The Meaning Of The Name Vladislav (Vlad)

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The Meaning Of The Name Vladislav (Vlad)
The Meaning Of The Name Vladislav (Vlad)

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The short form of the name Vladislav. Vladya, Vladik, Vlad, Vladulya, Ladya, Lada, Vadya, Slava, Slavik.

Synonyms for the name Vladislav. Ladislaus, Laszlo.

The origin of the name Vladislav. The name Vladislav is Russian, Slavic, Ukrainian, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Vladislav is of Slavic origin. It means "possessing the glory." There is another version of the origin of the name Vladislav - from the Polish language the name is translated as "a good ruler". The paired female name is Vladislava.

The diminutive Lada became an independent female name. And the address Vlad (in some languages ​​sounds like Vlad) is also an independent name. The address Vlad is also an independent name.

Vladislav is a smart and attentive boy. He can diligently and for a long time try to solve any problem without asking for help. But if he understands that help is simply necessary, he will come up and ask for help, not considering it shameful.

To many, Vladislav seems to be a simple person. But in reality it is not as simple as it seems. You cannot impose your opinion on him, even by pressing him. At the same time, Vladislav will not defend his point of view with foam at the mouth, enter into various polemics and debates, but this does not mean that he refuses his opinion. Vladislav is a strong-willed, strong and firm person. If he decided to do something, he will make every effort to implement his plan.

Vladislav can behave differently with his family and friends. He can share his problems only with those whom he trusts, and then this person can count on Vladik's complete openness and frankness. It is impossible to become a friend of Vladislav if you praise him and constantly flatter him. He is not afraid of the truth and is always ready to listen to it. His self-esteem does not allow him to fall in anyone's eyes, much less in his own.

Vladislavs are successful people. They have developed leadership qualities. The main ones are dedication, thoughtfulness, the ability to see the big picture and the ability to make a decision. The Vladislavs strive to be important people. Most often they choose such areas of work as energy, politics. Vladislav could become a scientist, but he wants to have results in an accessible, not distant future.

Vladislav is a very attentive man. Before making a gift to his beloved, he will try to find out from everyone around, secretly from her, what she wants to receive as a gift. But he does not stand on ceremony with his brothers and sisters. If he does not know something, then he will ask them directly about a gift or some event. Vladislav loves children, is very patient and sometimes looks like a nanny. But he will not be enough for a long time, at the first convenient opportunity he will shift these responsibilities to someone else and run to do something more interesting for him.

Sound. Vladislav is a rather long name consisting of three syllables. Beauty is the main characteristic that is distinguished from him. Almost always they also note the strength (92%), masculinity (91%) and majesty (91%) of the sound of the name. Names similar in phonosemantic profile are Daniyar, Stanislav and Demyan.

Vladislav's birthday

Vladislav celebrates his name day on October 7.

Famous people named Vladislav

  • Vladislav Volkov (pilot-cosmonaut)
  • Vladislav Strzhelchik (Soviet and Russian actor, People's Artist of the USSR)
  • Vladislav Listyev (TV presenter and TV journalist, first CEO of ORT)
  • Vladislav Tretyak (hockey player, goalkeeper, world and Olympic champion)
  • Vladislav Starkov (journalist, editor-in-chief of the weekly "AiF")
  • Vladislav Jagailo (Lithuanian prince, Polish king (about 1350-1434))
  • Vladislav Starevich (an outstanding Russian and French director with Polish roots, the creator of the world's first story films shot using the puppet animation technique)
  • Vlad III Basarab ((1431-1476) Prince of Wallachia, known for his cruelty, therefore became the prototype of the literary hero - Count Dracula. In the family, the prince had a generic nickname - Vlad Dracula (ie "dragon"), after his death also nicknamed Vlad Tepes, noting his cruelty: he impaled people.)
  • Vladislav Galkin (Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, Honored Artist of Russia (2009))
  • Vladislav Illich-Svitych (Soviet comparative linguist)
  • Vladislav Dukhin (paratrooper, junior sergeant, Hero of the Russian Federation)
  • Vladislav Surkov (real name - Aslambek Dudayev; Russian statesman, First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office)
  • Vladislav Dolonin (soldier, Hero of Russia)
  • Vladislav Piavko (Soviet and Russian opera singer (tenor), People's Artist of the USSR)
  • Vladislav Shpilman (Polish pianist and composer)
  • Vladislav Zaremba ((1833 - 1902) Ukrainian composer)
  • Vladislav Syrokormlya (pseudonym of the Polish poet Ludwik Kondratovich)
  • Vladislav Vanchura (Czech writer, director, screenwriter)
  • Vladislav Khodasevich (Russian poet and critic)
  • Vladislav Radimov (Russian footballer, midfielder, former player of the Russian national team (1994-2006), Honored Master of Sports of Russia (2008))

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