The Meaning Of The Name Eugene

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The Meaning Of The Name Eugene
The Meaning Of The Name Eugene

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Eugene
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The short form of the name Eugene. Zhenya, Zhenya, Zhenya, Zheka, Yenya, Gena Zhenyura, Zhenyusha, Zhesha, Evgeh, Evgesha, Gesha, Yenyut, Yenyukh, Yenyusha, Yenyasha, Evgenyushka, Evgenya, Genya.

Synonyms for the name Eugene. Eugenios, Eugene, Eugen, Eugene, Eugenio, Eugeni, Eugen, Owen, Eugene.

The origin of the name Eugene. The name Eugene is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Eugene in translation from Greek means "noble", literally this name can be translated as "with good genes." From the male name, the female name was formed - Eugene. In Russia, the names Yevgeny and Yevgeny began to be widely used in the 19th century. So the nobles began to call their children. But they used the name Eugene, mainly in the French manner - Eugene (then the modern diminutive Zhenya appeared from him) or in the English version - Eugene.

The second English version of the name Eugene is the name Owen. But it is also possible that the name Owen comes from the Welsh "lamb" (oen) or "youth" (eoghunn). This was the name of one of the heroes of the epic about King Arthur, he was one of the Knights of the Round Table.

As a child, Eugene is a great dreamer. Showing ingenuity, he will come up with an interesting game completely out of nothing. He loves active, noisy games, always in which he is the main character, defeating evil. But in life, Eugene prefers to find compromises peacefully. Eugene easily learns foreign languages, mathematics, he writes poetry well and speaks competently. At school, he usually studies well, pleases his parents with his successes.

Picture with the name Eugene
Picture with the name Eugene

For Zhenya, his own world is very important. Sometimes it is very difficult for him to accept the real world as it is, therefore, from early childhood, such traits as indecision appear in it, he cannot concentrate on one thing for a long time. He should train self-confidence. But his indecision does not extend to communication: it is easy for him to find a common language with both boys and girls.

Growing up, Eugene can become hot-tempered. Since his doubt in his own abilities can make him quite nervous, very vulnerable to any comments. Zhenya very often tries to hide his fears, putting on a mask of indifference or swagger, and does not trust anyone with his true feelings. He will never refuse help, he is very attentive to loved ones.

Evgeny has a very well-developed intuition, he knows how to notice the smallest details that help him keep abreast of all events. The owner of the name Eugene is well versed in completely different issues. Eugene is a very versatile young man with whom it is pleasant to have conversations on any topic. Eugene is a refined and impassive man.

It is easy for Eugene to be the soul of the company, because he can always tell a joke, anecdote, an interesting story at the right place. His sociability, artistry and intelligence adorn any party or reception. Dislikes routine work. Eugene gravitates towards theater and literature. He also likes to understand technology, he is often fond of logical, mathematical problems, various puzzles.

Evgeny does not like obstacles on his way, often does not know how and does not really want to overcome them. Therefore, the owner of the name Eugene does not like creative activity, prefers logical and consistent actions. He always works honestly and conscientiously, but he is also not devoid of ambition and will try not to miss the moment when he can advance in his career. Very often Evgeniy chooses technical professions - engineer, programmer, architect, constructor. But Eugene is very strong and his second side is romanticism, therefore there are many writers, actors, journalists among Eugene.

In family life, Eugene is an exemplary husband and an excellent father. He has enough patience not to start quarrels, separate beloved children, helps everyone in the family find a compromise and come to an agreement. In women, Eugene values openness, a rich inner world and purity of the soul. Therefore, Zhenya is very jealous, inconsistent in feelings and may be disappointed in his ideal.

Compatibility with the name Anastasia | Daria | Ekaterina | Elena | Irina | Maria | Olga | Tatiana | Julia | Evgeniya | yet

Birthday Evgeny

Eugene celebrates his name day on January 21, February 3, February 25, March 4, March 10, March 20, August 3, August 31, September 20, September 23, October 8, October 29, November 11, November 20, November 24, December 7, December 23, December 26.

Famous people named Eugene

  • Evgeny Vakhtangov (actor, director, founder of the theater, which became the theater named after him)
  • Evgeny Evstigneev (theater and film actor)
  • Eugene-François Vidocq ((1775 - 1857) French criminal, later - founder and head of the General Directorate of National Security, as well as the world's first private detective bureau)
  • Eugene Delacroix ((1798 - 1863) French painter)
  • Evgeny Zamyatin (writer)
  • Evgeny Mironov (theater and film actor, People's Artist of Russia)
  • Evgeny Yevtushenko (Russian, Soviet poet, prose writer, publicist, screenwriter, film director)
  • Evgeni Plushenko (figure skater, 2006 Olympic champion)
  • Evgeny Morgunov (theater and film actor)
  • Evgeny Schwartz (writer, playwright)
  • Evgeny Petrov (writer, co-author of Ilya Ilf)
  • Evgeny Klyachkin (bard, singer-songwriter)
  • Evgeny Vuchetich (monumental sculptor)
  • Flavius Eugene (emperor-usurper of the Western Roman Empire (392-394))
  • Eugene I ((died 657), Pope)
  • Eugene O'Neill ((1888 - 1953) American playwright, laureate of the Nobel Prize for Literature)
  • Evgeny Grishin (famous Soviet speed skater and coach)
  • Evgeny Salias-de-Tournemire ((1840 - 1908) Russian writer)
  • Evgeny Abalakov (Soviet sculptor and famous climber)
  • Evgeny Baratynsky (famous Russian poet)
  • Evgeny Mravinsky (conductor, People's Artist of the USSR)
  • Evgeny Samoilov (theater and film actor, People's Artist of the USSR)
  • Evgeny Primakov (politician, economist and historian (born 1929))
  • Evgeny Grishkovets (writer, actor, musician, director)
  • Evgeny Kafelnikov (tennis athlete, Honored Master of Sports of Russia)
  • Evgeny Dvorzhetsky (theater and film actor)
  • Evgeny Zharikov (theater and film actor)
  • Eugene Ionesco ((1909 - 1994) French playwright of Romanian origin, one of the founders of the theater of the absurd)
  • Eugenio Beltrami ((1835 - 1900) Italian mathematician)
  • Evgeny Dolmatovsky (poet and prose writer)
  • Evgeny Krylatov (composer)
  • Evgeniy Lansere (artist)
  • Eugenio d'Ors, Eugenie d'Ors ((1881 - 1954) Spanish and Catalan philosopher, writer, publicist)
  • Eugenio Germand (Brazilian chess player)
  • Eugeniusz Romer ((1871 - 1954) Polish geographer and cartographer)
  • Evgeny Leonov (theater and film actor, People's Artist of the USSR)
  • Evgeny Khavtan (guitarist, composer, leader of the Bravo group)
  • Evgeny Martynov (pop singer, composer, musician, teacher)
  • Evgeny Obolensky (Decembrist)
  • Eugene of Savoisky (outstanding commander of the Holy Roman Empire, French origin, Generalissimo)
  • Evgeny Vesnik (theater and film actor, theater director)
  • Evgeny Svetlanov (outstanding Soviet Russian conductor, pianist and composer, People's Artist of the USSR)
  • Evgeny Trubetskoy (Russian philosopher, publicist, lawyer, public figure)
  • Gene Kelly ((1912 - 1996) American dancer, choreographer, actor, singer and film director)
  • Gene Simmons ((born 1949) real name - Chaim Witz; one of the founders of the group "Kiss")
  • Eugene Dühring ((1833 - 1921) German philosopher and economist)
  • Eugene de Beauharnais, Eugene de Beauharnais ((1781 - 1824) son of Josephine de Beauharnais, stepson of Napoleon Bonaparte, Prince of France, Viceroy of Italy)
  • Eugene-Charles Catalan ((1814 - 1894) Belgian mathematician)
  • Evgen Zamechnik (Czech violinist, conductor and composer)

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