebrates his name day on January 27, February 2, February 5, February 12, February 28, April 5, April 8, May 7, May 11, June 13, July 5, October 4, October 7, October 17, October 20, November 1, December 11, December 23.

Famous people named Yevsey

  • Yevsey Iofis ((1905-1978) Soviet scientist and inventor, brought up more than one generation of cameramen-cinematographers, received the Stalin Prize of the first degree in 1948. He took an active part in the development of equipment for producing color films. He is the author of various books on photography, technology for photography and cinematography.)
  • Evsey Perchenkov ((born 1929) Soviet architect, specialized in recreation and tourism. He designed several sanatoriums and rest homes in Simeiz (Crimea), as well as the USSR Embassy in Zambia and a ski base in the Caucasus. In 1989 he was awarded the title of Honored architect of the RSFSR.)
  • Evsey Domar ((1914-1997) real name - Domashevitsky; American economist)
  • Evsey Eshchin ((1865-1936) pseudonym - E. Markov; Russian politician and journalist)
  • Evsey Alekseev ((1921-1979) Hero of the Soviet Union, Soviet artilleryman. Awarded the Order of Lenin, medals "Gold Star", "For Courage", jubilee medals.)
  • Yevsey Vainrub ((1909-2003) Hero of the Soviet Union, commander of a tank brigade. In memory of the tanker in the city of Ashdod (Israel), where Yevsey Alekseev emigrated, a memorial stone was erected in the "Victory Park" and a monument to two brothers-tankmen was unveiled in 2013 He was awarded the Order of Kutuzov, 2nd degree, the Order of the Red Star, the Order of Lenin and other orders.)
  • Evsey (Semyon) Klevitsky ((1905-1989) Soviet architect-urban planner, his ideas were implemented in the cities of Slavyansk, Yenakiyevo, Kharkov. Awarded the medal "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.")
  • Evsey Goldovsky ((1903-1971) Soviet scientist, one of the founders of VGIK. He was a developer and inventor in the field of film technology, wrote books on the topic of cinema. In 1947 he was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Science and Technology.)
  • Evsey Lyubimov-Lanskoy ((1883-1943) real name - Gelibter; Russian and Soviet actor, was a theater director of the Mossovet Theater (at that time - the MGSPS Theater), People's Artist of the RSFSR since 1933.)
  • Yevsey Lyubomirsky ((1884-1977) Soviet theater critic and theater critic, author of books about theater)
  • Evsey Lieberman, ((1897-1981) Soviet economist, became one of the authors of the concept of the economic reform of 1965 in the USSR). Author of books on economic planning in production.)
  • Yevsey (Yehoshua) Bertonov ((1879-1971) Russian and Israeli actor, was the director of the Jewish Theater in Minsk. He became the laureate of the Israel Prize in 1959.)
  • Eusebun Maccabee, Eusebius, Eusey, Ausey, Asey (Christian martyr)
  • Avsey Nemoytin (rabbi in 1909-1910 in the village of Beshenkovichi near Vitebsk)
  • Avsey Strok ((1877-1956) American impresario, organized tours of famous figures of that time - Fyodor Chaliapin, Sergei Prokofiev, Misha Elman, Efrem Tsimbalist, Arthur Rubinstein)
  • Ovsey-Gershen (Yevsey Gersh, Gershon, Girsh) Radomylsky, Grigory Zinoviev ((1883-1936) real surname and literary pseudonym - Radomyslsky; Russian revolutionary, was a Soviet political and statesman)
  • Ovsey Kagan ((1912-1979) Soviet actor, in the 30s of the last century was one of the leading actors of the Lensovet Theater in Leningrad. Became People's Artist of the RSFSR in 1975.)
  • Ovsey Schwiff ((1891-1964) German violinist, conductor)
  • Ovsey Shkaratan (Russian scientist-sociologist, one of the founders of ethnosociology, sociology of inequality and sociology of the city. Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.)
  • Ovsey Driz ((1908-1971) Jewish Soviet poet who wrote in Yiddish. Some of his fairy-tale poems were included in the anthology of fairy tales of the world. Y. Moritz, B. Slutsky, G. Sapgir and others translated his poetry into Russian.)
  • Evsevy (Evsey, Ovsey) Rezanov (Ryazanov) (Russian voivode of the Time of Troubles)
  • Eusebius of Caesarea, Eusabius Pamphilus ((about 263-340) Roman historian, author of the essay "Church History".)
  • Eusebius of Nicomedia ((died 341) Archbishop of Constantinople in 339-341)
  • Oisebius (Eusebiusch, Eusebius) Mandychevsky ((1857-1929) Austrian composer and musicologist)