The Meaning Of The Name Jonathan (Joe)

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The Meaning Of The Name Jonathan (Joe)
The Meaning Of The Name Jonathan (Joe)

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Short form of name Jonathan. Joe, John, Johnny, Jonty, Yon, Nathan, Yoni, Yo, Yoyo, Jo, Jojo, Natas.

Synonyms for the name Jonathan. Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Honatan, Jonathan, Jonathan.

The origin of the name Jonathan. Jonathan's name is English.

The name Jonathan is common in English-speaking countries, mainly in the UK. But its roots are Hebrew. There are several characters in the Bible named Jonathan or, alternatively, Jonathan. Translated from Hebrew, the name sounds like "God bestowed." The name Jonathan has several spellings in the Latin alphabet: Jonathan, Jehonathan, Yonatan, Yehonatan.

The name Jonathan has European counterparts. So in France Jonathan will be called Jonathan, in Germany, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands - Jonathan, in Sweden and Norway - Jonathan, in Spain - Honatan. Joe's diminutive is also used for many other male names (Joseph, George, Jocelyn, Giovanni, Joel). The address John is, as an independent name, and an appeal to the names Jonas - an analogue of the name Yunus, Johannes - an analogue of the name Ivan.

The name Jonathan is not mentioned in Catholic and Orthodox saints.

The owners of this name most often turn out to be surprisingly adapted to life due to their personal qualities. Any Jonathan considers his main principle to be the indispensable achievement of success, he strives for fame and material well-being. It is to the wonderful music of these words that the character of the Jonathan dances. They resolutely follow any path that should lead them to their goal, cleverly bypassing the doubts and crises common to other people. These qualities are manifested from early childhood: Jonathan finds his calling earlier than others and, being still a child, firmly believes in his strengths, which very rarely fail him.

Исходя из этого Джонатан часто бывает несправедлив с глупыми и недобросовестными людьми; однако винить его в этом не стоит: он искренне их недолюбливает, и вряд ли способен относиться к ним по-другому. Иногда это приводит к серьезным конфликтам, даже если нет достойной причины. Впрочем, такой исход – совсем уж крайность, так что заранее бояться и избегать Джонатана не стоит.

You might think that Jonathan is some kind of human machine for diligent and determined "production". Not at all. The owners of this name are deeply emotional people who can quite sincerely feel even the most ecstatic and, conversely, crisis states. Another thing is that these emotions are usually deeply hidden from prying eyes and are constantly under control, which, by the way, costs Jonathan a lot. But, if required, Jonathan is able to demonstrate his feelings. It looks especially impressive when Jonathan is overwhelmed by a formidable courageous strength that amazes literally everyone who is lucky enough to see it.

However, such violent, frightening outbursts occur only occasionally when the situation is critical. In everyday life, Jonathan is a very kind and generous person. This is especially evident when someone needs his knowledge, which he has enough thanks to desperate curiosity. However, when it comes to money, Jonathan is the first person to turn to: he will happily share the fruits of his success.

But, of course, Jonathan's kindness and generosity is most evident in the family. Here he is an incredibly honest and open person, ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of his beloved woman and child. When you marry Jonathan, you can be sure that there will be a lot of money in the family, and you will not have to deny yourself anything. This is because Jonathan always carries all the "cream" of his finances home at breakneck speed - to pamper loved ones with unnecessary pleasures. However, not only cream, the family gets the rest of the jug of milk, and the butter remains - Jonathan is able to earn a lot of money.

Due to his endless devotion to his loved ones, Jonathan is absolutely intolerant of treason: he himself will never allow himself anything like this, and treason in relation to him can bring him to terrible rage and impose a taboo on all forgiveness. But if you are as deeply devoted to him as he is to you, you will get an affectionate and attentive family man, ready every day to creatively give you the most precious thing he has.

Jonathan's birthday

Jonathan doesn't celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Jonathan

  • Jonathan Swift ((1667-1745) Anglo-Irish writer, wrote not only in the genre of satire, but also journalism, parables, lyric narratives, poems. He was a poet and public figure. His most famous works are "Gulliver's Travel", "Battle of the Books "," Diary for Stella. ")
  • Jonathan Coe ((born 1961) English writer, author of What a Cheat!)
  • Jonathan Sadowski ((born 1979) American actor, starred in the films Die Hard 4.0, Friday the 13th, Forbidden Zone, Terminator: Battle for the Future and others)
  • Jonathan Murray ((born 1981) British professional tennis player, 2012 Wimbledon Cup doubles)
  • Jonathan Kaplan ((born 1947) American filmmaker, has directed over 30 films, including The Accused, Mister Billion, Project X, Intrusion, Bad Girls, Ruined Palace and Without a Trace "His series, Ambulance, has received five Emmy nominations.)
  • Jonathan Demmey ((born 1944) American director, three Oscar winners in all five major categories for The Silence of the Lambs. Also directed Philadelphia, Extra Shift, The Truth About Charlie, Charade, Manchurian Candidate ".)
  • Jonathan Bennett ((born 1981) American actor, starred in the films Mean Girls, Eastwick, Boston School, Cats Dancing on Jupiter, Smallville, Love on the Island, Invitation to Divorce ")
  • Jonathan de Guzman ((born 1987) Dutch footballer, since 2013 became a national team player)
  • Sir Jonathan Paul "Joni" Ive KBE ((born 1967) Anglo-American designer of Apple portable devices (media players, smartphones, laptops, etc.))
  • Jonathan Fisher ((c. 1740-1809) Irish painter, painted landscapes, portraits, painted prints)
  • Jonathan Hyde ((born 1948) English actor, starred in the films Lace, Caravaggio, Titanic, Anaconda, Being Human, The Mummy, Robin Hood's Daughter: Princess of Thieves, The Contract "," Strain "and others)
  • Jonathan Reuven Rotem ((born 1975) American singer, rap and R`n`B)
  • Jonathan Urreta ((born 1990) Uruguayan footballer, player of the Uruguayan Olympic team)
  • Jonathan Huberdeau ((born 1993) Canadian ice hockey player)
  • Jonathan Parker ((born 1976) English chess player, received the title of grandmaster in 2001)
  • Jonathan Clements ((born 1971) English writer. Author of books on anime and manga, also wrote biographical books about Confucius, Coxing (the most famous Chinese pirate) and Qing Shihuandi (ruler of the first centralized Chinese state), Marco Polo, Mao Zedong and others eminent persons in Asia. In 2000 he was awarded the Japan Festival Award for his outstanding contribution to "understanding Japanese culture.")
  • Jonathan Midol ((born 1988) French freestyler, bronze medalist at the 2014 Olympic Games)

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