The Meaning Of The Name Daniel

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The Meaning Of The Name Daniel
The Meaning Of The Name Daniel

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Short form of the name Daniel. Dan, Danny, Dankin, Dunkin, Dan, Dani, Danny, Dantier.

Synonyms for the name Daniel. Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, Taneli, Tanel, Daniel.

The origin of the name Daniel. The name Daniel is Catholic.

The name Daniel is a European name that in some countries can be both masculine and feminine. More often this can be found in France, in most other countries, the paired female name most often sounds like Daniela. It is possible to write a name with a double "l", but only in the Latin layout (Daniell, Danielle, Daniella), in the Russian version the double spelling "l" is found only for the female name - Danielle.

Pronunciation of the name Daniel can be with a softening at the end ("b" is added), and without it - solid Daniel, Daniel. "Daniel" in Europe can be used not only as a first name, but also as a surname.

This name had short appeals, which later became completely independent names - Dan, Dan, Danny. For 50 years now, the name Daniel has been in the top 20 most popular American male names, but it has not yet risen above the 5th place in this rating. But in England, in 1995, this name became the leading among male names, but is gradually losing ground and is already in the top 30 of the rating.

In Russia, the analogue of this name will be the name Daniel, which also exists in other versions - Danil, Danila. The name Daniel was given to an early Christian prophet mentioned in the Bible. Among Muslims, a similar name will be Daniyal (Daniyal, Danjal, Daniar, Daniyar).

The name Daniel is two-part. The first part "dan" translates as "judge" and the second part "el" means "God". Literally, the name is often interpreted as "my judge, God", "my God is a judge", "God is a judge", but there are also more free translations - "judge", "just man", "God's judgment".

For the name Daniel, Catholic name days are indicated. Orthodox name days - see the name Daniel.

The owner of the name Daniel is a charming man who is very pleasant to others, because he is sociable, cheerful and always shows friendliness. He is an emotional and sensitive man with a great sense of tact, and he shows tolerance towards others. He is, to some extent, an idealist, and sometimes a reformist, and, of course, he likes that everyone around him is happy. His emotional life is very important to him, and if Daniel feels frustrated, misunderstood or unloved, he loses a lot of his energy and perhaps even his abilities.

Rather, he is a curious man who gets involved in everything that interests him. Therefore, Daniel is quite intellectually and diversified, he has to acquire knowledge in those areas that attracted him.

Daniel quite often shows the ability for vocal vocalism. He has a very beautiful voice with a wide range. This man has a knack for playing with words, so he has the art of soothing any dangerous situation without forceful intervention.

He is flexible, adaptable, bright and cunning man, but despite this, he is a very likeable person for most of the people around him. In childhood, such children are admired, because they know how to do exactly what they need. Extremely susceptible to the environment in which he is, Daniel immediately senses any bad moods in the family and begins to be very worried about such a violation of inner harmony. He seeks to get away from this, preferring sports, art, literary creativity. On the other hand, a positive home environment is all he needs to participate in family life and fulfill his responsibilities. One should not forget about the impressionability and changeability of Daniel, not letting him go free floating, but carefully controlling his actions and preferences.

In a love relationship, Daniel manifests himself as a gentle and loving man for whom it is important to have his own family. Moreover, Daniel is selfless and fully devoted to her. But the owner of this name is also a rather obsessive perfectionist, extremely demanding of his chosen one, because he is not alien to heart worries, because an ideal woman is a rare creature! Daniel loves to flirt, unexpected accidents and sudden encounters. He values ​​beauty, art, comfort, and travel - elements of life that are essential to his happiness.

Family plays a very important role in Daniel's life, so it can have a significant impact on his professional choices. But he can also be tempted by a career in marketing or speech-related fields (journalism, broadcasting, travel, hospitality and catering). Sport is one of the areas where Daniel can show his best side.

Daniel's birthday

Daniel celebrates his name day on Jan 3, Jan 20, Jan 24, Feb 16, Feb 23, Jul 10, Jul 21, Oct 10, Dec 11, Dec 26.

Famous people named Daniel

  • Daniel (Daniel) Gottlieb Messerschmidt ((1685-1735) German physician and botanist, associate of Peter I. He was engaged in research in Russia, led the first scientific expedition to Siberia. He is considered the ancestor of archeology in Russia, it was he who discovered petroglyphs on the Yenisei. He made a map of Siberia, where he indicated all the deposits found (salt, coal, ore), as well as the location of mining enterprises and metallurgical plants. Part of the samples from his collection of minerals and ores was included in the "Mineral catalog" by MB Lomonosov. He was the first to discover and describe the permafrost.)
  • Daniel Anthony ((born 1987) British actor, best known for his role as Clyde Langer in Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • Daniel Martinez ((born 1996) Colombian professional road cyclist)
  • Daniel Defoe ((c. 1669-1731) birth name - Daniel Fo; English writer, popularized the novel genre, wrote more than 500 books. Published articles on various topics - economics, marriage, politics, crime, religion, psychology, supernatural and other.)
  • Daniel Dihez Garcia ((born 1981) Spanish actor, singer, participant of Eurovision 2010)
  • Daniel (Dani) Loeble (((born 1973) German drummer, plays in the metal band Helloween)
  • Daniel Komen ((born 1976) Kenyan track and field athlete specializing in middle and long distance running. Reigning world record holder in 3000 meters outdoors. Multiple world championship winner.)
  • Daniel Bruhl ((born 1978) German film actor. He starred in the films Good Bye, Lenin! "," Race "," The First Avenger: Confrontation "," Inglourious Basterds "," Fifth Estate "," The Bourne Ultimatum "and" The Colony Dignidad.”Repeated winner of the film awards.)
  • Daniel Chirita ((born 1974) Romanian footballer)
  • Daniel Alomia Robles ((1871-1942) Peruvian composer, also a musicologist-folklorist. Studied and processed the music of Indian tribes. His melody "Flight of the Condor" was recognized as a National cultural heritage of Peru. Traveled across Latin America, collected melodies and brought musical instruments, traditional pottery.)
  • Daniel Fabian Brands ((born 1987) German professional tennis player)
  • Daniel Joel Friberg ((born 1986) former Swedish speed skater, medalist of the 2009 World Championship)
  • Daniel Auteuil ((born 1950) French actor, winner of various film awards. Has played more than 90 roles.)
  • Daniel Alberto Passarella ((born 1953) Argentine footballer, was also a coach. Currently - the president of the club. Among the Argentines - the only one who became twice world champion.)
  • Daniel Ryan Cormier ((born 1979) American athlete (mixed martial arts), reigning UFC light heavyweight champion)
  • Daniel Joseph Romanov ((born 1972) American financier, descendant of the Romanov imperial dynasty)

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