The Meaning Of The Name Demid

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The Meaning Of The Name Demid
The Meaning Of The Name Demid

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Demid

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Demid
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The short form of the name Demid. Dema.

Synonyms for the name Demid. Diomedes, Diomedes.

The origin of the name Demid. The name Demid is Russian, Orthodox, Greek.

The name Demid is a Russian name with Greek origin. It is a derived male name on behalf of Diomedes (Diomedes), consisting of two semantic foundations "Zeus" (God) and "reflect", "care", therefore the name is often interpreted as "the thought of God", "care of God." The short address Dema is also used in relation to the names Demyan and Dementius. The name Demid is mentioned only in Orthodox saints.

The owner of the name Demid is a very attractive man, self-confident, original, but not devoid of intellectual abilities. It is an undeniable fact that he is lighthearted, outgoing and playful, but does not like to talk about himself. Since childhood, notes of willfulness are noticeable in him, but his main trump card is his incredible power of persuasion, which allows him to achieve success in life. With age, he acquires the skills of organization and management, therefore, the older Demid becomes, the more difficult it is for him to be a simple subordinate.

Demid is a practical man, with an analytical mindset, skeptical about all new products until the subject becomes studied and understandable. He is happy to study independently, he is attracted by various mechanisms, he is a born tactician and partly a strategist. He cannot be called a romantic and a dreamer, but reading not only useful literature, but also such genres as science fiction, fantasy, detective stories allows him to dream and find an explanation for strange and mysterious things, which can later be transferred to Demid's inventions.

The owner of the name Demid prefers solitude in those moments when he needs to solve problems, he will not seek advice from colleagues and professionals, cooperation in this case is not a necessary factor for him. But as soon as communication for him is not connected with work, with his thoughts, and he just needs to talk and discuss the news, then Demid is strikingly transformed and becomes the soul of the company.

In family life, Demid is a good boss, an attentive husband, but a demanding father. He loves friendly parties, fishing and hiking. Demid can find his professional vocation in technical fields (information technology, industry, rocketry), but his communication skills can also make him a teacher, journalist, writer.

Demid's birthday

Demid celebrates his name day on July 3, August 16, August 28, September 2.

Famous people named Demid

  • Demid Momot ((born 1949) Soviet and Russian wrestler and trainer (sambo, judo, karate), founded the League of Martial Arts Masters and the martial arts school, author of the book "Black Belt")
  • Demid Ivanyukov ((1907-1975) Soviet oilman who made a significant contribution to the development of the industry; Honored Inventor of the RSFSR, author of scientific articles and monographs, holder of several patents for inventions)
  • Demid Vladimirovich ((XIII century) prince of Pinsk)
  • Demid Babak ((1911-1943) infantry company commander, Hero of the Soviet Union)
  • Demid Shevenok ((1909-1986) artilleryman, Hero of the Soviet Union)

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