The Meaning Of The Name Jeremy (Jeremiah)

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The Meaning Of The Name Jeremy (Jeremiah)
The Meaning Of The Name Jeremy (Jeremiah)

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Short form of the name Jeremy (Jeremiah). Jeri, Jerry, Jay, Yeri, Yarema, Erema, Yeri.

Synonyms for the name Jeremy (Jeremiah). Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Yeremey, Jeremy, Jeremias, Heremias, Jeremias, Jeremias.

Origin of the name Jeremy (Jeremiah). The name Jeremy (Jeremiah) is Russian, Jewish, English, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Jeremy is the English version of the Hebrew name Jeremiah (Yirmiyahu), which translates as "The Lord will magnify." The Russian form of the name Jeremiah is Eremey. The name Jeremy has a cognate name Jerome, which comes from Jerome, which is a cognate name for Jeremiah (Jeremiah).

The name Jeremiah is a male name of biblical origin. The Bible mentions Jeremiah - one of the four great prophets of the Old Testament. For Jeremy's name, Catholic name days will be listed. Orthodox name days Jeremiah - January 14, January 27, March 1, April 19, May 14, October 18.

Jeremy is very judicious and patient. He knows how to convince. From the outside it may seem boring. At the same time, a man with this name never gives in to public opinion, is objective and can be vindictive. Jeremy is overconfident in many matters. A storm of emotions hides under a calm appearance.

He has excellent intuition, good reaction and high efficiency. By expressing his emotions, Jeremy can cause anxiety in colleagues with his activity and aggressiveness. In his work, he is excellent at implementing long-term projects. He knows how to manipulate people, which helps him a lot in life. No one can argue with the intellectual abilities of this man. Likes to learn everything new. People of this kind make excellent politicians, intelligence officers, police officers and missionaries. They strive for moral freedom and deny any moral standards.

In family life, the owner of this name has many problems. He does not want and does not know how to wait. The main value in life for Jeremy is his family and close friends. He is a good father of a family and a devoted friend.

In life, Jeremy strives for stability, appreciates traditions, always shows himself to be a calm and sane person. He will never put instant benefit above his reputation. To solve problems, Jeremy goes the liberal way. He does not use drastic measures to achieve his goals. Among colleagues, Jeremy does not stand out for leadership qualities. He is a diligent and capable employee.

Some holders of this name can be complacent and arrogant towards others. But in general, Jeremy is very sociable, loves communication. To win his respect, such a person constantly needs to be rebuffed and resisted.

Jeremy's soft and romantic soul hides from the outside world behind a screen of practicality. He needs to constantly express himself, exchange ideas with like-minded people. He is peaceful and sensitive to any external factors.

Depending on the situation, he can be chatty and settle any issue as a mediator. This man is almost never deceived by appearance, but is able to understand the true essence of things.

He has a strong sense of his own dignity. Among those around him, Jeremy always achieves love and respect. Jeremy is always ready to help in difficult times, provide support and care if necessary. Sometimes he can be shy. But at the same time, the predatory nature of the owner of this name takes its toll.

Birthday Jeremy (Jeremiah)

Jeremy (Jeremiah) celebrates his name day on January 14, January 27, February 16, March 1, April 6, April 19, May 1, May 14, June 7, June 17, September 15, October 5, October 18.

Famous people named Jeremy (Jeremiah)

  • Jeremy Horrocks ((1618 - 1641) English astronomer who predicted and observed the transit of Venus across the solar disk in 1639)
  • Jeremy Gage ((1927 - 2011) American chess historian and archivist; author of a number of authoritative reference publications. In the tournament directory (1984) he gave data on 10 thousand 626 different competitions. Published tables of tournaments for 1851-1930. Gage's work "Chess Players. Biobibliography" (1987) is considered a classic; contains about 14 thousand reference articles about chess players and chess composers from different countries, leaders of the national and international chess movement, indicates the main sources of their biographical information.)
  • Jeremy Northham (British theater, film and television actor)
  • Jeremy Jack Thomas ((born 1949) British producer, founder of the Recorded Picture Company. He has worked with many world film directors such as Nagisa Oshima, David Cronenberg, Terry Gilliam, Wim Wenders and others. Participated in the creation of several films of the Italian director. Bernardo Bertolucci, including the Oscar-winning historical drama The Last Emperor (1987) in the Best Picture category, and in 2006 won the European Film Academy Award for Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema.)
  • Jeremy Ellison (programmer, one of the leaders of the free community and the Samba project)
  • Jeremy John Irons (English actor, Oscar winner for Best Actor (1990) and several other prestigious awards)
  • Jeremy Sisto (American actor, best known for his roles in the television series The Client is Always Dead and Law & Order)
  • Jeremy Lee Renner (American actor and singer)
  • Jeremy Russell Brockie (New Zealand footballer, attacking midfielder for the Australian club Newcastle United Jets and the New Zealand national team)
  • Jeremy Miller (creator of the Jabber technology and lead developer of the first Jabber server jabberd 1.0. He also wrote one of the very first XML parsers in JavaScript.)
  • Jeremy Davis (née Jeremy Davis Boring; American film and television actor, best known for the role of physicist Daniel Faraday in the adventure television series Lost, as well as for his roles in a number of popular films such as Saving Private Ryan (1998), “Hotel“Million Dollars”” (2000), “Solaris” (2002).)
  • Jeremy Clayton Davis (bassist of the American rock band "Paramore")
  • Jeremy Nicholas ((born 1947) English actor, radio host, music critic, composer and poet)
  • Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson is an English TV presenter and automotive journalist. Best known as host of the BBC's 2005 Emmy television show Top Gear. Writes weekly columns for the Sunday Times and Sun Together with James May, he was the first to reach the Earth's magnetic north pole by car.)
  • Jeremy Lee Wotherspoon (Canadian speed skater, silver medalist at the 1998 Olympic Games at a distance of 500 m, 4-time world champion in sprint all-around (1999-2001, 2003) and 13-time world champion in individual distances (8 times at a distance of 500 m and 5 times at a distance of 1000 m))
  • Jeremy Wade (British fisherman, extreme biologist and host of the "River Monsters" program on Animal Planet TV channel (shown on the "Discovery" channel in Russia), as well as the programs "Fishermen in the Jungle" and "Extreme Fishing")
  • Jeremy Thiela (American biathlete)
  • Walter Jeremy Sanders III ((born 1936) American businessman, one of the founders of AMD)
  • Jeremy John Christie (New Zealand footballer, central midfielder for Tampa Bay and New Zealand)
  • Jeremiah (Yarema) Mikhail Koribut Vishnevetsky ((1612 - 1651) statesman and military leader of the Commonwealth. Participated in the largest battles of the period of the uprising of Bohdan Khmelnitsky in 1648-1651 - on the side of the Commonwealth. According to some sources, he was particularly cruel towards to the rebels ("slaves", "schismatics"): on his orders tens of thousands of captured rebels were brutally tortured in the Left-Bank and Right-Bank Ukraine.)
  • Jeremiah Tomb ((died 1606) ruler of the Moldavian principality (1595 - 1600, 1600 - 1606))
  • Jeremy Hintsman (officially the first American deserter to Canada during the Iraq war, which had a wide public response in the United States)
  • Jeremiah II Tranos ((1530 - 1595) Patriarch of Constantinople from 1572 (intermittently))
  • Jeremiah Benjamin Richter ((1762 - 1807) German chemist, one of the founders of the theory of stoichiometry)
  • Albert Bizius ((1797 - 1854) pseudonym - Eremia Gotthelf; outstanding Swiss folk writer)
  • Jeremiah Brandreth ((1790 - 1817) unemployed stocking maker living in Nottinghamshire, beheaded for treason. Known as “Captain of Nottingham.” He and his two accomplices were the last two people to be executed by ax beheading in Great Britain.)

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