The Meaning Of The Name Gabriel

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The Meaning Of The Name Gabriel
The Meaning Of The Name Gabriel

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Short form of the name Gabriel. Ganya, Gabuosh, Gaborca, Gavrik, Gavre, Gasha, Gavro, Gavroche, Gabe, Gabby, Gabi, Gabo, Gabri, Gaia, Gane.

Synonyms for the name Gabriel. Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel, Jabrail, Jaba, Jibrail, Gabriel, Gabryla, Gabor, Gabril, Gabrilo.

The origin of the name Gabriel. The name Gabriel is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Gabriel for an Orthodox person is primarily associated with the Archangel Gabriel, who brought the Virgin Mary the good news of future motherhood. But this name is only a Russian-language analogue of the Hebrew name Gabriel (Gabriel), which consists of two semantic parts, one of which literally translated from Hebrew means "man", and the other - "God". Most often the name Gabriel is interpreted as "stronghold of God", "helper of God", "warrior of God", but he is also credited with the general meaning of "strong man of God."

The name Gabriel has analogues: in Islam this name will sound like Jabril (Jibril, Jabril, Jibrail), in Georgia - Jaba, in European countries most often as Gabriel, Gabriel, in Belarus - Gabryla, in Hungary - Gabor, in Russia - Gavrila …

There is a paired female name - Gabriella, Gabriel. But among the Orthodox, a very rare female name was previously used - Gavrila, which practically does not occur in modern times. The diminutive Ganya is also used for the male names Agap and Agapit, and for the female names Galina, Agapia, Agnia, Agafya, Agnes and Gayania.

The name Gabriel is in both Orthodox saints and the Catholic calendar.

Gabriel is a rather charming man with whom it is very pleasant to communicate, because he is sociable, cheerful and always ready to discuss any topic with you with a smile. He is emotional and sensitive, has tact and great patience with others. Gabriel can be considered an example of the ideal of the interlocutor, because he creates the impression that everyone around, like himself, should be happy.

His affective life is very important to him, and if he feels frustrated, misunderstood, or self-loving, he loses a lot of his energy and perhaps even his potential. Gabriel is quite curious, which leads him to the fact that he is well versed in completely different fields and has a rich baggage of completely different knowledge.

Gabriel knows how to perfectly control his voice, often has an incredibly beautiful voice. An excellent speaker, with his words and speeches it is not difficult to find the way to victory, he has the art of soothing in any dangerous situation. The character of this man is flexible, bright and cunning, he adapts well to various situations.

As a child, Gabriel, like most children, seems very sweet, but he is extremely sensitive to the environment, any assessment, both good and bad, can affect him. The boy immediately feels the bad atmosphere in the family and is deeply concerned about such a violation of inner harmony. He often tries to escape from problems in one form or another: either he immerses himself in music, or reads books about fictional worlds, or goes into binges (but this is already at a more mature age). For him, the very fact that he can run away from problems is important, and if it is impossible to solve these issues, then Gabriel should be told the best way. For the owner of this name, this way can be working with people - these are various professions in the social sphere, public projects, government positions.

For Gabriel, home and family are almost the most important things in life. In his family, he needs to feel support, while he is a perfectionist and believes that in the family everyone should have their own responsibilities. Gabriel is capable of great selflessness and devotion. Gabriel is a rather impressionable man, a connoisseur of beauty, art, loves comfort and travel - elements that are necessary for his happiness.

Family plays an important role in Gabriel's life, so it can have a significant impact on his career guidance. This man will try to pursue a career in marketing or in areas related to oral speech or literature, which is related to expression in general. These are the media and broadcasting, travel, real estate, tourism, culinary, gastronomy, hotel and restaurant business, as well as professions that require dexterity (stylist, promoter and others).

Activity and perseverance are the main distinguishing traits of Gabriel's character. He could be called a tough person, he reacts rather painfully to jokes on himself, this can hurt his pride, which will lead to the alienation of a man, even if the joke was completely innocent and kind. This can become an additional incentive for Gabriel, forcing him to find various ways to assert himself and increase his own inner assessment. But it can also have a negative connotation if Gavrila cannot overcome his own desires to make something impossible out of himself, which can destroy his life. He takes everything in life too seriously that prevents him from enjoying this life and distracts him from good goals.

Gabriel's birthday

Gabriel celebrates his name day January 28, February 6, February 8, February 14, February 27, March 24, March 30, April 8, April 22, May 3, May 5, May 26, June 14, June 18, July 5, July 25, July 26, September 3, September 4, September 12, September 19, September 23, September 26, September 29, October 2, October 18, October 19, October 31, November 12, November 18, November 19, November 27, 10 December, December 16.

Famous people named Gabriel

  • Gavrila Aleksich, Gavrilo Oleksich ((died 1241) Russian boyar with Prince Alexander Yaroslavich, hero of the Battle of the Neva. According to genealogists, he is the ancestor of many noble families, including Pushkins, although this is a controversial statement.)
  • Gabriel (Gavrila) Derzhavin ((1743-1816) Russian statesman, poet and playwright. His memory is preserved in the names of squares, streets, steles, monuments throughout Russia. A crater was also named after him on Mercury.)
  • Archbishop Gabriel ((born 1940) in the world - Yuri Steblyuchenko; Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church at rest. Has both church and secular awards.)
  • Gabriel Gordeev, also "Le Havre" ((born 1982) Russian showman, resident of "Comedy Club")
  • Gabriel Belostoksky or Gabriel Zabludovsky ((1684-1690) real name - Gabriel Govdel; Orthodox saint, martyr)
  • Gavriil Popov ((born 1936) Soviet economist, prominent politician of the decline of the USSR, became the first mayor of Moscow. He wrote over 100 scientific and publicistic works.)
  • Gavriil Basmanov ((1920-1945) Hero of the Great Patriotic War, was a radio operator)
  • Gabriel Gagarin ((1745-1808 / 1807) Russian prince, civil servant, actual privy councilor, prominent figure of the Masonic movement, writer)
  • Gabriel Remy ((1758-after 1821) Russian and Dutch military engineer, became the founder of the Russian noble family Remy)
  • Gavriil Yudin ((1905-1991) Soviet conductor and composer, was a member of the jury in almost all All-Union and All-Russian competitions of conductors. He performed both at home and abroad.)
  • Gabriel (Gavrilo) Shchegolev ((about 1741-?) Russian translator)
  • Gabor (Gabriel) Fabian ((1795-1877) Hungarian writer)
  • Gabriel Kamenev ((1772-1803) Russian poet, prose writer, translator. He outlined tendencies departing from classicism: interest in Gothic, to the emotional perception of the hero. According to A.S. Pushkin, it was worth respecting this person, he also gathered to write his biography. Thanks to G.P. Kamenev, the genre of poetic ballad appeared in Russian literature - "Thunderbolt" was the first such work.)
  • Gabriel Kesselbrenner ((1921-2001) Russian historian and orientalist, author of textbooks and scientific works on Indonesia, including diplomacy, also translated fiction from this language)
  • Gavril Egorov ((1918-1948) Hero of the Soviet Union, machine gunner)
  • Gavriil Batenkov (Batenkov) ((1793-1863) Russian officer, writer and railway engineer. Supervised the improvement of the city of Tomsk, its technical equipment, the strengthening of the Ushaiki River, the construction of a bridge. From 1821 he was transferred to Petersburg, where he joined the Decembrists.)
  • Gabriel Kachalin ((1911-1995) Soviet footballer, head coach of the USSR national team, which was able to win the 1956 Olympic Games)
  • Gabriel Zapolyansky ((born 1933) real name - Shaher; Russian artist)
  • Gabriel Pribilov ((died 1796) Russian navigator, discovered the islands of St. George and St. Paul in the Bering Sea, later this group of islands was named after him)
  • Gabriel Pyasetsky ((1838-1900) Russian historian and ethnographer of the Oryol province, wrote more than 100 works on the history of this region, which have not lost their relevance to this day. A street in the city of Orel is named after Pyasetsky.)
  • Gavriil Maksimov ((died 1882) on stage - Maksimov Gavriil Mikhailovich III; artist of the St. Petersburg Drama troupe, wrote several vaudeville, author of theatrical memoirs of the theater troupe)
  • Gabriel (Gavrila) Biryulin ((circa 1909-not earlier than 1973) Soviet oceanologist, was a navigator of long voyages. He studied the Far Eastern seas, paid special attention to the Sea of ​​Japan, wrote many works on oceanology. His literary works are devoted to marine topics: stories " On a Stormy Evening”(1955), science fiction novel“Sea and Stars”(1962, 1968).)

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