The Meaning Of The Name Dobrynya

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The Meaning Of The Name Dobrynya
The Meaning Of The Name Dobrynya

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Dobrynya
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Synonyms for the name Dobrynya. Kind, Dobrovest, Dobrovid, Kind, Dobrodan, Kindness, Dobromysl, Dobrolub, Dobromil, Dobromir, Dobroserd, Dobroslav, Dobrostrozh, Dobrokval, Dobrochest, Dobryn.

The origin of the name Dobrynya. The name Dobrynya is Slavic.

The name Dobrynya is a Slavic name. Literally this name means “kind”, but among the Slavs this word was used almost all the time in the meaning of “daring”, “the best”, rather than in describing character traits. The Slavs had the name Dobryn, and Dobrynya is a pet name, but it became its own name, therefore it is in this form that the name of the hero Dobrynya Nikitich, one of the main characters of the epic epic, is mentioned.

There is a version that the name Dobrynya is also a diminutive reference to other related male Slavic names, such as Dobr, Dobran, Dobrovet, Dobrovid, Dobroga, Dobrodan, Dobrodukh, Dobromysl, Dobrolyub, Dobromil, Dobromir, Dobroserd, Dobroslav, Kindness, Kindness, Kindness, Kindness, Dobryn, Kind and others. Also, this appeal was to female Slavic names, related and one-root: Dobrava, Dobrinka, Dobromila, Dobrogneva, Dobrodeya, Dobromir, Dobronega, Dobronrava, Dobroslav.

The name Dobrynya itself is one of the "non-calendar" names that were used among the Russian people after the adoption of Christianity. And this means that this name was either a second - a pagan name, or a nickname received for certain personal qualities: kindness, beauty, greatness.

Dobrynya's name day will be indicated for Archbishop Anthony, who is venerated by the Russian Orthodox Church. Remembrance is performed (according to the Julian calendar): October 8 (the day of death), February 10 (Cathedral of Novgorod saints) and on the 2nd Week (Sunday) after Pentecost (Cathedral of Novgorod saints). But the name Dobrynya does not appear in the Orthodox calendar.

From early childhood, a man bearing this ancient Slavic name is active, emotional and inquisitive. He learns many things before other children. At school, Dobrynya cannot be classified as an exemplary student, he can hardly sit out lessons, cannot calmly listen to the teacher. The adult Dobrynya is not collected and organized, trying to be in different places at the same time and do several things at once. Behind his inability to self-organize, it is not always possible to discern positive qualities. Sometimes Dobrynya is subject to bouts of unreasonable fear. For example, he may be afraid of failing in exams, where he should get a high score on all indicators.

Dobrynya is an adventurer by nature, often finds herself in all sorts of unsightly situations. It is difficult for him to focus his attention on one subject. It is very difficult for such a person to do one thing all his life, it quickly bothers him.

Girls begin to interest Dobrynya early. By the time he comes of age, he has already accumulated a decent experience of communication with the opposite sex. Women, on the one hand, are attracted by Dobrynya's eloquence and the desire to be constantly in sight, and, on the other hand, repulsed by the glory of “empty talk”. A man with this name loves variety in his personal life, so he often changes his friends. Monotonous and insipid relationships are not for him.

The future wife of Dobrynya must have a strong will. After all, she has to direct and control her chosen one. Next to Dobrynya, only a calm and balanced woman will stay, who will be able to point out to her spouse about mistakes and ways to solve problems, doing it unobtrusively. However, family life with Dobrynya can quickly collapse precisely through his fault. Dobrynya's wife may feel a lack of understanding and attention to her own person, which will force her to decide on a divorce. But this is unlikely to greatly upset Dobrynya.

Dobrynya is always surrounded by a noisy company, she simply cannot live without numerous friends. He strives to participate in all parties. Among his friends there are a lot of the same crazy guys like himself.

Dobrynya's birthday

Dobrynya celebrates its name day on February 10, October 8.

Famous people named Dobrynya

  • Dobrynya Nikitich (the second most popular hero of the Russian folk epic after Ilya Muromets. He is often depicted as a service hero under Prince Vladimir. Dobrynya is the closest hero to the prince and his family, performing their personal assignments and distinguished not only by bravery, but also by diplomatic abilities. sometimes called the prince, and sometimes the nephew of Vladimir Krasniy Solnyshka. The historical prototype of Dobrynya Nikitich is considered the governor Dobrynya, the uncle and governor of Prince Vladimir, the brother of his mother Malusha. But there are versions that Dobrynya Nikitich is a collective image of Russian heroes.)
  • Dobrynya (voivode of Vladimir I Svyatoslavich, brother of his mother Malusha, according to some instructions, the son of Malk Lyubechanin Msishi-Lyut (Mstislav Lyuty) Sveneldich. It is considered a possible prototype of the hero Dobrynya Nikitich.)
  • Archbishop Anthony ((died 1232) in the world - Dobrynya Yadreykovich; Archbishop of Novgorod (1210 - 1218, 1226 - 1228, 1228 - 1229), Bishop of Przemysl (1220 - 1225), known for his description of the pilgrimage to Constantinople - "The Book of the Pilgrim". Honored by the Russian Orthodox Church in the face of saints)
  • Dobrynya (Novgorod mayor - XII century)
  • Dobrynka (Kiev boyar - XII century)
  • Dobrynya Dolgy (Suzdal boyar - XII century)
  • Dobrynya Galician (XIII century)

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