The Meaning Of The Name Dick

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The Meaning Of The Name Dick
The Meaning Of The Name Dick

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Dick
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Synonyms for the name Dick. Richard, Benedict, Diederik, Raymond.

The origin of the name Dick. The name Dick is German, English.

The name Dick is most often a diminutive reference to various male names (Richard, Benedict, Diederik, Raymond). But recently this name has become independent and is used along with other names.

The name Dick does not appear in either Orthodox or Catholic names.

Dick's birthday

Dick doesn't celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Dick

  • Dirk (Dick) Jacobus Willem Nanninga ((born 1949) former Dutch footballer, striker and midfielder. Best scorer in Roda history, silver medalist at the 1978 World Cup.)
  • Dick van Dijk ((1946 - 1997) Dutch footballer)
  • Dick Clark ((born 1929) full name - Richard Wagstaff Clark; American entrepreneur, game show host and radio and television personality. He was the Chairman and CEO of Dick Clark Productions, in which he sold his stake. the work of the host of such popular TV shows as “American Stage”, five versions of the game show “Pyramid” and “Dick Clark`s New Year`s Rockin` Eve.” On November 30, 2009, all US DJs honored Dick Clark on his 80th birthday.)
  • Richard Marvin "Dick" Batkas ((born 1942) is a retired American footballer widely recognized as the greatest linebacker of his generation and of all time. Inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1979 after playing 9 seasons for Chicago.)
  • Dirk (Dick) Nicholas Advocaat ((born 1947) Dutch footballer (midfielder) and football coach, head coach of the Russian national team, former coach of the national teams of the Netherlands, UAE, South Korea, Belgium, as well as the St. Petersburg Zenit, Rangers, PSV and other clubs. Honorary Citizen of St. Petersburg (2008), Honored Coach of Russia (2008).)
  • Dick van Buerik ((born 1973) Dutch footballer)
  • Dick Helling ((born 1950) former Dutch footballer, midfielder)
  • Richard Douglas "Dick" Fosbury ((born 1947) American track and field athlete, high jumper, 1968 Summer Olympics champion. Inventor of the modern high jump, now known as the Fosbury flop.)
  • Richard ("Dick") Totten Button ((born 1929) former American figure skater, two-time Olympic figure skating champion, five-time world champion, now a television commentator)
  • Dick York ((1928 - 1992) full name - Richard Allen York; American actor, performer of the role of Darrin Stevens in the cult American TV series "My wife bewitched me" ("The Witch"))
  • Dick Costolo (current Twitter CEO and former COO)
  • Richard Henry Pym ((1893 - 1988) better known as Dick Pym; English footballer, goalkeeper. Best known for his performances for Bolton Wanderers in the 1920s.)
  • Richard Holden ((1885 -?) Better known as Dick Holden; English footballer best known for his appearances for Manchester United)
  • Dick van Geth ((born 1932) Dutch chess player, international master (1965))
  • Richard Stanley "Dick" Francis, CBE ((1920 - 2010) English writer, author of many detective novels set in and around the world of horse racing)
  • Dick Dale ((born 1937) real name - Richard Anthony Monsour; Surf rock guitarist from USA. Known as the King of Surf Guitar.)
  • Richard Wayne "Dick" Van Dyke ((born 1925) is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer. His first success came in 1960 on Broadway when he won the Tony Award for his role in the musical Bye Birdie. years the musical was filmed, where Van Dyck also played a role. In 1964 he played the role of Bert in the film version of the musical "Mary Poppins", for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe. From 1961 to 1966, Dick Van Dyck was the host of his own television show on CBS, which earned him three Emmy awards. In the 1990s, the actor played the role of Dr. Mark Sloan in the detective television series Diagnosis: Murder.)
  • Dick Keth ((1902 - 1940) Dutch artist, one of the representatives of the magical realism movement in the Netherlands)
  • Dick Marty ((born 1945) member of the Council of Cantons (the upper house of the Swiss parliament) from the Liberal Party, member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Dick Marty is the author of a report accusing the Albanian authorities of the Serbian province of Kosovo of illegal trafficking in human organs and drugs.)
  • Dick Norman (Belgian professional tennis player, finalist at the French Open in men's doubles in 2009)
  • Dick Ryan (American heavyweight boxer)
  • Dick Schunaker (retired Dutch footballer played midfielder)
  • Richard (Dick) Turpin ((1705 - 1739) famous English robber, hero of many songs, stories, films and TV series)
  • Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney ((born 1941) is an American politician, Republican, worked in the administrations of four US presidents. He is a consistent critic of the Barack Obama administration.)
  • Dick Ben ((1914 - 1978) Dutch footballer who played as a defender)
  • Richard Hargreaves Duckworth ((1882 -?) Better known as Dick Duckworth; English footballer, played as extreme midfielder)

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