The Meaning Of The Name Vlas

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The Meaning Of The Name Vlas
The Meaning Of The Name Vlas

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The short form of the name Vlas. Vlasya.

Synonyms for the name Vlas. Blaze, Blaise, Blasius, Blas, Brash, Bras, Biagio, Barazh, Vlasiy, Vlasios, Blazhei, Vlasie, Vlasis, Vlasos, Ulas, Vlasei.

The origin of the name Vlas. The name Vlas is Russian, Orthodox.

The name Vlas, translated from the Latin language, means "whispering, lisping", "stumbling, with a tangled tongue." Over time, the direct translation of this name acquired an additional meaning, similar in meaning to "clumsy", "sluggish". In Russian, it is considered a variant of the name Vlasiy.

The name Vlas has analogues. So in England Vlas will be called Blaise, in France - Blaise, in Germany - Blasius, in Spain - Blas, in Portugal - Bras, in Brazil - Bras, in Italy - Biagio, in Hungary - Barazh, in Greece - Vlasios, Vlasis, Vlasos, in Poland, Czech Republic - Blazej, in Serbia - Vlasie. From some analogues, female names were formed - Brasia, Biagia, Blazhena and Blasia.

In Orthodoxy, Saint Blasius is revered, who is considered the patron saint of livestock, and among Catholics he also patronizes clothiers and wool combers. The Orthodox name days of Blasius are indicated. Catholic name days - see the name Blaise.

The owner of the name Vlas loves to charm, tries to please and please in return. The main values ​​for him are beauty and harmony, this is a somewhat sentimental person. However, he is quite secretive, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships. He is extremely sensitive, although he manages to partially hide this aspect of his personality with a seeming openness and some irony.

He is an active and determined person, he has a practical intellect, has great organizational skills and an analytical mindset, although he tends to be finicky. Often a perfectionist (sometimes on the verge of obsession), he cannot easily tolerate mediocrity or debauchery. In fact, he can often be restless, prone to introspection, can easily get carried away with spiritism and the paranormal, while remaining a convinced skeptic.

Vlas seeks knowledge and seeks to gain a certain wisdom, although he is equally tempted by pleasures and comfort. It tends to fluctuate between two trends, but in any case, fluctuation is one of its main characteristics.

As a child, Vlas is a kind, helpful, responsible and sweet young man who is more focused on himself. Vlas dreams of taking first place in the hearts of his friends and classmates, at school he wants to be the best, and he will not hesitate to assert himself and prove his worth.

He is attracted by everything that glitters and everything that is beautiful. Vlas wants to be successful, responsible and admired. Somewhat narcissistic, the owner of this name resembles a bit of a ladies' man who lacks tact and gallantry. But in matters of love, he is an esthete, and often it is this man who will be the first to draw attention to himself among other men in the society of ladies. Therefore, his choice in love can be difficult, he often fluctuates between the beauty of one and the generosity of another passion. Vlas is focused on family vacations, so he will be looking for an attractive wife who will become an excellent hostess, an excellent cook.

In the professional field, Vlas could realize himself in professions related to aesthetics, cuisine, gastronomy, ecology, hygiene and cleanliness.

Vlas's birthday

Vlas celebrates name day on February 16, February 24, April 13.

Famous people named Vlas

  • Vlas Doroshevich ((1865-1922) Russian journalist, became one of the famous feuilletonists of his period, also a theater critic)
  • Vlas Chubar (Chubar) ((1891-1939) Soviet state and party leader)
  • Vlas Ignatov (Ignatiev) (Russian translator of the beginning of the 16th century, was an employee of the Ambassadorial order. Later he carried out diplomatic assignments.)
  • Vlasiy Sudeikin ((1857-1918) Russian economist, privy councilor. He became one of the authors of the "Encyclopedic Dictionary of Brockhaus and Efron". Winner of various domestic and foreign awards.)
  • Vlasiy Korsakov (monastery servant who was able to find the tunnel excavated by the Poles under the Trinity-Sergius Lavra in 1603)
  • Blasius of Sevastia (Barsekh) ((d. ​​C. 316) Christian saint)
  • Metropolitan Vlasiy ((born 1941) in the world - Vasily Mogyrzan; the fourth primate of the non-canonical Romanian Old Calendar Church since 1992)

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