The Meaning Of The Name Vit

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The Meaning Of The Name Vit
The Meaning Of The Name Vit

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The short form of the name Vit. Vitko, Veit, Vitiano, Vitya, Vitek, Vitous, Vitoushek, Vita.

Synonyms for the name Vit. Vitaly, Vitalian, Vitan, Vitus, Vid, Vitezslav, Viteneg, Vitko, Vitogost, Vitodrag, Vitolyub, Vitomil, Vitomir, Vitomysl, Vitorad, Vitoslav, Vitchak, Vittsan.

The origin of the name Vit. The name Vit is Catholic.

The name Vit has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Vit comes from the Latin "vita" meaning "life". According to the second version, Vit is an abbreviated version of many names related or consonant with Vitaly (Vitan, Vitezslav, Viteneg, Vitko, Vitogost, Vitodrag, Vitolyub, Vitomil, Vitomir, Vitomysl, Vitorad, Vitoslav, Vitchak, Vittsan).

On behalf of Vit, a female name was formed - Vita, which is independent, but also used as a diminutive of the female names Victoria, Quiz, Violetta, Vitalina and Vitold. And, by the way, to the male names - Vit, Victor, Vitaly, Vitold, Victorin.

The male names Vitaliy and Vitalian are related to the name Vit. The diminutive Vitya is also a short reference to such names (Victor, Vitaliy, Vitold) and to female names - Quiz, Victoria, Vita, Vitolda.

In its abbreviation, like Vit, the name was not used in Russia. But the Orthodox saints mention the martyr Vit of Rome, who has a name day on May 29 and June 28. For the name Vit, Catholic name days will also be indicated.

In Catholicism, the saint (martyr) Vit of Rome is revered as the patron saint of actors, dogs and dancers; it is believed to protect against violent storms, lightning strikes, snake bites, epilepsy and rheumatic chorea (also called St. Vitus's Dance). Vit Roman patronizes Prague, Sicily and Cefen (Germany).

Description of the meaning of the name - see the name Vitaly.

Birthday Vita

Wit celebrates his name day on May 29, June 15, June 28.

Famous people named Vit

  • Vit, or Vid, nicknamed the Wolf (a Lithuanian prince unknown to the Polish and Lithuanian chronicles, mentioned in Russian chronicles. According to the Resurrection Chronicle, he was the son of Danil Rostislavich, the grandson of Rostislav of Polotsk, exiled to Greece by Mstislav I. However, modern historians, comparing the years of exile Rostislav (1129) and the death of Mindaugas (1264), consider the version of the origin of Mindaugas from Rostislav to be chronologically unreliable.)
  • Saint Vitus (Christian saint, Roman martyr of the early Christian period)
  • Vitus Pedersen Bering ((1617 - 1675) Danish poet who wrote in Latin and a historian. Court historiographer from 1650 until his death, from the same year - professor of history (Academy of Sorø - 1651) and professor of poetics (Copenhagen Uncle of the navigator Vitus Bering. Portrait of Vitus Pedersen Bering was attributed to his nephew for a long time.)
  • Don Vito Corleone ((1891 - 1955), nicknamed "The Godfather"; the protagonist of the novel "The Godfather" by Mario Puzo and the film based on it by Francis Ford Coppola. He led one of the most powerful clans of the Italian-American mafia - the Corleone family. Brando and Robert De Niro, who played the elder Don Corleone in the first and second films of the Corleone trilogy, are the only pair of actors to have received an Academy Award for playing the same character.)
  • Vito Tonjani ((born 1940) Italian painter and sculptor. Solo exhibitions since 1972. In 1982 and 1995 he was invited to participate in the international pavilion of the Venice Biennale. Among other significant group exhibitions with the participation of Tonjani - "New Subjectivity" (Paris -Brussels, 1976), Biennale of Sculpture in Carrara (1981), "Italian Painting 1960-1980" (Osaka, 1996) As a monumental sculptor Tongjani is the author of the Puccini monuments in Lucca (1994), Indro Montanelli in Milan (2005), the sculptural complex of the Roland Garros tennis stadium in Paris (1989-1994), as well as a number of small forms - in particular, the fountain in the market square in Nimes (1986-1987).)
  • Daniel Michael "Danny" DeVito Jr. ((born 1944) American actor, director, producer)
  • Veit (Faith) Stoss, Wit Stwosz ((circa 1447 - 1533) German sculptor. Creator of the masterpiece of late Gothic style - the carved altar of St. Mary's Church in Krakow. Created by Stoss by order of the German community of Krakow in 1477-1489, the altar in St. Mary's Church is the largest Gothic carved altar in the world (height - 13 m, width - 11 m, height of figures up to 2.80 m) Stoss had a huge influence on the style of carved wooden sculpture of the whole region of southern Poland, Slovakia, Austria and part of Germany.)
  • Vit Rimkus ((born 1973) Latvian footballer, striker, ex-player of the Latvian national team, multiple champion, medalist and top scorer of the Latvian Higher League, 4-time winner of the Latvian Cup)
  • Vitus Ionassen Bering, also Ivan Ivanovich Bering ((1681 - 1741) navigator, officer of the Russian fleet, captain-commander. Dane by origin. In 1725-1730 and 1733-1741 he led the First and Second Kamchatka expeditions. Passed along the strait between Chukotka and Alaska (later the Bering Strait), reached North America and discovered a number of islands in the Aleutian ridge. The island, the strait and the sea in the north of the Pacific Ocean, as well as the Commander Islands are named after Bering. In archeology, the northeastern part of Siberia, Chukotka and Alaska (which, as now believed to have been connected previously by a strip of land) is often referred to by the general term Beringia.)
  • Vito Cascio Ferro, also known as Don Vito (a prominent member of the Sicilian mafia. For several years he also did business in the US. He was considered Capo di tutti capi, although there is no such title in the Sicilian mafia. His life is full of myths and secrets. He became a legend. while still alive, and this is partly influenced by the portrayal of the gallant gentleman-boss of the mafia.He is considered by many to be the murderer of New York police officer Joe Petrosino in 1909. However, he was never tried for it. With the rise of fascism in Italy his untouchability was gone. He was arrested and sentenced to death in 1930 and remained in prison until his death. The exact year of his death remains unknown.)
  • Vito Mannone ((born 1988) Italian footballer, goalkeeper of English Arsenal)
  • Vito Wormgaard ((born 1988) Dutch footballer, defender of the De Graafschap club)
  • Vitantonio "Tonio" Liuzzi ((born 1981) Italian racing driver)

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