The Meaning Of The Name James

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The Meaning Of The Name James
The Meaning Of The Name James

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Synonyms for the name James. Jacob, Jacob, Jacob, Giacomo, Jacobbe, Jacob, Iago, Jacob, Jacob, Jacobo, Jacob, Jaime, Hakob.

The origin of the name James. The name James is Hebrew, English, Catholic.

The name James is the English version of the biblical name Jacob (Jacob). In various countries, the name Jacob has its own pronunciation. In Spain - Santiago, in Italy - Giacomo and Jacobbe, Jaimi in Portugal, Jakub in Poland, Czech Republic, Jacques in France. Iago, Jacob, Jaco, Jacobo, Jaime, Hakob - these are all analogs of the name Jacob (Jacob), respectively, and analogs of the name James. In England there is also a second form of the name Jacob - Jacob.

From variants of the name Jacob (Jacob) - Jacques, James, Jacob and others - female names were formed: Jacqueline, Jacobina, Jacob, Jacob, Jacquez and others.

Jacob is revered in all Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Saint James, among the Spaniards Saint Santiago, is considered the patron saint of Spain and the former Spanish colonies (Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua). In the Spanish and English-speaking countries of the world, many geographical objects and organizations are named after the saints (Jacob, the Spaniards - Santiago, the British - St. James).

Description of the meaning of the name - see the name Jacob (Jacob).

For the name James, Catholic name days will be indicated, Orthodox name days can be found next to the name Jacob.

James's birthday

James celebrates his name day on April 30, May 3, May 6, July 14, July 25, August 6, August 17, November 1, November 19, November 27, November 28.

Famous people named James

  • Jaime I the Conqueror ((1208 - 1276) king of Aragon, Mallorca and Valencia)
  • Jaime II the Just ((1267 - 1327) king of Sicily, Sardinia, Aragon and Valencia)
  • Jacobus Kapteyn ((1851 - 1922) Dutch astronomer best known for his extensive studies of the Milky Way; he was also the first scientist to find evidence of galactic rotation)
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau ((1712 - 1778) French writer and philosopher)
  • Jacques-Yves Cousteau ((1910 - 1997) famous French explorer of the World Ocean, photographer, filmmaker, inventor, author of many books and films. He was a member of the French Academy. Commander of the Legion of Honor. Known as Captain Cousteau. Together with Emile Gagnan in 1943 developed and tested scuba diving Awards and prizes: Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honor, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Merit (France), Military Cross 1939-1945 (France), Officer of the Order of Naval Merit (France), Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters, Companion of the Order of Australia, Presidential Medal of Freedom.)
  • James Watt ((1736 - 1819) Scottish engineer, inventor of the steam engine)
  • James Joyce ((1882 - 1941) Irish writer and poet)
  • James Joseph (Jim) Parsons ((born 1973) is an American actor, has received numerous film awards and awards, such as Golden Globe and Emmy Awards. Became famous as an actor who played the role of Dr. Sheldon Cooper in the comedy series The Big Bang Theory.)
  • Jim Morrison ((1943 - 1971) American rock singer, poet, leader of The Doors)
  • Jimmy Page (English rock guitarist, founder of the band "Led Zeppelin")
  • Jamie Murray (Scottish tennis player)
  • Seamus Heaney ((born 1939) Irish poet, Nobel Prize winner in Literature)
  • Jacob Bernoulli ((1654 - 1705) Swiss mathematician and physicist)
  • Jacob Grimm ((1785 - 1863) German philologist, folklorist, who, together with his brother Wilhelm, compiled a collection of German fairy tales)
  • Jacques-Louis David ((1748 - 1825) French painter)
  • Jacques Chirac ((born 1932) French politician, President of France (1995-2007))
  • Giacomo Casanova ((1725 - 1798) Italian adventurer, traveler, author of memoirs)
  • Giacomo Puccini ((1858 - 1924) Italian opera composer)
  • Jacopone da Todi, Jacopo de Benedetti ((about 1233 - 1306) Italian monk, poet, author of the text of the religious hymn "Stabat mater")
  • Jacopino del Conte ((about 1515 - 1598) Italian artist)
  • Jacopo Balestri (Italian footballer)
  • Giacobbe Fragomeni (Italian boxer)
  • Jaime Siles ((born 1951) Spanish poet, translator, philologist)
  • Santiago de Murcia ((1673 - 1739) Spanish guitarist and composer)
  • Iago Falque (Spanish footballer)
  • Jaime de Almeida (Jaime de Almeida, Brazilian footballer and football coach (born 1920))
  • Jakub Sobieski ((1590 - 1646) Polish magnate, statesman, father of King Jan Sobieski)
  • Jacob from Strshibr (Jakubek from Strshibr, Jakubek from Strshibr; Czech reformer, professor at Prague University, associate of Jan Hus (1373 - 1429))
  • Jacob Boehme ((1575 - 1624) German theosophist, visionary, Christian mystic)
  • Jacob Imhof ((1651 - 1728) German genealogist)
  • Jacob Zhao Quanxin ((1856 - 1900) Holy Roman Catholic Church, Martyr)
  • Jacob Yan Godong ((1853 - 1900) Holy Roman Catholic Church, Martyr)
  • Jacob Voraginsky, Jacob Voraginsky, Jacopo da Varazze, de Voragine, Jacob from Voragin, Jacob Genoese (erroneous transcriptions - Jacques de Voragin, Jacob Vorazhin, Jacopo, Jacobus, Jacob, Jacobo or Jacob Voragin) ((- about 1228/1230) 1298) Dominican monk, Italian spiritual writer, author of the famous collection of the lives of saints "The Golden Legend")
  • Jacob Agard ((1813 - 1901) Swedish botanist, algologist; best known for his works on the study of algae)
  • Iago ap Beli ((560 - 613) King of Gwynedd from 599)
  • Iago the British ((632 BC - 604 BC) according to research by Geoffrey of Monmouth, seventeenth legendary king of Britain, nephew of King Gurgust)
  • Jaime Lachika Sin ((1928 - 2005) Filipino Cardinal)
  • Jaume Cassani (Andorran statesman and politician, Prime Minister of Andorra since June 5, 2009)
  • Jaime Laredo (American violinist and conductor of Bolivian descent)
  • Jaime Valdez (Chilean footballer, left midfielder)
  • Jaime Huge ((1412 - 1492) Catalan painter of the late Gothic period)
  • Jaco Pastorius ((1951 - 1987) real name - John Pastorius III; American jazz bass player, had exceptional improvisation skills and unique sound production)
  • Jacob Ginsburg (also - Jaco Ginsburg; Brazilian theater critic and theater critic, editor, publisher, essayist, translator (from Yiddish, French and other languages), considered one of the greatest theorists of Brazilian theater)
  • Jaco Van Dormal (Belgian film director, actor, screenwriter, producer)
  • Hamish Milne (British pianist, famous propagandist of Nikolai Medtner's work, musicologist)
  • Hamish Glencross (British musician, guitarist of the doom metal band "My Dying Bride")
  • Jaakko Ilkka ((about 1550 - 1597) Finnish peasant from Pohyanmaa, leader of the peasant uprising known as the "Cudgel War")
  • Jaakko Tallus (famous Finnish double fighter, Olympic champion, world champion)
  • Jaakko Hintikka (Finnish philosopher. He is considered an expert in various fields of mathematical logic, game theory, philosophy of mathematics, epistemology, philosophy of science, metaphysics, in addition, in various other philosophical specializations and related historical issues, including the theories of Aristotle, Rene Descartes and Ludwig Wittgenstein.)
  • Jacobus Oud (in some transcriptions - Aud; Dutch architect and theorist of architecture, one of the main representatives of functionalism in architecture)
  • Jacobus Haring ((1913 - 1989) Dutch chess composer, international grandmaster (1990 †) and international arbiter (1964) in chess composition)
  • Jacobus Faber ((c. 1450 - 1536) or Jacques Lefebvre of Etapel, French humanist, theologian, philosopher, music theorist, mathematician; best known as the French translator of the New Testament and the Psalter)

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