The Meaning Of The Name Vlad

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The Meaning Of The Name Vlad
The Meaning Of The Name Vlad

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Vlad

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Vlad
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Synonyms for the name Vlad. Vlada, Vladimir, Vladislav, Valdemar, Vladlen, Vladan.

The origin of the name Vlad. The name Vlad is Russian, Slavic.

The name Vlad is a Slavic name meaning "owning", "ruler", "lord", "ruler". This name is complete, but often also a short form, an affectionate appeal to many names, at the root of which there is "vlad" (Vladislav, Vladimir, Vladan, Vladiyar, Vladlen and others).

The full name Vlad is most often used in Romania, Serbia, Yugoslavia, less often in Bulgaria, Russia. In Serbia and Yugoslavia, the name Vlad sounds like Vlad. For more than two centuries the name Vlad was the name of the rulers of Wallachia, a historical region located in the south of modern Romania (Vlad I the Usurper, Vlad II Dracul, Vlad III Tepes and others.)

In the Slavic language, "vlad" sounded like "volod" (volodet - to own, to rule), it is from here that the short form to the name Vladimir - Volodya appeared. There is a version that the original "volod" came to the Slavs from the Germans ("walten" - "to rule", "to be an authority"). The name Waldemer means "to rule and be known", which is etymologically close to the name Vladislav.

In onomastics, there are different views on whether the Slavic name is actually borrowed from the Germanic or the Germanic name from the Slavic, or both from the older Indo-European language class, but the connection between these names cannot be denied.

The paired female name is Vlada. You can also consider the names of Vladislav, Vladan, Vladimir as related.

The owner of the name Vlad is very fond of balance and harmony. This is a rather inspired and emotional man, but only in the area that is close to him in spirit. He can be passionate about programming, solving interesting problems in this particular area, it is difficult and emotionally to endure the difficulties associated with solving these problems. But he can also be completely equal to the problems of animals or to how the organization of traffic changes on the track that he uses daily.

Vlad seeks to create a favorable atmosphere around him, knows how to defend his personal interests, not bending over to himself, but simply not agreeing with what is offered from what does not suit him. This is a tactful young man who knows how to be very diplomatic if necessary. He has an intuition that allows him to comprehend the essence of what is happening and correctly interpret the facts. The owner of this name is not characterized by altruism, but Vlad is not devoid of kindness and has wonderful human qualities and a great depth of feelings.

As a child, this is a calm, gentle and even shy boy, loves his family and especially needs an emotional environment. Vlad appreciates comfort, as well as a soft and warm atmosphere in the house. Already at such a young age, he is called a gourmet because of his sophistication and taste preferences.

It's also easy and simple to talk to him, we can say that he has the ability to guess what the interlocutor will say next. One of the virtues of a man named Vlad is his desire for the highest degree of justice, and any violation of his boundaries, his rules inevitably irritates a man.

Vlad prefers to come to visit, rather than wait for him to be called, to make appointments on his own, and not to accept the invitation, which is no longer possible due to circumstances to decline. Any imposition of someone else's opinion strongly jars him, which can lead to a break in relations.

A man named Vlad knows how to cooperate, listen to advice, has a clear idea of where and how to move. The material component of his life has practically the most important meaning, since his capabilities and comfort are based on this. And for this reason, Vlad first seeks to make money and only then, having achieved a certain success, he will think about family and children.

Vlada is attracted to everything original, even avant-garde. Professionally, he is most interested in technical fields (audiovisual, computer science, telematics, electronics, robotics, nanotechnology). The owner of this name can develop his communication skills in the humanities (psychology, sociology, ethnology, medicine, history, advertising, marketing, jurisprudence). His love of travel will help him make a career in tourism and transport.

Vlad's birthday

Vlad does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Vlad

  • Vladimir (Vlad) Filat ((born 1969) Moldovan statesman and politician)
  • Vlad Alexandrescu ((born 1965) Romanian politician, former Ambassador of Romania to Luxembourg and Minister of Culture from 2015-2016)
  • Vlad III Basarab, also known as Vlad Dracula, Vlad Tepes ((15th century) became the ruler of Wallachia three times. He is the prototype of the main character in Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula".)
  • Vlad Vintile ((died 1535) ruler of the Romanian country with a short break from 1532 to 1535. Patron of the church, made rich contributions to various monasteries of Mount Athos.)
  • Vlad Mirita, also known as Vlad ((born 1981) Romanian tenor)
  • Vlad Bystrov ((born 1967) full name - Vladislav; German saxophonist, composer)
  • Vlad Goian ((born 1970) Moldovan footballer, coach)
  • Vladislav (Vlad) Listyev ((1956-1995) Soviet and Russian journalist, author and presenter of many programs on ORT. First director general of ORT, entrepreneur.)
  • Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe, Vlad Monroe, Vlad Korolevich ((1969-2013) Russian artist)
  • Vladislav (Vlad) Opelyants ((born 1968) Russian cameraman)
  • Vladislav (Vlad) Yama ((born 1982) Ukrainian dancer, is a judge on some television projects)
  • Vlad Zernitsky ((born 1963) is an Israeli entertainer, television and radio host, also a composer and singer. Originally a native of the Donetsk region of the USSR.)
  • Vlada Avramov ((born 1979) Serbian footballer, goalkeeper)
  • Vladimir (Vlada) Aksentievich ((1916-1942) Yugoslav student, partisan. People's Hero of Yugoslavia.)
  • Vlad Iancu ((born 1978) Romanian athlete (indoor soccer), goalkeeper, player of the Romanian national team. Participated in the European Championships in 2012 and 2014.)
  • Vlada Stošić ((born 1965) Yugoslav and Serbian footballer. Currently sports director.)
  • Vlada "Kameni" Obradovich ((1912-1944) Yugoslav partisan, People's Hero of Yugoslavia)

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