The Meaning Of The Name Gennady (Gena)

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The Meaning Of The Name Gennady (Gena)
The Meaning Of The Name Gennady (Gena)

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The short form of the name Gennady. Gena, Gesha, Genya, Gennasha, Genasha, Genulya, Genyulya, Genusya, Genusya, Genukha, Genyukha, Genusha, Genusha, Gaia.

Synonyms for the name Gennady. Gennadius, Gennadios, Genadz.

The origin of the name Gennady. The name Gennady is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Gennady translated from Greek means "noble", "noble origin". There is also a version that the name Gennady appeared as a short form of some dibasic (based on two roots) ancient Greek names, such as Diogenes or Hermogenes, where “genos” (and more often “gene”) meant “genus”, belonging to a certain family. The name Eugene will be similar in meaning.

Gennady is a rather complex person, secretive and reserved, often shy and modest. He has to force himself to express himself in society. He lacks self-confidence. In fact, Gennady has a somewhat ambivalent character. He is a lively and energetic person, cheerful, if not carefree, who does not like restrictions and requires action to fulfill his eternal thirst for discovery and adventure.

Gennady is inclined to pose just such existential questions, the answers to which he, in principle, can find with the help of his sharp, penetrating analytical mind, and not in the process of conversation. But theoretical questions are of little interest to him. This is a skeptic man, even sarcasm or derision. He may be tempted to take the path of least resistance, where he will be driven and dependent, but more often Gennady prefers to choose the path of freedom and autonomy, which he values ​​above all else. This man may well seem eccentric, because he prefers not to follow the crowd.

It is the parents who must teach little Gennady to choose the difficult path, because the easy path is not always the best. To do this, his parents will have to show a certain rigor, instill such concepts as hard work and discipline. Little Gennady is still quite impatient, quarrelsome, often cannot find the right solution, loves physical activity and has fun. It would be advisable to closely monitor his progress in school in order to point out his strengths in time.

Everything unknown attracts Gennady very much - sports, adventure, research. If it happens that his attention is drawn to the field of intellectual investigation, then he will probably be interested in ethnology, archeology, philosophy, as well as the latest cutting-edge technology, or perhaps even projects at the level of science fiction.

Gennady loves to laugh, he is a charming young man, but communicating with girls correctly is a big problem for him. Gennady is not at all romantic in relationships, it is here that his modesty is actively manifested, he experiences enormous difficulties in expressing innermost feelings. As a rule, a brilliant mind is Gennady's most sensitive organ.

Gennady prefers not to stay for a long time at one job. Monotony can quickly get bored with him, and he will be more attracted to professions that would allow him to express himself and help develop his communication skills (commerce, advertising, sales and marketing). Moreover, the spheres of activity themselves may be different - travel, sports or television (presenter, journalist, lawyer, writer, teacher). The technical direction may also interest Gennady, then he can become a narrow specialist (architect, computer specialist, plumber, electronics engineer).

Gennady's birthday

Gennady celebrates his name day on February 22, February 23, June 5, July 5, September 13, November 30, December 17, December 18.

Famous people named Gennady

  • Gennady Novgorodsky (Archbishop of the Russian Church)
  • Gennady Khazanov (actor, colloquial artist, Honored Artist of Russia)
  • Gennady Gladkov (Soviet and Russian composer, author of music for films, People's Artist of Russia (2002))
  • Gennady Batygin (philosopher, sociologist)
  • Gennady Tsygankov (hockey player, two-time Olympic champion)
  • Gennady Bachinsky (famous Russian radio and TV presenter)
  • Gennady Aigi (Chuvash and Russian poet)
  • Gennady Bortnikov (Soviet theater and film actor, People's Artist of the Russian Federation (1992))
  • Gennady Zyuganov (politician (born 1944))
  • Gennady Yudin (industrialist, bibliophile, owner of the largest private library (1840-1912))
  • Gennady Suchkov (Soviet and Russian naval leader, Admiral of Russia (since 2002), Commander of the Pacific Fleet (2001) and the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy (2001-2003))
  • Gennady Atanov (Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine; his name is included in the publications "Outstanding People of the XX century", "2000 outstanding scientists of the XX century", "2000 outstanding intellectuals of the XX century", which are published American Biographical Institute and International Biographical Center)
  • Gennady Oporkov ((1936-1983) Soviet theater director, Honored Artist of the RSFSR)
  • Gennady Rozhdestvensky (Russian conductor and music and public figure, professor of the Moscow Conservatory, People's Artist of the USSR, one of the greatest conductors of the 20th century)
  • Gennady Mesyats (Russian physicist, founder of scientific areas: high-current electronics and pulsed electrophysics, one of the recognized world leaders in these areas of knowledge)
  • Gennady Yanaev (Soviet party and state leader, one of the ideologists of the State Emergency Committee, Vice President of the USSR (1990-1991), member of the Politburo, Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (1990-1991))

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