Meaning Of The Name Davlat

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Meaning Of The Name Davlat
Meaning Of The Name Davlat

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Synonyms for the name Davlat. Davlet, Daulat, Davlad, Devlet, Davli, Davlikach.

The origin of the name Davlat. The name Davlat is Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Davlat has Arabic roots, translated from Persian it means "wealth", "dignity". The word "davlat" often denoted the territory in the Turkic peoples, therefore the name Davlat is also translated as "state", "state". There is a translation option for the names Davlat - "happiness".

The name Davlat has various variants of pronunciation and spelling. So Davlat sounds also like Davlet, and Daulat, and Davlad, and Devlet. Dialect options: Davli, Davlikach. The name Davlet is used among Muslims.

As a child, Davlat manifests himself as an unobtrusive and calm boy. He does not strive for leadership, tries not to stand out among his peers, he does everything according to the established rules. The child has a good memory. Even at school, he shows such traits as commitment, responsibility and attentiveness. Despite the outward complaisance, the owner of this name has a complex wayward character.

"Winter" Davlat does not always show calmness and composure. Defending his point of view, this person often gets into disputes. In achieving his goals, he always shows perseverance. Many people do not like his poise along with a measure of slowness. You should never rush Davlat.

A man with that name is irritated by excessive attention to his personality. From a young age, Davlat tries to become an independent and independent person, therefore, the manifestation of guardianship over him can only spoil the relationship. All the qualities of a real gentleman are manifested in Davlat. He doubts a lot, so making serious decisions is difficult for him.

"Spring" Davlat can be described as a conscientious and responsible representative of the stronger sex. He is a little proud, and in some situations he is able to show selfishness. The holder of this name takes failure seriously. Flattery and praise will not leave Davlat indifferent, but will inspire him and give him confidence. This person loves to command, so you should not deny him the manifestation of lust for power. Davlat does not hide anything from loved ones. To become his friend, you must first establish a trusting relationship with him.

In turn, the "summer" Davlat is very impulsive. He shows his emotions especially vigorously due to any setbacks. By nature, this person is kind, hardworking and accurate.

Some representatives of this name are very reasonable. They need time to master a new volume of information. Davlat in relations with people always show correctness and gallantry.

"Autumn" Davlat is characterized by discipline, decisiveness and prudence. He always knows what he wants and never follows the lead of others. In work, such a person shows scrupulousness and calmness. Despite the excellent knowledge of the exact sciences, he can prove himself as a humanitarian.

Birthday of Davlat

Davlat does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Davlat

  • Davlat (Davlatnazar) Khudonazarov ((born 1944) Tajik cinematographer, politician and public figure. People's Artist of the Tajik SSR (1989).)
  • Davlat Levanay (Afghan poet of the XVI-XVII centuries)
  • Davlat Toshev (Uzbek calligrapher, miniaturist)
  • Davlat Abyad and Nadra (Egyptian director, author of the first sound film of the Egyptian cinema "Song of the Heart", which marked the beginning of an entire era of Egyptian musical films)
  • Devlet I Giray (Giray) ((1512 - 1577) Khan of Crimea in 1551-1577 from the Gerai clan. Son of Tsarevich Mubarek Giray (died 1516/1517) and grandson of the Crimean Khan Mengli I Giray. In 1530-1532 under his uncle, Crimean Khan Saadet I Giray, Tsarevich Devlet Giray held the position of kalgi, that is, heir to the khan's throne. I, Devlet Giray I. In 1551, the Turkish government appointed Devlet Giray as a new Crimean khan instead of his own uncle Sahib Giray Devlet I Giray pacified and united all the Bey clans of the Crimea and during his reign the country was not shaken by internal turmoil., mainly by wars with the Moscow state.He sought to restore the independence of the Kazan and Astrakhan khanates, conquered by Ivan IV the Terrible. In 1555, in a battle near the village of Sudbischi (150 km from Tula), he was defeated by the detachment of Ivan Sheremetev. In 1571, one of the campaigns carried out by a 40,000-strong army with the support of the Ottoman Empire and in agreement with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ended with the burning of Moscow, for which Devlet I received the nickname "Who Taken the Throne". The result of the campaign: tens of thousands of Russians were killed, more than 150 thousand were taken into slavery. Seeing that the situation was critical, Ivan IV offered Devlet the Astrakhan Khanate. However, he refused, believing that it was now possible to subjugate the entire Russian state and in the next 1572, having received the support of the Ottoman Empire, he gathered a 120 thousandth army: 80 thousand Crimeans and Nogays, 33 thousand Turks, 7 thousand Turkish Janissaries.50 km from Moscow, the Crimean Ottoman army was destroyed by the 25 thousandth Russian army in the battle of Molody - 5-10 thousand returned to the Crimea. This campaign was the last major military campaign of the Crimean Khanate against the Russian state.)
  • Devlet-Berdi (one of the Chingizids who participated in the struggle for power in the Golden Horde in the 20s of the 15th century, after the death of Edigei. Descended from the Crimean branch of the Shibanids, the son of Tash-Timur, a cousin of other participants in this struggle.)
  • Daulet Sembaev ((born 1935) financier, politician of Kazakhstan. Developer of the Pension reform in Kazakhstan (1998). Head of the Kus Zholy Fund.)
  • Daulet Turlykhanov ((born 1963) Soviet and Kazakh wrestler of Greco-Roman style. World champion in 1989 and vice-champion of the world in 1993, champion of Europe in 1988 and Asia in 1995, silver (1988) and bronze (1992) medalist of the Olympic Games. At the 1996 Olympics he was 4th. Eight-time USSR champion, two-time World Cup winner, winner of the Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR (1991), winner of the XII Asian Games (1994).)
  • Davlat Nazri (a unique multi-instrumentalist who can easily play both strings and wind musical instruments, while accompanying his playing with exciting singing. The source of inspiration for his work has always been and remains his native Darvaz. That is why he named his group (consisting of his members family and close relatives) “Navoi Darvoz.” Davlat became involved in music thanks to his father Abdullo Nazri, the same is now happening with the children of Davlat, who play in his group and are already performing on the big stage. In addition to Tajik traditional music, Davlat constantly experiments with melodies and musical instruments from other cultures: Iran, Afghanistan, and various European rhythms.)
  • Davlat Olimi (Tajik singer)

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