The Meaning Of The Name Hermann

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The Meaning Of The Name Hermann
The Meaning Of The Name Hermann

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The short form of the name Hermann. Herm, Harm, Mannes, Mans, Hemma, Hemmi, Hemmo, Hempa, Hemppo, Herkk.

Synonyms for the name Hermann. Harmenn, Hermen, Harmen, Erman, Hermani.

The origin of the name Hermann. The name Hermann is German, Catholic.

The name Hermann has an ancient Germanic origin and goes back to the German name Hermann, which later began to be written and pronounced as Harimann (Herimann). The name Hermann was formed from the words "heer", which means "army", and "mann" - "man", "man". Therefore, the name Hermann is interpreted as "warlike", "warrior".

The name Hermann is also pronounced as Hermann, Harmen and Erman. From this name, female paired names are formed - Ermina, Erminia, Ermans, Herman (Herman).

The name Hermann should not be confused with the name Herman - a traditional Russian personal name of Latin origin, which has a completely different meaning. But it also happens that the name Hermann in Russian transcription is written with one letter "n".

For the name Hermann, Catholic name days will be indicated.

Undoubtedly, power is the main feature of Hermann. Manifesting in Hermann already in childhood, this feature surprises others a lot. On the playground, Hermann acts as a real leader and ringleader, giving a lot of trouble to adults.

Hermann can be judicious and courageous. In his character, these qualities are manifested almost as often as power. Of course, in different situations Hermann's character manifests itself in different ways, although it is prudence that often determines his behavior. Hermann uses his strengths effectively without even fully realizing them.

Rarely is Hermann quiet or vindictive. This is not always essential for him. With an effort, Hermann can get rid of these not-so-nice features. Hermann is independent and, as a rule, does not need the support of others. This is a very confident and independent man.

Hermann can be a great biologist. It happens that Hermann chooses a career as a composer or chemist. If desired, Hermann can become a painter or researcher, but for this he will need hard work.

Hermann's birthday

Hermann celebrates his name day on March 7, April 7, May 12, May 28, July 31, August 6, September 3, September 24, October 11, October 23, October 30, December 23.

Famous people named Hermann

  • Hermann (Hermann) Goering ((1893 - 1946) more accurate German pronunciation - Hermann Wilhelm Goering; political, statesman and military leader of Nazi Germany, Reichsminister of the Reich Ministry of Aviation, Reichsmarschall (19 July 1940). 23 April 1945 by order of Hitler was deprived of all titles and positions. By the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal declared one of the main war criminals. Committed suicide.)
  • Hermann Leo Van Breda ((1911 - 1974) birth name - Leo Marie Karel; Belgian philosopher, founder of the Edmund Husserl archival center in Leuven, who took his manuscripts from Nazi Germany. Franciscan monk, Catholic priest.)
  • Hermann Oldenberg ((1854 - 1920) German Sanskrit scholar, Buddhist and historian of religion)
  • His Eminence Cardinal Hermann Volk ((1903 - 1988) German Cardinal, Bishop of Mainz (1962 - 1982), Cardinal Priest with the title of the Church Ss. Fabiano e Venanzio a Villa Fiorelli from 5 March 1973)
  • Hermann Merksmüller ((1920 - 1988) German botanist)
  • Hermann Kurz ((1813 - 1873) German fiction writer and literary historian. The best of his works is the novel "Schillers Heimatsjahre" (2nd edition, 1857), which presents a complete and historically accurate picture of Württemberg at that time in political, social and literary terms. Der Sonnenwirt (2nd ed., 1862) is a very successful treatment of a theme known from Schiller's Der Verbrecher aus verlorner Ehre; the characters are developed with a psychological talent. Kurz also authored a number of literary translations. The unfinished poem Tristan und Isolde he translated and endorsed. His complete works appeared in 1874-1875.)
  • Hermann-Josef Tenhagen ((born 1963) German economic journalist, editor-in-chief of the monthly consumer magazine Finanztest, published by the German Institute for Consumer Information Stiftung Warentest)
  • Hermann Schlegel ((1804 - 1884) German ornithologist)
  • Hermann Mazius ((1818 - 1893) is a German teacher. In addition to his textbooks (Deutsches Lesebuch), his Naturstudien (1852) was widely used. He also wrote: Deutscher Wald und Hain (1871), Luftreisen (1872), Geographisches Lesebuch (1874).)
  • Hermann Klaach ((1863 - 1916) German anthropologist and anatomist. Klaach's scientific works dealt with comparative skeletal anatomy, comparative craniometry, bone formation, etc. in connection with the problems of phylogenesis and human evolution. Klaach described several finds of bone remains of fossil humans. Klaach's work, published posthumously, is the monograph "The Development of Humanity and the Origin of Culture" (German: "Der Werdegang der Menschheit und die Entstehung der Kultur", 1920) One of the founders of the theory of polygenism - the origin of different human races apart from different humanoid ancestors, - which, despite the will and wishes of the scientist himself, served as one of the grounds for a number of racist theories of the 20th century.)
  • Hermann Otton II Limburg-Stirum ((1646 - 1704) Count of the sovereign family of Limburg-Stirum, commander of the Holy Roman Empire, Austrian Field Marshal (1695))
  • Hermannus (Hermann) Höfte ((1884 - 1961) Dutch rower, bronze medalist of the 1908 Summer Olympics)

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