The Meaning Of The Name Gerasim (Gesha)

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The Meaning Of The Name Gerasim (Gesha)
The Meaning Of The Name Gerasim (Gesha)

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The short form of the name Gerasim. Gerasia, Rusya, Hera, Geranium, Gesha, Makis, Mikes, Mikis, Memas, Geraz, Razim, Rasim.

Synonyms for the name Gerasim. Gerasimos, Gerazim, Jerasim.

The origin of the name Gerasim. The name Gerasim is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Gerasimos comes from the Greek name Gerasimos, meaning respected. Also, this name is a common surname in Moldova and Romania - Gherasim, the surname Gerasimov appeared in Russian. Affectionate treatment Rasim is also a name in its own right.

The name Gerasim is mentioned not only in Orthodox saints, among Catholics the name day at Gerasim on March 5.

Gerasim is growing up as a calm boy. He is interested in reading books, drawing, modeling, he is not interested in active games. Gerasim is a good student at school. He gets very upset about bad grades. Be sure to complete all the tasks received at school. Neat and efficient. Thanks to a good memory, he easily remembers everything new.

By nature, Gerasim is a very sensitive person. He is always ready to help. His kindness and responsiveness are often used. In life, Gerasim is not given anything for nothing. He achieves everything in life on his own, without outside help. But a man never complains about circumstances. For this reason, it seems to many that Gerasim succeeds without labor and worries.

The owner of this name tries to achieve results in work, build a career. But for these purposes, he will never deprive another person of a place. Honesty and decency are characteristic of Gerasim in any situation. He is attracted to talented people. Most often, it is from such individuals that Gerasim's circle of friends consists. This person is always striving for knowledge. His hobby is reading specialized literature. For this occupation, he spends a fairly large amount of his free time.

Gerasim enters into marriage at a fairly mature age. He takes the choice of a life partner very seriously. His wife should have common interests and a similar profession with him. Gerasim's family life is going well. There is always a friendly calm atmosphere in his house. Children grow up curious.

Gerasim's birthday

Gerasim celebrates his name day on January 28, February 6, February 11, March 5, March 17, May 14, June 23, July 16, August 29, September 28, November 2, December 2, December 5.

Famous people named Gerasim

  • Gerasim III Gimaris (Patriarch of Alexandria (1783 - 1788), compiled a biography of Patriarch Gerasim II of Alexandria)
  • Metropolitan Gerasim (Bishop of the Orthodox Kiev Metropolitanate, Metropolitan of Kiev and All Russia in 1433-1435)
  • Patriarch Gerasimus I Spartaliot ((1560 - 1636) Patriarch of Alexandria (from 1620), theologian, exegete)
  • Patriarch Gerasim II ((died 1714) Patriarch of Alexandria (1688 - 1710), author of many homilies)
  • Gerasim Kondratyev ((died 1701), the founder of Sumy, Cossack, colonel of the Sumy Cossack regiment, nobleman. In 1687 "for services, campaigns and wounds" was granted a nobleman according to the Moscow) of the same regiment, Andrei Kondratyev was granted a steward.In 1800, the coat of arms of the Kondratyev family was inscribed in the General coat of arms of noble families of the Russian Empire.)
  • Gerasim Boldinsky ((1489 - 1554) in the world - Gregory; monk of the Russian Church, founder of the Boldin monastery near Dorogobuzh)
  • Gerasim Smotrytsky ((died 1594) Little Russian writer and teacher from a small gentry family from Podillya, father of Archbishop and educator Melety Smotritsky)
  • Archbishop Gerasim ((died 1615) in the world - Gregory; Bishop of the Russian Church, Archbishop of Suzdal and Tarusa (1613-1615))
  • Gerasim Pilesh ((1913 - 1994) real name - Kharlampiev; Chuvash writer, playwright, poet, sculptor, graphic artist. Honored Worker of Culture of the Chuvash Republic. Since 1940, member of the Union of Artists of the RSFSR.)
  • Gerasim Terentyev ((1864 - 1922) Russian gendarme colonel, assistant to the head of the Vilna provincial gendarme department in the Vilna district, head of the Kharkov provincial gendarme administration in the city of Kharkov, head of the Oryol, Yekaterinoslavsky, Kazan provincial gendarme departments)
  • Gerasim Kurin ((1777 - 1850) leader of a peasant partisan detachment that operated during the Patriotic War of 1812 in the Vohonskaya volost (area of ​​the present-day Pavlovsky Posad, Moscow region))
  • Gerasim Pleshcheev (steward, voivode and ruler in Vyatka (1711 - 1712))
  • Gerasim Eliashberg ((born 1930) Russian theoretical physicist, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2000; Corresponding Member since 1990), author of over 50 scientific papers)
  • Gerasim Lebedev ((1749 - 1817) Russian Indologist, linguist, theatrical figure, translator, musician. Lived for 12 years in India, performing as a performer and teaching music. Pioneer of Indology, the first Russian Indologist. His main works are the grammar of the Calcutta colloquial form the Hindustani language and a work on the economy, geography and culture of India. He opened the first printing house in Europe equipped with machines with the Indian (Bengali) alphabet. He is also known as the pioneer of Bengali drama - the founder of the first national drama theater of the European type in India.)
  • Gerasim Izmailov ((before 1745 - after 1795) Russian merchant, sailor, explorer of the North Pacific, after whom the bay and island off the coast of Alaska are named)
  • Gerasim Korablev (Russian doctor, associate professor of pharmacy and professor of obstetrics at the Moscow orphanage)
  • Gerasim Pokrovsky ((1774 - after 1837) lawyer, professor of natural and popular law (1809-1825), philosophy (1830-1837), vice-rector (1812-1813) of the Yaroslavl Demidov School of Higher Sciences)
  • Gerasim Depaldo ((1788 - 1823) Taganrog merchant, elected magistrate, philanthropist)
  • Gerasim Savostitsky ((died 1898) chief physician of the Moscow Mariinsky Hospital, a famous surgeon, published more than 50 works in various journals, founded courses for paramedics at the Mariinsky Hospital)
  • Gerasim (Rezo) Khugaev ((born 1945) South Ossetian statesman and politician, Prime Minister of South Ossetia (1993 - 1994, 2001 - 2003))
  • Gerasim Pavsky ((1787 - 1863) priest of the Russian Church, archpriest, philologist, exegete, Bible translator, founder of the Russian biblical-historical school, author of the famous textbook of the Hebrew language for theological seminaries)
  • Gerasim Shostakov ((1756 - 1837) Russian commander of the era of the Napoleonic wars, major general)
  • Gerasim Kolpakovsky ((1819 - 1896) Russian general, one of the largest figures in the conquest of Central Asia)
  • Gerasim Lapin (private company 718 of the regiment of the 139th rifle division (Siberians). Participated in the battle on September 13-14, 1943 at an altitude of 224.1 near the village of Rubezhenka, Kaluga region, where 18 soldiers of the 718th regiment stood to death against about 200 Wehrmacht infantrymen. Two survived - Sergeant Konstantin Vlasov and Private Gerasim Lapin. Wounded and shell-shocked, they miraculously escaped - Vlasov was taken prisoner, from there fled to the partisans; Lapin was found by our advancing soldiers among the corpses - he came to himself, recovered from his wounds and fought again as part of the 139th division. The feat of the Siberians is captured in the song "At an unnamed height" - composer Veniamin Basner, poet Mikhail Matusovsky.)

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