The Meaning Of The Name Gordey

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The Meaning Of The Name Gordey
The Meaning Of The Name Gordey

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Gordey

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Gordey
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Short form of the name Gordey. Gordeyka, Gordya, Gordyunya, Gordyukha, Gordyusha.

Synonyms for the name Gordey. Gordius, Gordian, Garzey, Gordios.

The origin of the name Gordey. The name Gordey is Russian, Slavic, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Gordey has Greek roots, comes from the name of the peasant Gordius, elected king of Phrygia at the behest of Zeus. He is known for leaving his cart at the temple of Zeus, and tied it with a special knot that no one could untie. This knot became known as the "Gordian knot". According to the oracle's prediction, the one who untied this knot will own the world. Subsequently, after the conquest of Phrygia, Alexander the Great cut this knot with a sword. The exact interpretation of the name Gordey is unknown, but according to some sources the name Gordey can mean “king”, “sovereign”, “lord”.

According to the second version, the name Gordey is a Slavic name meaning “proud”, “proud”. Related names are Gordobor, Gordomil, Pride and Proud.

According to the third version, it is possible that the name Gordey comes from the Greek name Gorgias, which means "formidable", "fast".

The name Gordey can also sound like Gordius, Gordian. Several Roman emperors bore the name Gordian.

The name Gordey is mentioned in both Orthodox and Catholic calendar. The Orthodox namebook mentions the martyr Gordius, who in 320 in the city of Caesarea in Cappadocia spoke out in defense of Christians, for which he was tortured and was put to death. The dates of Gordey's Orthodox name days are January 16, June 18. The rest of the dates indicated are Gordey's Catholic name days.

Gordey is a positive person with such traits as optimism, peacefulness and modesty. Despite the appearance of an indecisive, timid man and a desire not to stand out from the crowd, Gordey is an energetic and active person.

In the company of friends, he shows himself as a wonderful storyteller and an interesting conversationalist. In any situation, such a person behaves patiently and balanced, knows how to listen to the advice of others. Holders of this name, born in winter, are prone to the manifestation of irascibility.

The owner of this name is usually a creative person. Dancers, translators, artists and journalists are often found among them. Many reveal their talents in the field of medicine. Luck is usually on their side. Therefore, the Gordeys seek material well-being and a strong position in society.

Due to his thirst for communication, the representative of such a name is inclined to win over people. He is honest with others and very good at feeling lies from others. Gordey treats everyone well, but it can be quite difficult to keep his location. The manifestation of irascibility and inability to restrain negative emotions interferes with this man in relationships with friends.

For his beloved woman, Gordey is capable of performing the most unexpected acts, even if he does not feel reciprocity from her. Failures in love greatly affect Gordey's morale. He is able to withdraw into himself. It becomes almost impossible to speak him during such periods. Such a man is monogamous, he will never cheat on his chosen one. Having fallen in love, he tries to always be near his girlfriend and fulfill her every whim. At the same time, Gordey is very demanding in relationships. He will become a reliable husband and loyal friend for his companion.

In terms of its energy component, the name Gordey reflects the firmness and poise of its owner. This man is not devoid of pride. If circumstances force him to hide his independence, he becomes silent and indifferent.

At work, he shows himself as a diligent and diligent employee. She works a lot and never ceases to amaze her colleagues with her activity. Gordey's efficiency allows him to achieve excellent results in his career. In business, he behaves diplomatically and with respect. At the same time, such a man often lacks openness. If he constantly restrains his experiences, then this can lead to a nervous breakdown.

Gordey is a reliable comrade. He will always come to the aid of his friends. A man does not like boasting, he is attentive to others. He is always surrounded by many close people. At the same time, Gordey himself considers only a few of them to be true friends. It is to them that he trusts his innermost experiences. With them, he is easily ready to overcome any trials.

Gordey's birthday

Gordey celebrates his name day on January 3, January 16, May 10, June 18, September 17.

Famous people named Gordey

  • Gordey Levchenko ((1897 - 1981) Soviet naval leader, admiral (1944). In 1942-1944 he commanded the Leningrad and then Kronstadt naval base, participating in the defense of Leningrad. Provided transportation and supply of troops during the breakthrough of the blockade. USSR awards: 3 Orders of Lenin, 4 Orders of the Red Banner, 2 Orders of Ushakov, I degree, 2 Orders of the Red Star.)
  • Gordiy Kotsyuba ((1892 - 1938) real name - Kotsegub; Ukrainian writer)
  • Gordiy Sablukov ((1804 - 1880) Russian orientalist, professor of the Kazan Theological Academy, a connoisseur of Islam. In 1830-1849 he taught history and oriental languages at the Saratov Theological Seminary, in particular, in 1843-1845 he was a teacher of N. G. Chernyshevsky, the last meeting took place in Kazan in 1851. In 1849-1862 he taught oriental and classical languages at the anti-Muslim department of the Kazan Theological Academy. He owns one of the translations of the Koran (Kazan, 1878), in his translation the Koran was published in print for the first time; "Supplements to the translation of the Koran" (1879), containing annotated indexes to the Koran (1879) and two treatises: "Information about the Koran" (Kazan, 1884) and "Comparison of the Mohammedan teaching about the names of God with the Christian teaching about them" (1873). Author of numismatic, historical, archaeological and ethnographic works about the Volga region,Kipchaks and the Golden Horde. He also translated into Russian from Turkish the 1st part of the History of the Turks, op. Bogadur Khan (in the 3rd part of the "Library of Eastern Historians").)
  • Mark Antony Gordian I African ((159 - 238) Roman emperor in 238 of noble birth (a descendant of the Gracchi). Was rich and educated, was fond of poetry and wrote poetry himself (even in his youth he wrote “Antoninias” in 30 books, praising both Antonines - Antonina Pius and Marcus Aurelius).)
  • Mark Antony Gordian Sempronius ((192 - 238) Roman emperor in 238, co-ruler of his father Gordian I. The son of African Gordian, apart from his noble origin, was also distinguished by education and beauty. Gordian's library consisted of about 60 thousand books. He began military service under Heliogabalus, at Alexandre served as praetor, and immediately after that he received a consulate.)
  • Gordian III, Mark Antony Gordian Pius ((225 - 244) Roman emperor (238-244). The son of Gordian II, or, more likely, the son of the daughter of Gordian I. In the latter case, the name of his father is unknown, as is the name that he himself wore before accepting the imperial title in honor of his grandfather.)